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Ganoderma Butt Rot – Spine Valley Nursery

The presence of a “fruiting physique”, or conk, on the base of a tree or palm is an indication that the tree could also be contaminated by a species of fungus known as Ganoderma. There are a number of species of this fungus that have an effect on totally different hosts. This one is Ganoderma sessile, and it impacts oaks, maples, honeylocusts and different hardwoods.

The conks seem yearly in summer time and fall on the base of the tree or on a lateral root near the trunk.

The fungus enters via wounds within the trunk generally made by lawnmowers or string trimmers. It’s thought that Ganoderma is probably not an aggressive pathogen on wholesome timber however that harassed timber are extra vulnerable to an infection. Minimizing mechanical wounds and sustaining the well being of the tree are the most effective protection in opposition to an infection.

The fungus invades the heartwood within the decrease trunk first, progressing to the roots after which the sapwood. As soon as a conk is noticed, the tree must be evaluated for security, because the decayed wooden within the decrease trunk and roots can result in blow-down in storms. In truth, when you have seen a tree toppled after a windstorm with the foundation ball uncovered, it’s seemingly that it was contaminated with the Butt Rot fungus.

The tree could exhibit useless branches, yellowing, wilting, sluggish development, and untimely fall coloration whether it is contaminated. As soon as these signs are noticed it’s seemingly that the sapwood is contaminated, and the tree must be eliminated with the stump and as a lot of the roots as doable. If the stump can’t be eliminated, grind it up. This fungus is within the soil and resistant species must be used when re-planting. The fungus could persist as much as 5 years within the soil. 

There isn’t any management for this illness, solely preventative practices. A mulch ring round a tree within the garden will forestall mower and string trimmer injury. (Keep in mind to tug mulch again 3” from the trunk in order that it’s not touching.)

Keep away from accidents to the trunk and observe good cultural practices: plant the tree on the appropriate depth, water the place the roots are, fertilize with MicroLife natural fertilizer within the spring and solely prune when needed.

There’s one other species of Ganaderma fungus that infects palms that’s also called Butt Rot. It may be a damaging pathogen and shouldn’t be ignored. As at all times, should you see a fruiting physique on a tree, seek the advice of a Licensed Arborist for prognosis.



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