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Final Information to Snake Plant Care (Dracaena trifasciata)

Every part You Must Know About Rising & Caring for Snake Vegetation

The snake plant is among the hottest family crops, famed for its low-maintenance repairs and tall, vibrant leaves. In any other case referred to as Dracaena trifasciata, or till 2017, Sansevieria trifasciata, the snake plant has grow to be a staple member of any indoor plant assortment. Whether or not you’re a newbie or an avid plant lover, this spiky, inexperienced species will make a superb addition to your own home. 

Learn on to be taught all about snake crops and their care. We’ll talk about every little thing from attention-grabbing information concerning the species to recommendation on rising them so that they reside lengthy wholesome lives:

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About Snake Vegetation

Snake Plants from UrbanStems
Credit score: UrbanStems

Earlier than you study rising and caring for snake crops, there are many fascinating information to find about this evergreen species. Let’s check out every little thing from origins and historical past to a couple of the preferred varieties.

Snake Vegetation Origins and Historical past

Because it seems, snake crops are so content material in scorching, sunny climes as a result of they originated within the tropical forests of West Africa. Earlier than they earned their function as a basic indoor plant, snake crops grew within the space of Africa stretching from Nigeria to the Congo. The species has since grow to be in style as an indoor home plant world wide.

The genus of this plant was Sansevieria all through its historical past. Nonetheless, in 2017 the plant group was added to the Dracaena genus.

Scientific Details about Snake Vegetation

Popular varieties of snake plants

For the reason that snake plant’s title was up to date, it goes by the scientific title of Dracaena trifasciata. It belongs to the Asparagaceae plant household together with, as you might have guessed, backyard asparagus. Nonetheless, don’t try to nibble a leaf but, as we’ll get to toxicity in a while within the information.

The plant is native to West Africa and is available in a number of varieties. A couple of of the categories are Hahnii, Laurentii, Compacta, Goldiana, and Silbersee. Among the many varieties, you’ll discover a vary of styles and sizes, from dwarf snake crops to a twisted-sister selection with wavy leaves.

Fascinating Details about Snake Vegetation

The plant has many distinctive names throughout totally different cultures. In English, it’s generally referred to as the mother-in-law’s tongue. The Portuguese confer with snake crops as Espada de São Jorge or Saint George’s sword. The plant’s Japanese nickname is tiger’s tail.

Snake crops provide a number of helpful properties. It seems, the variegated number of snake crops, or Dracaena trifasciata ‘Laurentii’, made NASA’s checklist of air-purifying crops of their Clear Air Examine.

It was considered one of a number of crops confirmed to assist take away toxins within the air. The plant pumps out contemporary oxygen, particularly at evening, doing its half to maintain its dwelling clear and tidy.

Popular Varieties of Snake Plants
Credit score: Bloomscape

Now, you will discover as many as 70 varieties of snake crops, every with its personal distinctive model of the species’ signature upright leaves. The next varieties are only a few of the preferred varieties of this tubular, verdant plant: 

  • Dwarf snake plant, or Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Compacta’ 
  • Mom-in-law’s tongue, or the basic Sansevieria trifasciata
  • Golden snake crops, or Sansevieria laurentii Superba
  • Variegated snake plant, or Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’
  • Silver Chook’s Nest, or Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Silver Hahnii’
  • Mason’s Congo Snake Plant, or Sansevieria masoniana

You’ll be capable of discover a number of types of snake crops at most plant shops. They every have related wants however will differ barely in colour, form, and dimension.

Snake Plant Meanings and Symbolism

Snake plants meaning and symbolism

In Nigeria, snake crops are related to Oya and Ogun, spirits related to storms and struggle. Nigerian rituals contain utilizing the plant to keep at bay evil.

Many additionally confer with the snake plant as the nice luck plant and is especially nicely regarded in feng shui practices.

