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Lush Lobularia Maritima: Your Information to a Snowy Floral Carpet

Welcome to our important information to rising and caring for Alyssum Carpet of Snow (Lobularia maritima) in your backyard at residence. This hardy annual is famed for its lovely white flowers and heavenly honey scent. This in style border plant brings a thick carpet of snowy white blooms to the backyard. In frost-free areas, these tiny flowers would possibly even final the entire 12 months. Right here, we’ll take you thru every thing you could know to develop Alyssum Carpet of Snow, together with planting, soil issues, mild preferences, feeding, pruning, and over-winter care.

How to Grow Alyssum Carpet of Snow (Lobularia maritima)

Develop Lobularia maritima – Key Takeaways:

Botanical Title: Lobularia maritima
Additionally Recognized As: Candy Alison, Candy alyssum
Hardiness Zones: USDA Zones 5-11
Flowering Months: April to October or first frost
Rising Issue: Low upkeep and simple to develop, particularly for novice gardeners
Kind of Plant: Flowering deciduous annual in cooler climates. Quick-lived flowering deciduous perennial in Zones 9 to 11
Mild Necessities: Enjoys full solar however appreciates partial shade in hotter areas
Temp & Humidity: Thrives in most temperatures however does greatest between 50 and 60ºF. Likes low to medium humidity and might deal with some drought
Watering Wants: Have to be watered commonly, about as soon as per week, to maintain the soil moist
Soil Preferences: Wants well-draining chalky, loamy, or sandy soils with a impartial pH
Feeding: Fertilize month-to-month with diluted liquid fertilizer in between flowerings
Progress Expectations: Grows from 6 to 12 inches vast and tall
Toxicity: Non-toxic to people and animals

Develop Alyssum Carpet of Snow

Alyssum Carpet of Snow (Lobularia maritima) growing in a garden showcasing clusters of tiny white flowers with yellow centers

What Are the Finest Areas to Plant?

Alyssum Carpet of Snow is greatest positioned in full solar to provide the very best blooms, particularly in cooler areas. The plant will want shade safety from the extraordinary afternoon solar in hotter areas. A spot offering a minimum of six hours of morning daylight every day is good.

The soil ought to drain nicely and be barely unfastened. Chalky and sandy soils are greatest for this and will have a impartial pH.

What Are the Finest Occasions of 12 months to Plant?

Alyssum Carpet of Snow does greatest when planted after the ultimate spring frost. Seeds will be began six to eight weeks earlier than the final spring frost. These will be planted out when the soil begins to heat up.

Rising From Seed Vs. Planting Younger Nursery Crops

For earlier planting, begin the seeds off indoors about six to eight weeks earlier than your last spring frost. As soon as the seedlings have emerged and have a few pairs of leaves, they are often planted outdoors.

Seeds will be sown immediately into the bottom after that final frost in hotter areas. Nevertheless, the soil should have reached a minimal temperature of 60ºF (16ºC).

You’ll sometimes discover Alyssum Carpet of Snow being offered as a bedding plant at nurseries. This supplies a faster method to get on the spot colour into your borders or shows. Once more, be certain that the final spring frost has completed earlier than planting out.

What to Do Earlier than Planting

Earlier than planting Alyssum Carpet of Snow, you possibly can engineer the soil for the very best outcomes. Take away all traces of weeds from the soil and rake it over. Add some natural matter, corresponding to compost, to assist enhance the vitamins within the soil.

Suppose you’re planting an Alyssum Carpet of Snow as a part of a border or show; account for its mature dimension. This helps make it possible for the opposite vegetation have sufficient house as nicely.

What’s the Finest Soil?

Alyssum Carpet of Snow thrives greatest in unfastened, well-draining soils. Ideally, these ought to be chalky, loamy, or sandy. These annuals are drought-tolerant however nonetheless like some moisture of their rising medium. Alyssum Carpet of Snow prefers soils with a impartial pH of round 6.0 to 7.0.


For established seedlings and bedding vegetation, begin digging holes giant sufficient for the basis ball. Then, place the vegetation in and fill them with some soil and compost. Enable for a minimum of 6 inches between every plant.

You can too plant Alyssum Carpet of Snow in containers. Present some nutrient-rich, well-draining unfastened soil. If planting a number of specimens within the container, present every plant a minimum of 6 to 12 inches of room.

