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Ficus Plant Bonsai by Abana Properties

Ficus Plant is a typical plant, which is predominantly planted in workplaces and houses. They take a look of a typical tree with its expansive cover and a single trunk. Ficus crops are excessively in demand. You may get ficus plant bonsai from any reputed nursery. Nonetheless, the standard of the plant varies from the kind of plant that you just select.

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Concerning the plant

What you might generally know of as Ficus is a variant of Ficus, that’s, the weeping Fig. Ficus household has a various variety of species, which we are going to focus on within the following part. When grown as houseplants, the Ficus is far more compact than the out of doors counterparts. A lot of the ficus crops are woody tree-like crops, which have multi or single-stemmed trunks. The advantage of Ficus is that they will preserve their tree-like stature, no matter their dimension. This makes them an amazing bonsai. After all, it may also be a incredible houseplant if you happen to plant them in bigger areas. The leaves of the ficus plant can both be variegated or darkish inexperienced. General, the plant is straightforward to look after and preserve, particularly if you recognize the drill and do issues appropriately. The big to medium-sized decorative crops are unimaginable for bettering the standard of air in your home.

Sorts of Ficus Crops

Here’s a fast rundown of the completely different sorts of ficus crops. Please keep in mind this isn’t an exhaustive record. There are over 900 species of Ficus Plsnts, however these are essentially the most prevalent ones in the home plant choices. Allow us to deal with them one after the other.

Creeping Fig (Ficus pumila)

Additionally known as: Creeping Ficus, Fig Ivy, and Climbing Fig.

The creeping Fig is native to Japanese Asia. It’s a lovely indoor plant and has tiny, lush inexperienced leaves. The leaves of the crops have fairly a leathery really feel to them. One of the crucial spectacular facets of this plant is its development charges. The plant can attain as much as a size of three to 4 ft and may be an aesthetic inclusion within the hanging baskets.

Rising Suggestions

To make sure that the Creeping Ficus thrives effectively, that you must: 

  1. Be certain that the soil is moist however by no means overwater your plant. 
  2. Be certain that the plant receives satisfactory daylight, each direct and oblique. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrate) 

Additionally known as: Ficus pandurate, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.

Ficus lyrate is an exceptional decide with regards to deciding on a superb indoor plant to your workplace or front room. The plant is a local to East Africa and has gentle inexperienced leaves with a darkish, waxy, and slender foliage. It’s an extremely trendy plant and grows to a peak of 5 to 6 ft if you happen to present it with balanced nurturing circumstances indoors. 

Rising Suggestions

To make sure that the Ficus lyrate thrives effectively, that you must: 

  1. Wipe the plant’s leaves on a day-to-day foundation. You should use a tender fabric and dirt it off to forestall the buildup of mud. 
  2. Place your houseplant in a sunny spot. The best location for Ficus lyrate is an east-facing window. 

Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

Additionally known as: Rubber Fig, Rubber Bush.

It’s a spectacular indoor plant and is prevalent within the South-east Asian areas. It has oval-shaped, massive, and dark-glossy inexperienced foliage. The plant has a tall construction, and it grows effectively. If nurtured effectively, the plant can develop upwards to a peak of six to 10 ft.  

Rising Suggestions

To make sure that the Ficus elastica thrives effectively, that you must: 

  1. Place your plant in an space that receives oblique and shiny daylight. 
  2. Wipe off the leaves with a soaked towel to make sure that it’s moist. 

Weeping Fig (Ficus Benjamina)

Additionally known as: Ficus Tree, Benjamin Fig.

Weeping Fig is a stupendous plant owing to its spectacular tree-like construction, darkish glossy-green leaves, pointed ends, and slenderly elongated branches. The plant is native to South-east Asian nations and Australia. It’s a lovely plant and may develop vertically as much as three to 6 ft. 

Rising Suggestions

To make sure that theFicus Benjamina thrives effectively, that you must: 

  1. Forestall frequent location adjustments. 
  2. Reasonably water the plant and strictly keep away from overwatering. 

Ficus Alii Plant (Ficus binnendiijkii ‘Alii’)

Additionally known as: Banana-Leaf FicusSaber Ficus, Ficus Amstel, Amstel King.

One other alluring indoor plant, the Ficus binnendiijkii ‘Alii’, has a large construction. The plant is a local of China and India, and its olive inexperienced leaves are slender and lengthy. This can be a tall plant and may rapidly develop as much as a peak of six to eight ft indoors. The plant wants much less care as in comparison with the opposite counterparts. 

Rising Suggestions

To make sure that the Ficus binnendiijkii ‘Alii’ thrives effectively, that you must: 

  1. Enable the soil to dry out effectively earlier than you re-water the plant. 
  2. Prune the plant to curtail the peak. 

African Fig (Ficus cyathistipula)

Additionally known as: River’s Reward, Ficus rederi, Ficus rhynchocarpa, Ficus nyanzensis, Ficus callescens. 

The plant is native to tropical Africa, and it’s a tiny and really handsome plant. The plant has flashy inexperienced foliage, together with the darkish inexperienced rounded leaves. Well-known for its air-purification talents, the plant can allow straightforward balancing of the humidity in your atmosphere. If you take care of the plant effectively, it may simply develop as much as a peak of 5 to 6 ft indoors. 

Rising Suggestions

To make sure that the Ficus cyathistipula thrives effectively, that you must: 

  1. Don’t expose your plant to direct and shiny daylight as that may burn down the leaves. 
  2. All the time make use of well-drained soil for correct development. Additional, use a pot that has drainage holes to forestall the overwatering of the plant. 

