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How To Get Rid Of Stinkhorn Fungus

Stinkhorn fungus includes the Phallaceae and Clathraceae households and known as Phallus impudicus. This fungus is within the type of mushrooms which can be usually thought of one of the vital foul-smelling species as they emit a powerful odor that resembles rotting meat. The odor is emitted from the ideas of the stalks, that are coated with a slimy substance that accommodates spores.

There are numerous kinds of stinkhorns belonging to this household. However the one you see most frequently is a skinny and pale mushroom with a slimy head that appears like a phallus. Stinkhorns are one of many fastest-growing mushrooms globally, typically creating as much as 4 to 6 inches per hour.

They’ll additionally generate sufficient power to interrupt by way of asphalt. This fungus just isn’t toxic, however its foul odor is irritating. Subsequently, individuals who have skilled stinkhorn fungus issues ask the way to do away with stinkhorn fungus. We have now compiled this information for them!

How To Get Rid Of Stinkhorn Fungus
“The widespread stinkhorn, Phallus impudicus” through Wikimedia

All About Stinkhorn Fungus

Stinkhorn mushrooms are a kind of fungus, typically also called stinkhorn fungi, and will be discovered worldwide. Their habitats vary from tropical rainforests to extra temperate climates like these in Europe. They comprise the Phallaceae household and the order Phallales with their seven species current naturally.

Not like different mushrooms, stinkhorns don’t launch their spores into the wind; relatively, they sequester their spores away with the assistance of those bugs. Subsequently, they can be referred to as Gasteromycetes (abdomen fungi) or sequestrate fungi. Stinkhorn’s fungus attracts flies and different animals to disseminate their spores round by way of this odor.

Their sturdy odor will be likened to rotting dung or a useless and decaying animal. The odor is most noticeable whether it is minimize or damaged. 

Phallus ravenelli

It’s the commonest species of stinkhorn mushrooms having a phallic look which will be the rationale for its taxonomic title, “Phallales.” It bears a sticky spore mass on the top of every stalk, often known as the gleba receptaculum. This spore mass is liable for the smelly odor.

The opposite six species of stinkhorn mushrooms have their distinct look. One has a number of appendages giving an octopus-like look. Few species have a veil that appears like a skirt draping from the hole stalk of the mushroom. Every of those species has a wide range of colours starting from white to beige to orange to black with black accents.

Clathrus archeri

One other species of stinkhorn fungus, identified scientifically as Clathrus archeri usually discovered rising in teams in fruit orchards or on lawns. The fruiting physique is a yellow stalk with a red-brown head with an disagreeable odor. Clathrus archeri is best identified by its widespread names, stinkhorn and satan’s fingers.

These names come from the foul odor emitted when the mushroom is touched or spoiled by invertebrates like flies or slugs that crawl on it whereas it grows. The spores emitted when the mushroom opens up after 3-4 days are carried away by the wind to new spots the place they will develop and reproduce to kind new mushrooms.

The Witch’s Egg

The stinkhorn initially seems within the floor within the egg kind, wanting like a freshly shelled hardboiled egg. Apparently this mushroom is edible, and folks principally devour it on this egg stage when it hasn’t began emitting the foul odor. Kibby 2015 described its taste as hazelnuts when eaten in its egg stage.

Wish to know one other attention-grabbing truth? These mushrooms are a delicacy in China and are utilized in varied recipes. They’re consumed uncooked as salad toppings or cooked in soups, sausages and pickles. It might be widespread within the backyard or woods from summer time to late autumn. The eggs are also called immature stinkhorns, which the gardeners generally discover whereas digging up the soil.

How To establish Stinkhorn Fungus

Stinkhorns are named for his or her foul odor emitted from the mature fruit physique. The commonest methods to establish Stinkhorn fungi are its white colour, foul odor, and spore-producing gills hooked up to a stalk. Listed below are the methods to simply establish stinkhorn fungus:

  • The odor of this poisonous fungus signifies its presence. Should you discover the odor of useless animals or rotting feces in your backyard, then it’s time so that you can be alert as this fungus has reached your backyard.
  • The disagreeable odor of stinkhorns attracts flies, so a lot of flies in your backyard, particularly round a mushroom, is a sign that your backyard has a stinkhorn mushroom.
  • To establish if the mushroom is stinkhorn, you should additionally correlate the atmosphere, as this mushroom usually requires a moist atmosphere.
  • All fungus sprouts out of woody substances equivalent to useless and decaying timber. So, stinkhorns can even develop in lots of different kinds of terrain plagued by leaves and decaying logs.
  • You possibly can simply establish a stinkhorn mushroom by its shut examination. The outline of the mushroom given above will show you how to on this respect. If the mushroom stands round 4–6 inches with a 1–4 cm slimy tip, it’s a stinkhorn mushroom. You may discover a spongy texture of its cream-colored stem in some instances.

5 Options To Get Rid Of Stinkhorn Fungus

There are various methods to do away with stinkhorn fungus naturally. Some individuals advocate utilizing bleach to do away with the stinkhorns as a result of it’s sturdy sufficient to kill them off. Nonetheless, this may be harmful as a result of it’s dangerous to people and animals who may drink from the identical water supply in a while. Different individuals advocate utilizing vinegar or boiling water with salt, which is able to kill off the stinkhorn with out harming anybody else.

Stinkhorn fungus won’t look very dangerous, however their sturdy odor may cause respiration problem or typically complications. Nobody desires their stunning backyard to stink, so individuals search for methods to do away with stinkhorn fungus. This part will talk about the other ways to forestall stinkhorn fungus.

1.     Hand Choosing

The cultural technique of handpicking is the most effective to do away with stinkhorn fungus. Put on protecting gloves and root the mushrooms out of the soil together with your hand.

2.     Rake Them

The easiest way to do away with stinkhorn fungus is to uproot it with the assistance of a rake. It is going to show you how to dig some soil beneath the roots taking over the stinkhorn’s spores out, inhibiting fungus progress close by.

3.     Surroundings Alteration

As mentioned above, fungus grows in mulch, so that you forestall their progress by eradicating the mulch. It might be finest to interchange it with different stay mulch like cypress needles, straw, groundcovers, and pine. 

4.     Discard The Mushrooms

Put all of the uprooted mushrooms in a plastic bag as a substitute of blending it with different yard waste. And discard this plastic bag correctly away from the backyard.

5.     Use Chemical Agent

Spray environmentally permitted fungal killer on the realm to make sure the encircling spores are useless. Go away that floor to obtain loads of slight to recuperate earlier than replanting something.


The conclusion of this text is to maintain your backyard free from the noxious stinkhorn fungus. Now that the signs and coverings of this fungus, you have got the reply to the way to do away with stinkhorn fungus.

Maintain your backyard free from this fungus by following this information and leaving a remark under if it was useful!



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