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Leading 15 Many Costly Bonsai Trees On The Planet

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

Did you recognize that one of the most costly bonsai deserves “$ 2 million USD”? Outrageous?

In this write-up, I’ll take you on an excursion of 15 most costly bonsai trees on the planet as well as their information. Maintain analysis.

Leading 15 Many Costly Bonsai Trees On The Planet

Serial No. Call Area Rate
1. Kato Household’s Juniper Japan $ 2 million
2. Earliest Pine Bonsai Japan $ 1.3 million
3. Yamaki Pine United States $ 1 million
4. Japanese Black Pine at Shunkaen Bonsai Gallery Japan $ 1 million
5. Chinese Juniper Japan $ 750,000
6. 5 Needle Pine Japan $ 600,000
7. Juniper at Shunkaen Bonsai Gallery Japan $ 400,000
8. Sargent Juniper Japan $ 350,000
9. Juniper at Taikan-ten Japan $ 180,000
10. Japanese White Pine Japan $ 160,000
11. Shimpaku Juniper Japan $ 120,000
12. Kimura’s Zelkova Bonsai Japan $ 106,000
13. Kimura’s Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Japan $ 106,000
14. Pine Bonsai Japan $ 100,000
15. Ficus Retusa Linn Italy $ 91,000

1. Kato Household’s Old Juniper, Japan: $2 million

This 1000 years of age Juniper Bonsai is recognized to be among the globe’s earliest as well as rarest Bonsai. It can be located in the Mansei-en Bonsai baby room in Japan. It is possessed by the Kato Household.

This Bonsai Tree is declared to have actually been found in a Japanese woodland. It was handed down to the Kato Household, that possesses the Mansei-en Bonsai baby room. The family members has actually been looking after it considering that the start. This Bonsai has actually lived for over a century.

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

Juniper Bonsai is one of the most expensive bonsai tree on the planet, according to study. A 250-year-old Juniper Bonsai cost $2 million in 1981. Is the prices as well excellent to be real?

2. Earliest Pine Bonsai Takamatsu, Japan: $ 1.2 Million

When you listen to that it is the globe’s biggest tree, the very first picture that occurs is of a substantial tree. The newborn bonsai tree, on the various other hand, has actually made this credibility. This tree does not also have the size of a typical tree’s branch. One of the most costly tree on the planet is presently the earliest yearn bonsai tree in Japan, which was acquired for $ 1.2 million at the International Bonsai Convention in Takamatsu, Japan.

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

Evergreen are amongst one of the most prominent bonsai trees on the planet, yet they are primarily suched as by bonsai lovers due to the fact that they are not an excellent newbie alternative. Pine bonsai can be made right into almost every recognized bonsai design considering that pines can be found in a selection of shades, dimensions, as well as forms.

3. Yamaki Pine, United States: $1 Million

The Yamaki Pine has actually turned into one of one of the most popular bonsai trees on the planet considering that its real background was discovered in 2001. Masaru Yamaki sent out the bonsai tree to the USA as component of a 53-specimen present for the nation’s bicentennial in 1976, as well as it is a survivor of the atomic bomb that was gone down on Hiroshima, Japan, throughout The Second World War.

The National Arboretum was oblivious of the tree’s background up until 2 of Yamaki’s grand sons pertained to look at it in 2001.

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

Yamaki’s grandchildren supplied the gallery with details regarding the tree, consisting of information video clip chance at the Yamaki Baby room adhering to the surge, which revealed the tree standing high behind-the-scenes.

As the 70th wedding anniversary of the Hiroshima surge came close to in 2015, the National Arboretum commemorated the tree’s background.

4. Japanese Black Pine, Japan: $1 Million

There’s a Japanese Black Pine Bonsai at Shunkaen Bonsai Gallery worth $1 million. Oof, these rates are making you sweat I think.

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

5. Chinese Juniper, Japan: $750,000

This treasure of a juniper bonsai plant is additionally a treasured ownership at the Shunkaen Bonsai Gallery that deserves $750,000!