Tips on how to Develop Snake Vegetation (for indoor crops)  

How to grow snake plants

Earlier than you develop a snake plant at dwelling, there are some things you’ll want to take into account. Learn on to be taught every little thing from how one can put together your own home for an indoor snake plant to one of the best varieties of soil to make use of. 

What to do earlier than Planting Snake Vegetation

Listed below are a number of steps to take earlier than bringing dwelling your new snake plant.

  • Have a terracotta pot and saucer available for repotting your new snake plant.
  • Be sure to have the proper soil and instruments for repotting your plant when you carry it dwelling. These are listed intimately beneath.
  • Clear a pleasant house to maintain your plant, so you’ll be able to put it there when you’ve repotted.
  • On the retailer, select a plant with darkish inexperienced leaves. This can be a signal that the plant is wholesome.

Tips on how to Plant Snake Vegetation

How to plant snake plants
Credit score: Terrain

Probably the most appropriate pots to your snake plant are terracotta. This materials absorbs moisture shortly, so it might forestall extra water from gathering within the soil. Be sure the pot has a drainage gap, as this plant is susceptible to root rot. 

The best pot dimension will rely on the scale of your snake plant. Select a pot that’s about one dimension greater than the container your plant is available in. Under we’ll cowl one of the best situations to your plant to thrive, from soil to mild preferences.

The Finest Soil Combine for Snake Vegetation

One of the best sort of soil to make use of to your snake plant is a free-draining soil combine. They do nicely in blends used for cacti, as these normally drain nicely and stop extra moisture from accumulating. Some plant house owners like to make use of sand, perlite, or peat moss to help with drainage.

For extra, see our important information to the finest soil combine for snake crops.

How Large do Snake Vegetation Develop?

How big to snake plants grow

As there are round 70 types of snake crops, they differ considerably in dimension. Dwarf varieties will be as small as eight inches, whereas bigger snake crops can attain six toes or increased. Analysis your snake plant selection to learn the way tall it might develop.

For extra, see our important information to snake plant progress expectations indoors.

Snake Plant Gentle Preferences

Snake plant light preferences

Snake crops do nicely in a number of lighting environments, together with direct daylight and low mild. Nonetheless, their most popular mild atmosphere is shiny oblique mild. 

This hardy plant can thrive in any room with practically any sort of lighting. However, since they act as air purifiers, snake crops make an excellent addition to a bed room or dwelling workplace.

For extra, see our in-depth information to the finest positions for Snake Vegetation to thrive.

Tips on how to Take care of Snake Vegetation

How to care for snake plants

Subsequent, it’s time to discover ways to take excellent care of your snake plant. This sturdy, beginner-friendly plant may be very tolerant of minimal care. Take the easy steps beneath and watch your plant thrive.

Snake Plant Watering Preferences

Merely put, your snake plant doesn’t want a lot water. Water your plant each two to eight weeks. This may rely on the humidity of your own home and the time of 12 months. Solely water your plant if the highest two or three inches of soil has utterly dried out since its final watering.

Should you overwater, your snake plant’s roots might start to rot. Should you discover its leaves falling over, this can be the trigger.

In the identical vein, don’t mist your snake plant. As with the remainder of the plant, its leaves like to remain dry, so misting can contribute to rotting.

For extra – see our important information to watering snake crops at dwelling.

Snake Plant Feeding Preferences

Snake plant house owners fertilize the plant with both a compost combine or a easy family plant meals. Each work nicely. It’s good to feed your plant a few times within the hotter months of spring and summer time.

Should you select to fertilize your snake plant with compost, keep away from utilizing an excessive amount of. As compost tends to retailer water, it might over-hydrate your plant.

Snake Plant Pruning Ideas

Your snake plant doesn’t particularly require pruning. Should you discover a number of of the outer leaves start to lean or fall over, you’ll be able to prune them. Simply reduce a straight line on the backside of the leaf on the soil line and reserve it, as it’s a nice candidate for propagation. 

