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How you can fertilizer Tremendous Napier

  • Firstly plow the land deep sufficient for the plant roots to penetrate deep into the bottom making it drought resistant.

  • For the Tremendous Napier grass, fertilization must be carried out when the brand new leaves emerge.

  • That’s after 20 days of planting the stems, we can provide fertilizer to our crops.

  • The very best methodology for acquiring most yields from the Tremendous Napier is to broadcast the fertilizer everywhere in the floor of the soil however nearer to the stems.

  • Broadcasting is the straightforward means to use the fertilizer. Additionally it helps in uniform fertilizer distribution to all of the crops.

  • Cattle Manure is one of the best fertilizer for the Tremendous Napier Grass or some other natural manure wealthy in NPK can be utilized as nicely.

  • Nitrogen within the manure causes leaf progress and the formation of stems and branches. Phosphorus promotes the event of wholesome roots.

  • Potash helps the plant to keep up good progress and protects in opposition to the pest, illness harm.

  • We advocate 2 tons of natural fertilizer per acre or apply 4 luggage of 14-14-14 fertilizer.

  • After finishing the fertilization, irrigate the Tremendous Napier crops totally.

  • Proceed to feed each 2 to 4 months throughout the rising season in order that most yield will be achieved from the Tremendous Napier.



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