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

6. 5 Needle Pine Bonsai, Japan: $600,000

Japanese white evergreen, additionally referred to as five-needle pines, are amongst the globe’s most costly bonsai trees. With an approximated annual elevation gain of regarding 2 feet, the five-needle yearn is amongst the quickest expanding bonsai trees on the planet.

Consequently, these trees expand to be amongst the highest bonsai trees, which adds to their high cost. The majority of five-needle bonsai trees are years (or centuries) old, with one bring $600,000 at a public auction in Japan.

7. Juniper at Shunkaen Bonsai Gallery, Japan: $400,000

Kunio Kobayashi possesses as well as runs the Shunkaen Bonsai Gallery, which is residence to a series of old as well as unusual bonsai trees. This is a special tree identified for its phenomenal age; the tree is approximated to be around 800 years of ages as well as valued at the very least $400,000.

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

8. Sargent Juniper Bonsai Tree, Japan: $350,000

At the Taikan-ten Bonsai exhibit in Kyoto, this amazingly costly Bonsai tree was marketed (as well as was in fact marketed).

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

9. Juniper Bonsai at the Taikan-ten, Japan: $180,000

Annually in November, the Taikan-ten is kept in Kyoto. The top quality of the presented Bonsai is exceptionally high. This bonsai was displayed in the 39th Taikan-ten as well as was cost $180,000.

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

The Taikan-ten is amongst minority conventional exhibitions that consists of screens of Bonsai, consisting of suiseki as well as scrolls. Some present screens may be found.

10. Japanese White Pine, Japan: $160,000

The cost of this Japanese white yearn Bonsai is $160,000 USD!

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

11. Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai, Japan: $120,000

7 bonsai trees, in addition to a 400-year-old shimpaku juniper, were swiped from a Japanese pair’s yard, leaving them sad. The duo is begging with the burglars to take appropriate treatment of them.

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

According to CNN, the trees were swiped from the pair’s yard in Saitama, near Tokyo, as well as deserve over $155,000 CAD. The 400-year-old shimpaku juniper tree alone, according to Fuyumi Iimura, better half of the bonsai specialist that constructed the trees, deserves over $120,000.

12. Kimura’s Zelkova Bonsai, Japan: $106,000

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

Mr. Kimura’s job is among one of the most significant as well as popular Bonsai in Japan today. His yard belongs to a gallery, as well as any individual that knows with Japanese Bonsai will certainly acknowledge at the very least fifty percent of his collection from internet sites as well as publications. This massive Zelkova gets on sale at $106,000.

13. Kimura’s Japanese Black Pine Bonsai, Japan: $106,000

Likewise among Kimura’s productions, this Japanese Black Pine bonsai cost $106,000.

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

14. Pine Bonsai, Japan: $100,000

This stunning yearn bonsai cost $100,000 in Japan!

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

15. Ficus Retusa Linn, Italy: $91,000

Closing this checklist with a bonsai that sets you back nearly $100,000, with an approximated age of 1,000 years, the Ficus retusa Linn, which can be located at the Crespi Bonsai Gallery in Italy, is believed to be the globe’s earliest bonsai tree The owner of the Crespi Bonsai Gallery, Luigi Crespi, invested 10 years trying to get possession of the bonsai tree prior to ultimately doing well in 1986.

15 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees in the World [Updated 2022]

The tree had actually formerly been taken care of as well as formed by Chinese masters, as well as it was made by Japanese bonsai musician Shotaro Kawahara throughout its very first years in Italy. Ever since, Crespi as well as Alberto Lavazza have actually been taking care of the tree. The tree was mounted in a glass pagoda as well as came to be the gallery’s focal point after the Crespi Bonsai Gallery opened up in 1991.


What an extraordinary checklist of costly bonsai trees! Did you also think of the rates would certainly be this high when you began reviewing? I recognize I really did not. The bonsai trees require love as well as treatment, for an extended period of time. You need to design the bonsai, keep it, maintain it satisfied as well as well-fed, and afterwards after a lengthy while, it becomes one of the most stunning as well as marvelous item of nature that you can construct.

This is the reason that bonsai trees are this costly! We wish you taken pleasure in checking out these distinct bonsai trees!

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