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Heliotrope’s Heritage: A Floral Image of Everlasting Love and Vitality

Heliotrope, the cherry pie plant, has been a well-liked cottage backyard flower for the reason that Victorian period. The blossoms are prized for his or her scrumptious perfume, perfuming the air with the scent of vanilla and, because the plant’s nickname suggests, fresh-baked pie. Within the language of flowers, heliotrope symbolizes devotion and everlasting love. Right here we’ll take you thru the whole lot you want concerning the wealthy historical past and which means of heliotrope flowers.

Heliotrope Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses

Heliotrope Flower Symbolism – Key Takeaways

Heliotrope’s aromatic blossoms symbolize devotion within the language of flowers. In Greek mythology, the solar god Helios scorned the nymph Clytie. After she died of a damaged coronary heart, Helios reworked her right into a heliotrope. Her flowers flip upward to comply with the solar as he traverses the sky every day.

Etymological Which means

The title ” heliotrope” comes from the Greek phrases for solar, helios, and switch, trepein. It refers back to the flowers’ tendency to show towards the solar all through the day.

One other frequent title for the flowers, the Center English turnsole,” additionally means to show towards the solar.

Heliotrope Flower Which means & Symbolism

Heliotrope Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Heliotrope flowers mostly bloom in shades of purple. Nonetheless, blossoms might also be blue, white, or pink. Within the language of flowers, heliotrope is historically symbolic of everlasting love and devotion.

The Cultural Significance of Heliotrope Flowers

The symbolism behind heliotrope started with a Greek fable. The water nymph Clytie was in love with the solar god, Helios. Sadly for Clytie, he wasn’t that into her and left her for one more.

The heartbroken Clytie pined for Helios, sitting in a single place and turning solely her head to look at his chariot journey throughout the sky day by day. Ultimately, she wasted away, and Helios reworked her right into a flower.

The heliotrope turns its “face” to comply with the solar’s path, simply as Clytie as soon as did. Thus, to the Victorians, the heliotrope was an indication of devotion and everlasting love.

The story has additionally been advised and retold in poetry and artwork by way of the centuries, in works reminiscent of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Elizabeth Colomba’s work, and sculpture by George Frederic Watts.

Appropriate Gifting Events

Suitable Gifting Occasions for Heliotrope Flowers

Heliotrope is a beautiful floral present for nearly any occasion. Its sensible colour and luscious scent make it good for birthdays, get-wells, congratulations, and different events. Heliotrope is an applicable flower for weddings, anniversaries, and romantic gestures, too, because it symbolizes love and devotion.

The flowers could be given in bouquets or preparations. It’s additionally a superb selection for ornamental pots or container gardens.


Heliotropes contribute scrumptious perfume and colourful blossoms to the backyard panorama. Due to their wealthy symbolism, these beautiful flowers make significant presents for household and family members.

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