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Hacor Coriander, Sizzling & Spicy Coriander

I really like coriander (Coriandrum sativum), it’s a nice edible herb.

Individuals both love coriander or they hate coriander, there doesn’t seem like a lot center floor.  Some individuals have a damaged gene which makes this scent and style dreadful to them, however for the remainder of us coriander leaf is great.

I’ve been rising coriander and intentionally crossing as many sorts as I can for some time.  The resultant seeds are genetically very various, and permit to rapidly choose for vegetation that carry out properly in numerous climates. 

Final yr I acquired some seeds of ‘Hacor coriander’.  Hacor coriander can also be known as ‘sluggish bolting’ and ‘sizzling and spicy Coriander’.  Hacor coriander is alleged to have a stronger style than common coriander.  Like all coriander, this plant is grown for its edible leaves (which confusingly People name ‘cilantro’) and seeds/fruits (which People name ‘coriander’).

I preferred the sound of sizzling and spicy coriander, so I grew a few of this Hacor coriander to check it out.  I grew it partly to see what it was like, and partly to incorporate in my mass crossed superior coriander.  I grew some that I bagged the flowers and saved seeds to maintain them pure.

Coriander leaves

I assumed hacor coriander was good, however nothing terribly particular.  I did not discover it to have a stronger style than my superior coriander, and I’d not have thought to name i sizzling and spicy coriander. 

I’d develop hacor coriander once more, however I most likely will not.  It was good, and productive, however nothing particular.  I’ve crossed it with my superior coriander to maintain the genetics various, so will seemingly develop that as a substitute of hacor.

I promote seeds of Hacor coriander from bagged vegetation, in addition to blended seeds from my superior coriander by my on the market web page.



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