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First of the season

In my very own opinion, it is a slightly good image good berry, a  flower on the stage of seed dispersal.  As we speak is the thirtieth of June, and this was picked this morning.  TPP grew up close to lake Ontario in upstate NY, so in response to the nice previous boys, if you happen to received a tomato earlier than July, you have been doing nicely.  This yr our space suffered a late frost and a few “early” planted tomatoes and their tropical kin, peppers and eggplant, received nipped.  Our frost tree date is about 10-15 Could, so TPP was not in a rush earlier than then and soil in containers tends to heat up fairly quick.  Now this picture does not present an excellent measurement metric, and certainly it is a so-called “cherry tomato”; typically slightly small.  Mrs. Phactor ate this good little fruit just a few seconds later and declared it scrumptious.  These golden coloured cherry tomatoes do appear to be candy and engaging.  And right here it’s a entire day earlier than July, the very starting of our 3 month lengthy tomato season.  That is it, 3 months to get tasty backyard tomatoes.  It simply does not appear honest, however it does symbolize a problem.  The cherry tomato is much more like its wild cousins in being composed of two carpels (seed bearing leaves), which may be simply seen when the fruit is minimize in half.



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