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Greatest Spots for Heartleaf Philodendrons: Care & Feng Shui Ideas

If you deliver a heartleaf philodendron (Philodendron hederaceum) residence, it may be difficult to find out the place to place it. You wish to present it with the fitting gentle and temperature whereas permitting its trailing, candy leaves to shine. Be a part of me as I share some recommendations on the place to place your heartleaf philodendron plant.

Best Spots for Heartleaf Philodendrons Care & Feng Shui Tips

Test the Mild

Heartleaf philodendron crops are native to forested areas in Central America. On this atmosphere, it roots itself into the forest flooring and makes use of its trailing stems to climb up bushes and shrubs. Subsequently, it typically receives dappled gentle.

Since your private home might be free from a cover of bushes, your aim is to imitate the plant’s native atmosphere. Which means offering a number of vibrant but oblique gentle. Direct gentle can really burn the plant’s leaves, so keep away from places like vibrant sunrooms and immediately in entrance of south-facing home windows.

When you have a room the place gentle flows in from a number of home windows, you possibly can place your philodendron on the facet of the room reverse the home windows. And in case you have a room with a single window, you strive setting your plant a number of toes away from the sunshine supply.

I’ve my heartleaf philodendron in entrance of an east-facing window in my kitchen, and I’ve discovered it’s fairly completely satisfied there. It receives a bit of direct solar within the morning and oblique gentle the remainder of the day.

Preserve Temperature and Drafts in Thoughts

A lush, green heartleaf philodendron plant in a hanging planter positioned next to light wood panels
These tropical crops love heat ambient temperatures indoors

Since they’re native to tropical areas, heartleaf philodendrons desire heat temperatures. These crops will stay happiest when the air temperature stays between 60–80°F. Happily, that aligns with the temperature in most properties and workplaces. Simply keep in mind to keep away from chilly workplaces and scorching sunrooms.

Together with contemplating base temperature, you must also hold drafts in thoughts. Each cold and warm drafts trigger sudden swings in temperature and stress heartleaf philodendron crops.

So, as tempting as it might be to put your heartleaf philodendron in entrance of your fire or entrance door, keep away from doing so! You must also hold your plant away from air-con vents, radiators, and poorly insulated home windows.

Keep away from Dry Areas

These philodendrons don’t require as a lot humidity as some tropical houseplants, however they’re not desert-dwelling cacti both. In the event you stick them in an excellent dry room, they’ll protest with dried or curling leaves.

Most properties and workplaces have humidity that’s simply high quality for these crops. However it is best to keep away from areas close to heating vents and fireplaces, as these warmth sources can zap the air of humidity.

If your entire house is dry, it doesn’t actually matter the place you set your plant. Simply discover a appropriate location, then enhance the air moisture with a humidifier.

Give the Plant Room to Develop

A mature heartleaf philodendron plant located on top of cabinets in a kitchen with long vines trailing down
Permit ample area for the vines to develop when positioning heartleaf philodendrons.

Heartleaf philodendrons placed on a foot or two of latest progress annually, so don’t assume tiny crops will stay small endlessly! Up to now 12 months, I’ve watched my plant go from a small plant with six-inch stems to a large number of two-foot-long stems.

The stems will fortunately path downward should you put your plant in a dangling basket or a pot on a shelf. Another choice is to supply a trellis or cage to help your plant because it climbs upward.

It doesn’t matter what possibility you select, be sure to have sufficient area to permit for the plant’s progress.

Lean Into Feng Shui

Together with excited about what atmosphere will make the plant completely satisfied, you can even take into account Feng Shui. This follow believes that the position of objects in your house can influence your private home’s power and, due to this fact, your life.

Heartleaf philodendrons are symbols of vibrancy, good well being, and love, so you possibly can place them in areas of your private home that want a bit of enhance. Undecided what I’m speaking about? Then take a look at the Bagua map.

This map divides every room of your private home into eight totally different sections. These areas characterize points like wealth, group, and well being. The thought goes that the objects you place in these areas influence them.

For instance, in case your relationships want some assist, you possibly can place a heartleaf philodendron within the far proper nook of your bed room. And should you’re discovering it laborious to find out your life’s objective, encourage readability by hanging one in all these crops simply inside your entrance door.

Wrapping Up

Heartleaf philodendrons are well-suited to numerous environments so long as they obtain the right gentle and temperature. Keep in mind to put them in a heat spot with loads of oblique gentle. And don’t overlook to make the most of Feng Shui and the plant’s constructive symbolism to assist enhance areas of your life.

For extra, see our in-depth information to Heartleaf Philodendron care at residence.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at residence.



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