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Lesser Celandine: A Petite Marvel with Deep Symbolic Roots

Lesser celandine (Ficaria verna) could also be a beautiful floor cowl plant with its personal historical past and which means, nevertheless it’s additionally thought of an invasive drawback in lots of areas. It’s also called a fig buttercup on account of its enticing inexperienced leaves. Right here we’ll take you thru all the things it’s worthwhile to know in regards to the which means and symbolism of Lesser celandine within the language of flowers.

Ultimate Guide to Lesser Celandine (Ficaria verna)

Lesser Celandine Symbolism – Key Takeaways

Lesser celandine has lengthy held the symbolic which means of the return of the solar’s energy within the spring in European cultures. It additionally earned the which means of a cure-all herb throughout the medieval interval and have become a logo of excellent issues to come back throughout the Victorian period.

Etymological That means

The Ficaria verna identify comes from the Latin diminutive for figs. Lesser celandine was chosen as its identify on account of its flowers resembling these of the Better celandine. Verna refers to its behavior of rising and flowering early within the spring reasonably than throughout the remainder of the summer time and fall.

Lesser Celandine That means & Symbolism

A close shot of a yellow Lesser Celandine in bloom

The colour of each flower additionally performs a job in its actual which means within the language of flowers. Fortunately, Lesser celandines solely are available in three totally different colour variations to make it simple to slender down the symbolism of the bloom.

  • White: This flower colour means sympathy, therapeutic, peace, humility, magnificence, and innocence.
  • Yellow: This colour means happiness, power, youthfulness, pleasure, friendship, and hope.
  • Inexperienced: This flower symbolizes new beginnings, progress, wealth, success, and therapeutic.

The Cultural Significance of Lesser Celandine

Lesser Celandine ground cover flowers in bloom

Early Blooming

One among Lesser celandine’s most enduring meanings is its behavior of blooming early. Within the cooler components of Asia and Northern Europe, it may be one of many earliest flowers to emerge within the spring. This lent it a which means of hopefulness and searching ahead to the longer term. As an early spring flower, it’s a cheerful reminder that winter finally ends irrespective of how troublesome it was. 

The flower is also called Grian in Gaelic, a reference to the solar. This hyperlinks it to the symbolism of the return of the solar every year, giving it a hopeful which means all through most of European folklore.

Historic Heal-All

Along with being a logo of spring and rebirth, Lesser Celandine took on one other which means throughout the Medieval interval. European cultures throughout the continent gave the plant a which means of therapeutic and made it a normal cure-all. It was broadly beneficial within the oldest written supplies to deal with all the things from insomnia to ache. Lesser celandine even ended up linked to growing milk manufacturing when hung within the cow barn, though it’s unsafe to feed to the cows themselves.

Victorian Symbolism

The Victorians assigned which means to virtually each flower they cultivated, together with the typically troublesome Lesser celandine. 

With a protracted historical past of symbolizing hopefulness in Europe, it’s unsurprising that it was assigned the which means of “pleasure to come back” within the Victorian flower language. Folks would come with it as a part of a bouquet to want hope and pleasure for the recipient, particularly in the event that they had been going via a tough time.


Lesser celandine could also be an exquisite low-growing plant with a wealthy historical past and symbolism. However it may well additionally change into an issue that drives out different extra delicate wetland vegetation whether it is allowed to unfold with out management. Subsequently, it is very important take accountability for any lesser celandine you plant and preserve it contained.

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