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Mangave zombies

One in all many nice attributes of mangaves, in comparison with one in every of their dad and mom, agaves, is that they don’t die after flowering. Agaves are largely monocarpic, which imply that they behave like bromeliads, the place every rosette grows to maturity, then dies after flowering. These species of agave which offset, reside on after flowering, by the use of un-flowered offsets. These agave species which don’t offset are a one and finished after they flower and reproduce by reseeding.

By incorporating manfreda genes to create xMangaves, the monocarpic trait disappears. After a mangave flowers, it dies to the bottom, however like a very good zombie, it quickly pops again from the lifeless. Here’s a present picture from the backyard of two clumps of xMangave ‘Blue Mammoth’. The primary, bigger clump has not flowered, however ought to accomplish that subsequent 12 months. The second clump with all of the offsets, flowered in 2020, and re-grew up to now in 2021. Subsequent 12 months, the rosettes will proceed to re-grow in measurement.



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