Snake Plant Propagation Ideas

Propagating snake crops from a leaf slicing is a wonderful choice if they’ve begun the hunch or fall away from the remainder of the plant. For the reason that plant grows extra within the hotter months, that is the perfect time for plant propagation. Observe the directions beneath for profitable snake plant propagation.

  • Use sharp pruners to snip a straight line throughout the bottom of the leaf you wish to propagate, on the soil line.
  • Minimize 5 to 10 inches off the underside of the leaf to take away the weak portion that was inflicting it to droop.
  • Wait between two days to every week earlier than propagating the leaf. For the reason that leaf comprises a big quantity of moisture, including it straight again to the pot might trigger it to rot.
  • As soon as the leaf’s reduce has sealed over, place it again into the pot with the remainder of the plant. Alternatively, you’ll be able to put it in a brand new container by itself. You could wish to tie the leaf to a stake, so it stays standing because it takes root.
  • You may also divide your snake plant up into sections for those who’d like to position it into separate pots. Do that utilizing shears, guaranteeing there are no less than three rhizomes and one wholesome leaf shifting into the brand new container.

Snake Plant Repotting Ideas

How to repot snake plants Bloomscape
Credit score: Bloomscape

Though the plant enjoys a crowded root system, it does want the occasional repotting. In case your snake plant’s roots have begun to develop by its pot’s drainage gap, you recognize it’s time to repot. Right here are some things to bear in mind when repotting your snake plant.

  • Repot your plant within the winter or early spring. It’s best to repot the plant when it isn’t actively rising. 
  • Should you flip your plant over and it doesn’t budge from the soil, it’s time to repot.
  • When repotting, use a pot that’s one or two inches greater than your present container.
  • In case your plant has grown a lot taller, you need to take into account repotting in a broader pot to make sure it doesn’t grow to be too top-heavy.
  • Repot the plant by eradicating it gently from its present pot, ensuring to not hurt the foundation ball. 
  • Should you see any locations the place root rot has shaped, gently reduce them away with a pointy knife.
  • Your plant shouldn’t should be repotted typically. Repot the plant each three to 6 years.

Snake Plant Pest and Illness Concerns

As you might have seen, the most typical difficulty for snake crops is root rot. To keep away from this, merely guarantee you aren’t overwatering the plant. Listed below are a number of different factors to contemplate for those who’re involved about your plant’s well being:

  • The place in any respect doable, keep away from exposing snake crops to excessive temperatures or variations in temperatures.
  • Insect infestation akin to vine weevil or scale. Should you discover an infestation, take away the contaminated leaf, larvae, and affected mulch or soil.
  • Fungus akin to crimson leaf spot or southern blight. These could possibly be the results of overwatering. Should you discover them, scale back the plant’s watering schedule, strive treating the soil with warmth, and reduce away any dying leaves.

For extra, see our important information to coping with frequent snake plant pests, bugs, and illnesses at dwelling.

Snake Plant Toxicity

Snake plants toxicity

Sadly, your snake plant does have one flaw. All components of the plant are poisonous to each people and pets if ingested. The plant may cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea if any half is consumed. At all times preserve your snake plant out of attain of your youngsters and furry associates, together with canine, cats, and rabbits. 

Since your snake plant is so easygoing, it doesn’t require any particular instruments for upkeep. Let’s assessment among the gadgets you will have all through the plant’s life.

  • A terra-cotta pot
  • A terracotta saucer to position beneath the container for drainage
  • Free-draining soil combine
  • Sharp shears for pruning and propagating
  • Stake and wire for supporting propagated leaves
  • Bigger pots for repotting on the plant grows

This plant is superb for brand spanking new plant house owners who don’t have many instruments. So long as you have got a pleasant pot and an excellent soil combine, you’re able to carry your new plant dwelling.

Snake Plant Care – The Last Phrase

Snake crops make a superb family companion for inexperienced thumbs and novice plant house owners alike. Shopping for one is a good way to check out your plant-owning abilities. Merely discover a fantastic house to your new houseplant and breathe within the contemporary, purified oxygen it has to supply. 

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