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Flowering Tractor Seat

We just lately had somebody inquire if we grew tractor seat plant, a standard title I had not heard prior. After a quick pause, I figured few crops, aside from our 2000 introduction, may probably match that title. Certain sufficient, a fast net search confirmed that Farfugium japoncium var. giganetum ‘Marco’ is certainly their goal. Whereas wandering by means of the backyard this weekend, I discovered one clump nonetheless in flower, that in some way prevented harm from a number of nights at 27 levels F.

To our data, this large type of Farfgium japonicum, native Japan’s southernmost Ryukyu Islands, was first delivered to the US by plantsman Marco Stufano, who rationed out one plant per 12 months for a NY Uncommon Plant Public sale. When Marco was able to retire from Wave Hill, he lastly shared a bit with us, so we may get it mass propagated, therefore we named the clone in his honor. To our data, all tractor seat crops bought within the US got here from Marco’s unique plant.



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