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Implanting Juniper Bonsai – Expanding Bonsai

Sometimes, one wish to readjust the vegetation on a juniper. The initial vegetation of the types could be really loose, or susceptible to conditions. Because instance, implanting far better matched vegetation could be a choice. Normally, it is additionally a course to obtain branches at areas where there are none.

Grafting in a procedure in which you take a component of one plant, as well as incorporate it with one more. When integrating plants of really carefully relevant types, this functions just. In basic, a lot of junipers can be implanted on various other junipers. Not on pines.

The procedure functions by permitting the cambium layers of the contributor as well as recipient plant link per various other, as well as gradually produce common timber as well as bark.


For implanting, you require a couple of standard devices:

  • Implanting tape
  • A sharp blade
  • A set of scissors
  • Some cables
  • A benefactor plant
  • A recipient plant.

Implanting actions

  • To Start With, you require to pre-stretch the implanting tape. Doing this will certainly make certain that the tape can connect itself to itself
  • After that you clip a branch from the contributor plant. Preferably, this is a branch that has actually transformed woody. Minimize the vegetation to the dimension of a cutting
  • Cover the contributor heir with implanting tape, seeing to it the woody component of the heir is left cost-free. Each cover of implanting tape requires to overlap with the previous.


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