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Flindt on Friday: Sax keys as well as unexploded ranch barrows

Pay Attention to Charlie Flindt reviewed his column, or review the message listed below.

You will have all listened to the renowned urban legend (that’s what we had prior to “phony information” on the net, children) that Bob Holness, the initial speaker of Smash Hits (” Can I have a P please, Bob?”), played the saxophone on Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Road

Or probably you have not, so go as well as look it up. It was begun, obviously, by a rock reporter in the 1980s awhile of a laugh, as well as it quickly came to be “truth”.

Anyhow, I have actually obtained a dreadful sensation that I could have begun among my very own.

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Concerning the writer

Charlie Flindt

Charlie Flindt is a lessee of the National Trust fund, farming 380ha in Hampshire with his spouse, Hazel. He’s a regular writer composing for Farmers Weekly as well as never ever falls short to increase a couple of brows as well as please a couple of amusing bones with his funny musings regarding the farming globe.

Right before lockdown, we obtained the very first ideas that a Lidar check of the ranch had actually turned up some remarkable things, specifically in the valley that extends eastern from the resource of the River Itchen.

There was a flurry of task including a German excavator, and after that, as 2020 began, every little thing went peaceful.


Currently my property manager has actually acquired the Lidar, as well as points have actually instantly obtained hectic. No indication of the German excavator, yet we have actually obtained flocks of Trust fund specialists around the estate.

They have actually been up in the timbers, defining all the financial institutions as well as ditches that suggested absolutely nothing to us as youngsters when we accentuated there, once Lidar-ed, have actually ended up being really substantial.

The logging collaborate there have needed to function their means around a bagatelle board of indication as well as coloured messages.

We have actually obtained interesting things in our areas, as well, as well as the specialists wish to come as well as have a great appearance. I obtained an e-mail from the head of the group, asking if it would certainly be alright to do a “child’s play area study” of a “brand-new” barrow in the Recklessness area.

I was thrilled to claim yes– not the very least due to the fact that we farmers are all excavators in mind, as well as additionally due to the fact that the dirt where the Lidar has actually gotten this brand-new attribute has actually constantly appeared somewhat strange compared to the remainder of area; you can distinguish the tractor seat. It would certainly be charming to have an appropriate description.

” As well as while you’re available,” I emailed, “watch out for the extra tricks for the New Holland incorporate, my bro’s Thermos (the tea’s most likely a little bit cool after thirty years) as well as a baccy tin with some extra pound keeps in mind because Ken shed– as well as keep an eye out for the YL42s.”

When you have actually functioned the exact same dirt for almost 4 years, there’s an immediate list of shed things in your head.

” Certainly we will!” was the reply. “As well as we’ll attempt to stay clear of the YL42s, whatever they may be (unexploded ordnance?).”


I laughed as I review it, yet really did not trouble responding. You as well as I recognize what YL42s are, obvs, yet it’s simple to neglect that couple of outside the globe of mouldboards as well as frogs will.

However that’s the difficulty with e-mails– it could have been a severe inquiry. I had, besides, informed them to “look out” for YL42s.

Did they wind up strolling throughout the Recklessness in the complete bomb disposal set? Existed a line of sappers ahead, nervously pushing the dirt with their bayonets?

Will certainly we see the last record from the Trust fund’s archaeology group explaining just how examinations right into the Bronze Age barrows in the Recklessness were obstructed by a secret war time heap of perhaps unsteady nitroglycerins– for Residence Guard usage and even in a Scallywag Shelter.

Possibly the stroll was deserted after Health and wellness came across the unsafe accumulation of ordnance. Exists currently a Depend on map of the Recklessness significant DON’T STROLL right here in red ink?

I admit I’m instead wishing that occurs. It’ll be my really own Bob Holness minute.



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