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Learn how to Dry and Protect Carnation Flowers (Important Ideas)

Carnation flowers come from the Dianthus genus and are identified for his or her candy, spicy scent. Carnations make glorious reduce flowers for bouquets and vases. Nonetheless, you can even dry carnations and revel in them for months. On this article, I’ll share my expertise of the right way to dry and protect carnation flowers.

How to Dry and Preserve Carnation Flowers (Essential Tips)

When Are Carnation Flowers in Season?

Most varieties of carnations flower from late spring till late summer season or early fall. In the reduction of your carnations after the primary spherical of flowers finishes in early summer season. This encourages a second flush of flowers later within the yr. Deadhead carnations all through the season.

When to Decide Carnation Flowers For Drying and Preserving

Decide carnation flowers (Dianthus) early within the morning or late within the night. Crops comprise extra water at these instances of the day, which helps the flowers last more. You possibly can harvest carnation flowers any time through the blooming season. At all times use clear, sharp instruments when harvesting carnations to forestall ailments from spreading.

Learn how to Dry and Protect Carnation Flowers

How to Dry and Preserve Carnation Flowers


Air-drying is the simplest manner of drying carnations however takes longer than different strategies. As well as, air-drying additionally causes the flowers to lose a few of their colour.

  1. Select wholesome carnation stems which have flowers which can be absolutely open or virtually open.
  2. Minimize the stems off simply above an unopened flower bud and take away a lot of the leaves.
  3. Tie the carnation stems in a bundle utilizing string or an elastic band.
  4. Tie a size of string to the underside of the bundle so as to grasp them someplace to dry.
  5. Grasp the stems in a cool, darkish area. They’ll take about two to a few weeks to dry.

Utilizing a Microwave and Silica Gel

It’s also possible to dry carnation flowers by putting them in silica gel and microwaving them. That is faster than air-drying, however you’ll be able to solely dry one flower at a time.

  1. Select a microwave-safe container giant sufficient on your chosen stem. You might want to chop the stems pretty quick.
  2. Fill half of the container with silica gel. Silica gel might be purchased as crystals from most passion shops.
  3. Push the carnation stem into the silica crystals with the flower dealing with up.
  4. Rigorously add extra crystals to cowl your carnation.
  5. Microwave the carnation in 30-second bursts at 50 to 60% energy. Do that for about 2 to five minutes till the carnation fully dries.
  6. Take the container out of the microwave and placed on the lid, leaving one nook barely open.
  7. Let the carnation cool contained in the container for about 24 hours.
  8. Take away the carnation and apply a layer of acrylic spray to assist protect the flower.
  9. Retailer your dried carnations in an hermetic container till you’re prepared to make use of them.


Urgent is one other straightforward manner of preserving carnations, nevertheless it takes longer than microwaving them. You need to use pressed carnations to make playing cards and different artwork initiatives.

  1. Take an outdated e book and open it about midway or three-quarters of the way in which by.
  2. Place a sheet of paper on one of many pages.
  3. Take away the stems out of your carnation flowers and gently place them onto the paper. Be sure that they sit flat and don’t have curled petals.
  4. Lay a second sheet of paper on high of the carnations and punctiliously shut the e book.
  5. Place the e book someplace cool and dry and place one other heavy e book on high.
  6. Enable the carnations to sit down for about three weeks to make sure that they’re absolutely pressed. Then take away them from the e book.

Drying and Preserving Carnation Flowers FAQs:

How Do You Dry Carnations and Hold Their Coloration?

Air-drying carnations may cause the flowers to lose a few of their colour. Nonetheless, utilizing a microwave to dry your carnations helps them retain most of their colour.

How Do You Protect Contemporary Carnations?

You possibly can protect contemporary carnations by air-drying, microwaving, or urgent them. Air-drying is the simplest methodology however takes probably the most time. Microwaving carnations helps keep extra of their colour.

Can Carnation Flowers Be Dried?

Carnations make glorious dried flowers that may final for as much as three years. It’s pretty straightforward to dry carnations, no matter which methodology you utilize.

Is it Higher to Press or Dry Carnations?

Carnations have moderately lengthy stems, so it’s usually higher to dry them relatively than press them. Nonetheless, low-growing alpine carnations are higher suited to being pressed than upright carnations.

Can You Dry Carnations within the Microwave?

You possibly can rapidly dry carnations within the microwave. This methodology helps the dried carnations retain extra of their colour. Microwave your carnations in silica gel to dry and protect them.

Wrapping Up

Protect carnations by air-drying them, microwaving them in silica gel, or urgent them. Dried carnations final for as much as three years. Air-drying and urgent these symbolic flowers takes roughly three weeks. It takes a couple of day to microwave carnations.

For extra, see our in-depth information to carnation rising zones and native ranges, the makes use of and advantages of carnation flowers, recommendations on rising carnation flowers from seed, recommendations on managing non-flowering carnations, stunning flowers that pair nicely with carnations, and the right way to propagate and transplant carnation flowers in your backyard.

Edd is a budding content material author and gardener residing in the UK. He has a bachelor’s diploma in Inventive and Skilled Writing and has written for a number of gardening publications on-line. He’s enthusiastic about nature and sustainability with a concentrate on gardening and wildlife.



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