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How To Braid Your Snake Plant: Ideas And Care Information

Snake vegetation are stunning on their very own, however when braided they appear extra exceptional. They make unbelievable centerpieces and beautiful ambiance in any room they’re positioned. So how we are going to obtain the basic braided Sansevieria look?

It’s pretty simple and we’re right here to let you know how with step-by-step information together with the tricks to keep their freshness so long as potential;

What’s the snake plant?

Braided sansevieria or braided snake vegetation are standard amongst plant lovers for his or her carefree, low-maintenance persona. They originated in South Asia and Africa’s tropical areas, that is precisely why they’re accustomed to harsh climate. Braided Snake vegetation have unique-looking options; they’ve thick and spherical leaves with pointy ends, that nearly appear to be tentacles. Due to its pointy ends, it’s also referred to as a spear plant.

This braided magnificence is thought by many names corresponding to; Dracaena Angalensis, spear Sansevieria, and Sansevieria Cylindrica (we’re not attempting to twist your tongue earlier than the plant’s leaves!).

Their tolerance energy makes them completely positive indoor vegetation. These days it’s gaining popularity as a result of its aesthetic look elevates image high quality.

Are there any benefits of braiding a snake plant?

The snake plant itself gives quite a few well being, psychological, and non secular advantages, but when we’re speaking about if it could actually supply one thing extra due to its braided type? then the reply can be no. It’s primarily for the look and look solely!

But when we take this into consideration; think about flaunting your freshly braided snake plant as a centerpiece in your front room, you’re getting compliments for its eye-catching seems, and Voilà! You might be restored with psychological positivity for the remainder of the day.

Find out how to braid snake vegetation?

As you could have been ready for it now let’s speak in regards to the elephant (snake) of the room!

Within the following steps, you’ll uncover find out how to braid a Sansevieria Cylindrica snake plant.


How to Braid Your Snake Plant: Tips and Care Guide
  1. A mature Sansevieria Cylindrica (foliage with greater than 12-14 inches)
  2. One bowl with water.
  3. Two cleansing garments
  4. Scissors
  5. String
  6. Rubber band.


Doing it outside is way more environment friendly as it could actually create a multitude. Anyway, lay your plant down. Be sure that the sharp finish of the foliage is pointing in direction of you and the opposite aspect which means, the roots needs to be positioned additional away from you.

Now, observe your plant to see if it’s amassing any grime or bugs in its leaves. When you braid it together with the bugs or grime it’s going to caught there for a very long time and that may ultimately find yourself getting illness or micro organism constructing contained in the braid.

Take a bit of material dip it within the bowl of water, then rinse the surplus water and gently cleanse the leaves. After ending the method take the dry fabric and gently dry the leaves.

Make a ponytail first

Now take a string and collect all of the leaves and tie it on the base of its foliage, identical to we tie ponytails. To obviously perceive the place rigorously observe the picture beneath.

How to Braid Your Snake Plant: Tips and Care Guide

Begin braiding

After this course of define a picture in your thoughts of how you’ll obtain it. Be sure to are inserting the strings aspect by aspect to realize a clear look.

Now take the string from the appropriate aspect and convey it between the opposite two strings. Your proper string needs to be within the center now and the earlier middle string needs to be the brand new proper string now. Carry the left string to the middle now. Repeat the method with the brand new proper and left stings until its reaching the sharp finish.

Observe: Because the strings are habituated with their earlier type they could act stubbornly to remain agency within the center. When you can’t deal with it by your self you possibly can ask somebody that will help you to carry them firmly at your required place.

Tie it up

Now you can tie the top of the braid with a rubber band and for further safe tie a string over the rubber band as nicely. You’ll be able to minimize the string on the base by utilizing a scissor or preserve it, it’s completely as much as you.

And you’re executed! Easy proper? Now place it someplace the place everybody can see your artwork.

Braided Sansevieria plant care

Sustaining your braided snake plant is as simple because the braid you carried out in your plant, trigger they’re extremely low-maintainable. Let’s speak about their wants one after the other:


You simply should water it as soon as each two weeks and in winter it’s even lower than that. It’d sound much less to you however it’s sufficient for them to thrive. It is perhaps shocking to you however braided snake vegetation can stay with out water for months with out exhibiting regret.


Being part of the succulent household it requires well-draining soil. You should utilize common backyard soil and blend it with sand. A well-draining soil and a well-draining pot can be excellent in your plant. Clogging water within the pot will result in root rot.


Humidity doesn’t play a job within the upkeep of those vegetation as they’re outfitted to outlive in any humid situation. In case you see brown spots across the ideas mist water often.


