Khaki Weed (Alternanthera caracasana) is a perennial weed from tropical America that has invaded the southern U.S. at an alarming fee. As a result of it has an incredible faucet root, it’s troublesome to regulate in its mature stage. Repeated sprays and use of surfactant is critical. Surfactants (spreader-stickers) break down the floor stress on the leaf and permits the herbicide to penetrate higher and be more practical.

  • The very best management is to not let the plant go to seed. If it does go to seed, pre-emergent management may be efficient. The product Isoxaben has confirmed to be efficient if utilized within the early spring.
  • Trimec is a three-way herbicide that has Dicamba and two different selective post-emergent herbicides that gained’t hurt grass if utilized in keeping with instructions. It really works greatest on younger vegetation simply after they’ve emerged from the seed. It’s best utilized in a garden with no bushes or decorative vegetation close by. (Fertilome Weed Out)
  • If ornamentals are current, a product with 2,4-D alone might be one of the best ways to go. Use of a surfactant will vastly enhance the penetration and uptake of the herbicide. Once more, it really works greatest on younger vegetation.
  • Glyphosate (Spherical Up) may be sprayed instantly on the weed. Seen indicators of yellowing will happen inside 7 days, however don’t disturb the weed for two weeks to permit time for the translocation of the chemical to the roots.
  • Due to its robust taproot, repeated sprays will likely be essential, and will likely be simplest within the seedling stage.
  • Pre-emergent management is extremely advisable. The product Isoxaben has confirmed to be efficient if utilized within the early spring.
  • Some reviews of pouring a small quantity of boiling water proper within the heart of the plant have been optimistic, if natural strategies are desired. Labor appears to be the largest challenge!