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High 10 Largest Pumpkins In The World with Nation and State Data

1226 kg World Largest Pumpkin Records

Welcome to the unique pumpkin file web page. That is the official web page figuring out the heaviest pumpkins on this planet per nation.

That is the present 2021 record of the High 10 largest pumpkins grown so far.  The vast majority of these pumpkins have been grown in Europe and the UK, however solely 4 of the pumpkins have been grown in USA.  Europe has the highest 4 largest pumpkins recorded so far.

The World Document Pumpkin as of Oct 2021 is from Stefano Cutrupi from Italy of 1226 KG (2708.8 lbs)

Scroll to the bottle of the web page to see every pumpkin file by the Nation. It’ll record by Nation, State or Provence for the heaviest pumpkin of that area. Up to now, 23 new 2021 big pumpkin information from all over the world have been recognized.

It takes loads of effort and time to develop these enormous pumpkins. The vast majority of these pumpkin growers have failed in the course of the rising course of. One of many elements in rising a big pumpkin is the seed, watering, burying the vine node, and eradicating different pumpkins on the plant.

Let’s check out our present 2021 High 10 pumpkin growers.  If you wish to see the pumpkin information, please scroll down the web page.

10. 2433.9 kilos by Ian & Stuart Patron (1104 kg)

2433 Patron Pumpkin 2018

Ian & Stuart are from Lymington, UK. That is the most important pumpkin so far grown in the UK.

This huge pumpkin would make one gigantic jack-o’-lantern. The large pumpkin weighed in at 2433.9 kilos was grown by Ian and Stuart Paton, twin brothers from England.

The brothers who planted the pumpkin in a greenhouse in April mentioned it was the primary time they used peat moss as a substitute of natural manure as fertilizer. The twins run the Pinetops nursery in Lymington, New Forest.

9. 2439.4 kilos by Mario Vangeel (1106.5 kg)

1106.5 KG Belgium pumpkin Mario

2021 Belgium’s Mario Vangeel pumpkin didn’t dominate this yr’s European Ludwigsburg championship, however he nonetheless produced a pleasant dimension pumpkin weighing in at 1106.5 kilos.  Do you know you should buy an enormous pumpkin seed?

8. 2469.5 kilos by Steve Daletas (1120.1 kg)

Steve daletas 2018 pumpkin 2469

Steve is a seasonal grower who always grows huge pumpkins.  This 2018 pumpkin was grown in Nice Hill OR, successful the 2018 Terminator Weigh-Off! Steve’s pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 2,469 kilos.  Have you ever ever tried to drift a pumpkin and paddle it throughout a lake? It’s regatta time on the West Coast Large Pumpkin Regatta.

7. 2517 kilos by Karl & Beverly Haist (1141.7 kg)

2517 Haist Largest Pumpkin 2019

What?  Does Karl have one other huge pumpkin?  Wonderful.. This pumpkin was additionally grown in Clarence Middle New York in 2019. Pumpkin growers belong to the  Nice Pumpkin Commonwealth pumpkin to compete with others with spectacular pumpkin weights.

6. 2517.7 kilos by Ruben Mendi (1142 kg)

Spain giant pumpkin 1142 kilos

Rubén Mendi of Valtierrano was proclaimed 2021 winner, of the Large Pumpkin Contest held in his hometown. Mendi offered a specimen with a complete weight of 1,142 kilos, staying very near the Spanish file that he himself holds with the pumpkin with which he received final version (1,157.50 kilos). The world file remains to be held by Belgian farmer Mathias Willemijns with a 1,191 kg specimen.

DQ – 2520 Kilos by Mike Schmit – Disqualified

Mike Schmit 2520 pound pumpkin 2021

In 2021, Mike Schmit grew largest pumpkin in america in Markesan, Wisconsin. It weighs 2,520 kilos. Sadly, a tiny crack within the pumpkin disqualified it from coming into any competitions this yr.  In case you watch his YouTube Channel you’ll see he grew a bigger pumpkin of 2593 nevertheless it additionally failed due to an enormous crack.

