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How we harvest our calendula and chamomile – Fashionable Botany

He and Dr. Simon Jackson choose the calendula flowers by hand, and the chamomile varieties with a comb or a rake. As soon as collected, any weeds are taken out, after which the flowers are positioned in air flow trays and moved into our dryer, made particularly for the aim by our native, retired Engineering lecturer, Adrian. 


It takes a day and a half or so for the flowers to utterly dry. Collectively, the pair make certain there isn’t any signal of moisture, as this might render the plant unusable. Lastly, the workforce sends the harvest to our manufacturing accomplice, who then infuses the flowers in baths of a high-grade sunflower oil, prepared to be used. 

Learn our final weblog to find extra on our regenerative farming strategies. 

Store the gathering under. 



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