Mild Preferences

In cooler climates, Alyssum Carpet of Snow wants full solar for a lot of the day. In hotter areas, present some shelter from the extraordinary afternoon solar. The plant wants a minimum of six hours of daylight daily.

Temperature & Humidity Preferences

Alyssum Carpet of Snow can thrive in a spread of temperatures. The candy spot is between 50 and 60ºF (10 to fifteen.5ºC). The plant will cease flowering in hotter areas if it will get too heat.

Alyssum Carpet of Snow thrives in average humidity. The soil must be saved barely moist, however these vegetation are additionally drought-tolerant.

Care For Alyssum Carpet of Snow

A close shot of blooming Alyssum Carpet of Snow flowers

When and Water

Water Alyssum Carpet of Snow simply sufficient to maintain the soil barely moist more often than not. If the highest two inches of soil really feel dry, give the plant an inch or two of water, in drier, hotter climates, water just a little extra typically.

How, When, and Why to Fertilize

Alyssum Carpet of Snow gained’t want quite a lot of feeding. In case your soil doesn’t have quite a lot of vitamins, add a slow-release fertilizer once you first plant the specimen. 

As soon as every spherical of blooms has ceased, feed the Alyssum a month-to-month dose of diluted liquid fertilizer. This units the plant up for its subsequent flowers.

Pruning & Reducing Again

Deadhead Alyssum Carpet of Snow commonly to maintain new blooms coming by means of. If the plant stops flowering in scorching situations, use some shears to take away a few third of the foliage. This stimulates the plant to organize for extra progress when temperatures drop. 


As soon as an Alyssum Carpet of Snow has flowered, cuttings will be taken. Trim away the decrease leaves and plant the chopping right into a pot. Preserve it someplace shaded with a glass overlaying till the next 12 months.

Alyssum Carpet of Snow can even self-seed, with new flowers popping up the next 12 months. Take care that the seeds don’t unfold by means of your backyard if this isn’t desired.


In most climates, Alyssum Carpet of Snow is an annual and gained’t want overwintering. These vegetation can survive outdoors within the winter and not using a onerous frost. Deliver container vegetation indoors to guard them.

When and Repot

Alyssum Carpet of Snow grown in a container sometimes gained’t want repotting. These annuals typically die off within the winter until allowed to self-seed. Change them the next spring. 

Frequent Alyssum Issues & Deal with Them

A cluster of Alyssum Carpet of Snow flowers growing in a garden


Though drought-tolerant to a level, these vegetation will die if underwatered. Drooping foliage and bone-dry soil are lifeless giveaways. Enhance your watering schedule to revive the plant.


If an excessive amount of moisture is held within the soil, Alyssum Carpet of Snow can endure from root rot and ailments like botrytis blight. Solely water the plant if the highest two inches of soil really feel dry.

Too A lot Mild

In hotter areas, an excessive amount of intense afternoon daylight can burn the foliage. Browning on the leaves signifies this. Place the plant someplace that will get some shade through the afternoon.

Frequent Pests & Ailments

Botrytis blight

Botrytis blight happens when there’s an excessive amount of water within the soil. Grey mildew and discolored, noticed, or wilting leaves are signs. Take away stricken components of the Alyssum and keep away from watering till the highest two inches of soil are dry.


These backyard pests will eat the weak younger shoots of Alyssum Carpet of Snow. Begin seedlings indoors to verify they’re sturdy sufficient to withstand slugs. Alternatively, use a beer entice to catch and kill wandering slugs.

A collection of gardening tools

Listed below are all the instruments you need to have round for Alyssum Carpet of Snow care. 

  • Watering can
  • Secateurs
  • Backyard shears
  • Trowel

Rising Alyssum Carpet of Snow FAQs:

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Is Alyssum Carpet of Snow invasive?

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Will Alyssum Carpet of Snow develop in shade?

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Wrap Up

Alyssum Carpet of Snow is a low-maintenance bedding plant very best for filling out borders. Its ease of care permits even newbie gardeners to get some speedy impression of their backyard. What’s nice is these hardy vegetation can survive in numerous rising zones, making it straightforward to include them in most climates.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has educated professionally at main floristry faculties in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a world editorial staff, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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