5. 2528 kilos by Steve Geddes (1146.7 kg)

2528 Geddes Largest Pumpkin Records

As we strategy the tip of the High 10 pumpkins, Steve grew this 2018 pumpkin in Boscawen, New Hampshire. Per the photographs, we see loads of joyful folks dwarfed by the massive pumpkin.  The pumpkin was weighed at Deefield Honest

4. 2551.9 kilos by Ruben Mendi (1157.5 kg)

1157 kg Largest Pumpkins In The World & Records

On September 12, 2020, the XII version of the worldwide big pumpkin honest was held on the Oasis de Bardenas lodge in Valtierra. As soon as once more the Valtierrano Rubén Mendi prevailed, who along with attaining the Spanish file, managed to position his pumpkin because the second heaviest on this planet.

On the weigh-off, Mendi revalidated his triumphs of 2017, 2018, and 2019. He received with a pumpkin that weighed 1157.50 kg (2551.9 lbs) on the dimensions. In 2019, Mendi received with a 990.5 kg pumpkin. The second heaviest pumpkin was that of the British Paton brothers, from the English city of Lymington, which weighed 934.5 kg. Because of the pandemic, the Paton brothers didn’t attend the competition in particular person.

He enjoys the interest of rising giant pumpkins and has impressed Spain by successful a contest with an enormous specimen weighing 1157.9 kilos.

3. 2593.7 kilos by Ian & Stuart Paton – 185 Stones (1176.5 kg)


Effectively, the Paton brothers did it once more.  In 2020, they grew a 1176.5 KG – 185 Stone,  pumpkin within the UK.  It is a new UK pumpkin file.

A pair of twins have grown UK’s largest pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 2,593.7lb- heavier than two polar bears.

Ian and Stuart Paton, 59, from Lymington in Hampshire’s New Forest Nationwide Park, have crushed the earlier UK better of 2,433lb and narrowly missed out on the world file by simply 31lb.

One distinctive challenge about this pumpkin, it was grown in a greenhouse versus outdoor.

2. 2624.6 kilos by Mathias Willemijns (1190.5 kg)

2624.6 Mathias Willemijns World Largest Pumpkin Records

The second largest pumpkin so far goes to Mathias Willemijns from Deurle, Belgium. THis is the most important pumpkin for Belgium.  The pumpkin was weighed on the European Pumpkin Weigh-Off in 2016.

1. 2702.8 kilos by Stefano Cutrupi (1226 kg)

World Record pumpkin largest biggest
The biggest pumpkin so far and the World Document goes to Stefano Cutrupi from Italy a local of Bordighera however who has lived for a few years in Radda in Chianti.   The pumpkin was weighed on the Huge Pumpkin Pageant in Peccioli, Italy 2021.

This pumpkin shall be taken to the European championship held in Stuttgart, Germany for show and to take part within the native championship weighoff.

This pumpkin measured excessive (OTT) 1300 cm or 511 inches, however when you take a look at the photograph it really doesn’t symbolize how enormous the pumpkin actually is. The Peccioli competitors was additionally made extra interesting by providing prizes for the large pumpkins. The prizes ranged from eighth place to first with awards from 50 euros to three thousand for the primary place with a world file. A pleasant value for Stefano Cutrupi when he was paid per 2 euros per kg for the brand new Italian file.

World Largest Pumpkin Records

2021 World file pumpkin weight of 1226 KG

Large Pumpkin Rising Data

When you have an enormous pumpkin file, and also you wish to see your nation listed, please ship me an e-mail.

After all, your pumpkin have to be weighed on a licensed scale. I received’t settle for a photograph of five-bathroom scales or another funky technique.

Outdated Pumpkin stuff: . Image of the 2003 World Document pumpkin

Data apply to the placement they have been grown. In case you grew the pumpkin on the 4 sq., certain, I’ll provide you with credit score for every State. Hopefully, the growers reside in the identical place as they develop their pumpkin. In case you reside in a single state and also you develop the pumpkin in one other state, your file shall be listed with a footnote describing your file. E mail me along with your stats, mcalpin1 @

In case you’re viewing on a cellular gadget, please scroll from the proper to the left to see all the information.

[1] Pumpkin was grown in Virginia, however the grower lives in North Carolina

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