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Geraniums within the Language of Flowers: Meanings, Myths, and Extra

From the sun-kissed coastlines of South Africa to the quaint cottages of the English countryside, geraniums have painted landscapes with their pretty flowers. Whether or not it’s the flush of pink for a budding romance or the daring crimson that speaks of steadfast affection, every geranium holds a message and symbolic which means, ready simply so that you can uncover and share.

Geranium Flower Meaning, Symbolism, Popular Types, and Uses

Geranium Flower Symbolism – Key Takeaways

Geraniums symbolize happiness, good well being, and friendship. The flowers are sometimes given as housewarming items that deliver good cheer to the house all 12 months lengthy. Though they’re sometimes related to optimistic feelings, this isn’t all the time the case. Through the Victorian Instances, a geranium was typically thought of a logo of stupidity or folly.

Etymological Which means

The geranium earns the widespread title of Cranesbeak from the best way the seed pod types, after blooming, an extended, beak-like pod types to carry the seeds. The title Pelargonium comes from the Greek phrase Pelargos which means stork. The phrase geranium comes from the phrase géranos, which means crane.

Geranium Flower Which means & Symbolism

A cluster of colorful pink and purple geranium flowers in bloom.

In floriography, or the language of flowers, geraniums are wealthy with which means and symbolism. Every shade variation of this in style plant carries its personal secret message.

Traditional crimson geraniums are a declaration of affection and keenness, a daring assertion of emotions that can not be hidden.

Pink geraniums trace at a mild affection and a rising love that’s but to be introduced.

White geraniums, communicate of purity and reality, typically suggesting that the giver is of pure intention and needs for peace.

However the geranium’s narrative doesn’t cease with shade. The best way its leaves are offered, and even the particular species, can maintain further significance. For instance, scented geraniums, with their aromatic leaves, had been historically used to convey a hidden message, suggesting that the recipient ought to want the sender’s “scent” or essence above all others.

Geraniums have additionally been symbols of folly and foolishness in Victorian occasions, and in some contexts, they symbolize a gathering place or a rendezvous. This may be rooted of their hardy nature, implying that, regardless of life’s challenges, the giver and receiver of the flower will all the time discover a solution to come collectively.

The cultural significance of geraniums spans the globe. In Victorian England, a pot of geraniums on a windowsill was an indication of hospitality, welcoming passersby. In Egyptian tradition, geraniums had been believed to advertise fertility and well being, typically utilized in ceremonies and cures.

Geranium Flowers and Astrology

Geraniums align properly with the Scorpio zodiac signal due to the varied meanings they carry. For instance, crimson geraniums symbolize safety in some cultures, which fits decided and courageous Scorpio.

Apparently, some cultures consider white geraniums repel snakes, one of many animals that symbolize Scorpio. Maybe the flower can defend Scorpios from unfavourable temptations like jealousy and resentment. 

Appropriate Gifting Events

Suitable Gifting Occasions for Geranium Flowers

Geraniums make pretty housewarming or hostess items with their cheery disposition and well-wishes. They’re additionally applicable for retirements or different ceremonies the place you need to want the recipient properly.

In addition they make a pleasant presentation for the gardener in your life as they are going to proceed to deliver cheer all summer time. Think about a giant basket of ivy geranium for the deck or porch for housewarming or retirement items.


Geraniums are traditional backyard staples and are extra than simply eye-catching flowers; they carry a wealth of symbolic interpretations from like to safety. Geraniums have held varied roles in folklore, conventional drugs, and even Victorian floriography, the place they had been used to convey secret messages. Whether or not crimson, pink, white, or variegated, every shade variation of Geranium blossoms tells a novel story.

Geranium Flower Rising Guides:

For important step-by-step guides to rising and caring for Geranium crops at house, please see our in-depth options to Geranium Rozanne, Geranium Orion, and Geranium maderense (Madeira cranesbill).

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