Regular human dwelling temperature is comfy for them as nicely. So being stated 50-80 levels Fahrenheit is finest for his or her optimum progress. However they aren’t accustomed to tremendous chilly climate. Temperature beneath 7 levels Celsius may hurt them. So assume twice earlier than getting a plant if you’re dwelling in such an space the place the temperature consistently stays beneath 7 levels Celsius.


In case your plant stays in low mild for almost all of the time the expansion course of slows down too. In that case, repotting is just not vital, for a couple of years not less than.

Bear in mind, repot solely when the roots are overly grown contained in the pot, frequent repotting in an odd-sized pot with out the necessity may shock them.


Propagation of Sansevieria Cylindrica efficiently happens by the rhizome adjunct or leaf-cutting technique.

Find out how to: minimize the rhizome close to the plant’s backside and depart it to heal correctly. After the therapeutic course of plant it in the identical soil.

For leaf slicing technique ensure the leaves are not less than 4 inches lengthy. The rooting course of takes round two to 3 months. After that, you possibly can plant your new pal in a brand new pot.

Frequent points with the braided snake plant

Sansevieria Cylindrica is thought for its adjusting and all-circumstances-friendly persona. Nonetheless, sure points come up. Let’s focus on them and perceive why they’re derived.

They’re poisonous

Snake vegetation include a dangerous compound known as saponins and that’s even in throughout it. Leaves, flowers, roots in all places. Consumption of these may cause swelling, numbness, burning of the throat and nausea, vomiting if consumed in bigger quantities. Individuals with extremely delicate pores and skin should not suggested to have this round their home.

Their leaves face numerous points

They will undergo from numerous leaf-related points corresponding to,

Splitting leaves: Leaf splitting occurred within the type of cracks on the leaves and it’s predominantly brought on by an absence of vitamins, hydration, and light-weight. Pest an infection can be liable for it.

Make a plant care routine and supply the eye they deserve.

Wrinkled leaves: snake vegetation are all leaves (not less than above the soil it’s), so it’s largely leaves that present outcomes of mistreatment. An excessive amount of daylight and too much less water is the principle reason behind wrinkled leaves. place them in oblique daylight and supply the minimal quantity of water they crave, and likewise give them time to get better as nicely.

Deformed leaves: deformed leaves are particularly brought on by pest assaults and fungal infections. Pests devour all vitamins from the leaf and depart nothing for the plant to remain wholesome. You’ll be able to solely treatment it by common remark, trigger early discovery will assist you to to take the step to do away with these culprits earlier than they begin sucking the juices out of the leaf.

Pest and illness

All of your care in direction of your plant would go to waste if pests get drawn to it and in case you preserve it unattended, even earlier than you understand it the did can be executed. Regardless of the vegetation being hardy in nature, some minor intruders nonetheless can deplete their important vitamins. Spider mites and mealybugs are a few of these widespread intruders. 

Spider mites: spider mites are liable for brown spots within the underside of your plant. They stay there, suck the sap out of your plant, and lay eggs.

Find out how to do away with them?

First, find small webs for assurance. You don’t wanna blame them if these spots are brought on by one thing else. You’ll be able to rub neem oil on the leaves to do away with them. Rubbing alcohol may even give the identical outcomes. And naturally, you want to isolate the plant from its different plant buddies as quickly as you find the bugs. 

Mealybugs: As a result of similarity of signs mealybugs are sometimes mistaken because the notorious perpetrator within the planters’ world, powdery mildew. Crimson spots on the leaves and root rot are widespread illnesses brought on by mealybugs. 

Find out how to deal with them: 

You’ll be able to manually take away them, adopted by a pesticide that may nurture your plant again to its well being.


To sum it up, if you’re rising quite a lot of succulent species in your own home, incorporating a braided snake plant is a should. Their undemanding nature and thriving in each surroundings, soil, temperature, and water, and to high it off include an impressive look that makes this plant one of the fascinating amongst plant lovers.


Q1. How huge do braided snake vegetation get?

The leaves are cylindrical and easy and may develop as much as 7 toes.

Q2. What’s the profit of getting a braided snake plant?

In addition to flaunting its look having a braided snake plant comes with a number of advantages. The very important one can be working as a pure air air purifier. They devour toxins from the air and produce oxygen.

Q3. How briskly do braided snake vegetation develop?

They’re sluggish grower vegetation. As soon as braided and secured you possibly can preserve it like that for years with out braiding or repotting.

This autumn. Does snake plant carry meals luck?

In accordance with feng shui, snake vegetation carry well being, wealth, and luck in case you preserve them of their splendid place.

Q5. Can I untie a braided snake plant?

Sure! In fact. However do it gently to not hurt them. They may look wavy with marks on them as a result of they have been habituated to their earlier form. Give it a while it’s going to go away.



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