Ficus Ginseng (Ficus macrocarpa)

Additionally known as: Laurel Rubber, Laurel Fig, Indian Laurel, Strangling Fig, Curtain Fig.

Ficus macrocarpa is a prevalent indoor plant. It’s native to Africa and Asia’s tropical areas, and the plant comes with aerial roots, ginger-shaped fats trunk, and aerial roots. This makes it the right bonsai specimen. Because it doesn’t develop as much as very tall, it is a superb inclusion in your house. Often, the plant can develop to a peak of 1 to a few ft. 

Rising Suggestions

To make sure that theFicus macrocarpa thrives effectively, that you must: 

  1. Be certain that your plant will get shiny however oblique daylight. 
  2. Forestall the publicity of the plant to sudden variations in temperature. 

Bengal Fig (Ficus benghalensis Audrey)

Additionally known as: Audrey, Strangler Fig, Banyan Tree.

Ficus benghalensis Audrey is a ravishing decorative houseplant. The plant has a leathery contact and olive-shaped leaves. This houseplant is native to Pakistan and India. It may well vertically develop as much as a peak of 5 to eight ft. Additionally it is an ordinary inclusion within the dwelling for purifying the air high quality of your private home.  

Rising Suggestions

To make sure that theFicus benghalensis Audrey thrives effectively, that you must: 

  1. Water the plant solely when its topsoil appears dry. 
  2. Expose it to partial daylight solely. 

How To Care For Ficus Crops?

On your ficus plant to thrive effectively, that you must correctly look after the plant. Listed below are a number of very important care ideas that you just want to pay attention to: 

Use effectively draining soil.

You might want to plant your ficus plant in a well-draining potting combine. We’d suggest you to buy loamy soil, which has perlite or vermiculite added to it. It helps in drainage. If you’re unable to search out this combine, you’ll be able to combine it your self. 

The right way to make effectively draining potting combine or soil?

Take three components of the loamy soil, one a part of sand, and one half peat. It gives you an amazing draining combine. You’ll be able to plant your Ficus in a deep pot, which has drainage holes. That is essential to forestall overwatering within the plant. 

Place in effectively lit space.

You’ll be able to place your ficus plant close to a window in any room, which receives shiny however not sharp daylight. The plant requires extra average daylight through the winter months. Additionally, please keep in mind; that you must sometimes rotate your plant. It should guarantee a constant development on all sides. 

Water it absolutely with 1-2 litres of water.

Through the summer season months, you’ll be able to water the plant weekly utilizing room-temperature water. Ensure you maintain including water until it drains out from the pot’s backside. Additional, that you must discard further water if it flows into the container. You might want to alter the watering relying on the plant’s necessities. Earlier than you re-water the plant, that you must be sure that the soil is parched. In case the leaves appear yellow or start to drop; you’ll have to lower or enhance the water amount. Maintain a continuing examine on the basis ball. When the roots appear soggy, you must water your plant much less steadily. Alternatively, if the basis seems dry, you’ll be able to enhance the watering frequency. Mild and humidity ranges that the plant is uncovered to immediately affect the plant’s water wants.  

Prune the bonsai tree each two months.

You might want to all the time make it a degree to make use of solely sterilized instruments when pruning your Ficus. Pruning helps preserve the compact dimension of the bonsai plant. It additionally helps form the cover. You’ll be able to prune your plant within the early spring or the later winter months, mainly any time earlier than the brand new development stems. For this, you should utilize tiny pruning shears. To prune, you can also make cuts on the branches proper above the branching stem or the leaf node. It is possible for you to to see new development from beneath the lower. You might want to prune the lifeless branches all-round the yr. Take note to make cuts proper outdoors the department collar. It’s vital to make sure that you don’t find yourself damaging the trunk. Yearly pruning is important for a fuller cover.  

Fertilize effectively with NPK wealthy fertilizer.

You might want to fertilize your plant within the lively development interval through the summers. Correct fertilization will outcome within the look of latest leaves and branches through the development interval. You’ll be able to make use of any general-purpose fertilizer. Be certain that it’s diluted to 50% of its power. Additionally, be sure that you fertilize after each three to 4 weeks until the lively development interval ceases. You don’t want fertilizer through the colder months. Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of the summer season months to set your plant open air. In frost-free months, that you must place your plant below oblique and shiny gentle. Additionally, you should utilize Sluggish Launch Good Bonsai Meals

Keep away from extreme leaf drop

Ficus is vulnerable to environmental adjustments. They react to those alterations within the atmosphere by depicting lead drops. You’ll first see the leaves turning yellow, following which they drop off. Everytime you change the situation of the ficus plant, you’ll most definitely expertise a leaf drop. After all, these leaves will develop again as soon as the plant adapts to this new location. In case you don’t see the plant re-growing the leaves; that you must put the plant again to its unique location. In case the plant depicts leaf drops with out having been moved to a brand new location; it’s in all probability reacting to the lighting adjustments or the season adjustments. At instances, this will likely even be a sign of a rise or lower within the water frequency. Typically talking, you want to pay attention to the plant’s common habits and be sure you don’t deviate them to forestall leaf drop.

Stopping illnesses

As is widespread with most dwelling crops, the illness susceptibility accelerates if you don’t care adequately to your plant. For an indoor plant, a number of illnesses, equivalent to department dieback or anthracnose, happen with overhead watering. Primarily overhead watering means simply getting the leaves moist. For reducing the illness susceptibility, that you must add water on to the bottom into the soil. Extra so, that you must watch out with the soil moisture. Do be sure that it’s neither too moist nor too dry. All of it will work effectively that can assist you stop the illnesses from killing your plant. 

Ficus Plant Bonsai
Ficus Plant

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