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Mudflower: Pink dandelion – Taraxacum pseudoroseum

There are a couple of completely different species of dandelion, the one that’s widespread in lawns is Taraxacum officionale.  It grows fairly yellow flowers, and is edible and helpful in some ways.  For some motive individuals typically dislike this pretty and helpful plant.

One of many different species of dandelion is the pink dandelion, Taraxacum pseudoroseum, it’s nonetheless edible and helpful, but it surely grows pleasant pink flowers as a substitute of the same old shiny yellow ones.  

A pink dandelion, how unimaginable! 

Pink dandelion in bloom
Pink dandelion Australia
Pink dandelion flower

Pink dandelion

Unusually sufficient, there are only a few net pages that speak about pink dandelions.  Most of these are copied from each other, so there’s little data on how one can develop them or what to anticipate from pink dandelion crops.  I’m rising pink dandelions, so I figured I might write somewhat about them.

Pink dandelions, similar to common dandelions, are perennial greens.  Dandelions have an awesome many makes use of in a permaculture backyard, mainly each animal eats them and they’re much more nutritious than most greens.  The leaves of pink dandelion style very like common dandelions, and whereas I’m but to style the roots I’m informed they style fairly much like common yellow dandelions too.

Pink dandelion flowers begin out yellow and the skin goes white then turns pink over a couple of days.  They’re very hardly ever totally pink, more often than not the middle stays yellow.  The skin will get moderately darkish pink on its final day, which appears nice with the yellow middle.

Pink dandelion seeds prepared for planting

The plant itself appears very like a daily dandelion, to be trustworthy I’m not positive that I may inform them aside when not in bloom.  Very like common dandelions they do want loads of water and don’t cope whether it is too dry.  Full solar to half shade appears to do these crops effectively.  It takes little or no effort to develop pink dandelion crops.

I’m completely satisfied to say that frosts don’t hassle pink dandelions.  Mine have been additionally hit with hail extra occasions than I care to say.  Not surprisingly, none of this was an enormous deal for these crops as a result of they’re very hardy.

Sadly pink dandelions are usually not as hardy or as vigorous as common dandelions, so the possibilities of this discovering its approach into your garden are fairly low.

The leaves look and style much like a daily dandelion
Pink dandelions are yellow once they first open
The middle stays yellow

The white half will flip pink

One factor I’ve observed is that pink dandelion flowers open within the mornings and shut within the afternoons.  It implies that they aren’t the best of reduce flowers as they have an inclination to shut up every evening.  They do reopen every day, so it is not an awesome loss.

Pink dandelion beginning to shut for the day

I believe dandelions are nice normally, and I believe that pink dandelions are simply pleasant.  As quickly as I’m in a position I plan to attempt to save seed from these and develop some extra of those crops.  

My crops are nonetheless comparatively younger, and have solely had half a dozen or so blooms.  Extra flowers are on their approach, and seeds are ripening.  

As soon as the seeds are prepared, if they do not float away on the breeze, I’ll attempt to plant them and develop extra of those pink dandelions.

Pink dandelion seeds

If I ever have additional pink dandelion crops, or pink dandelion seeds, I’ll record them on my on the market web page so others may get pleasure from rising these pretty crops.



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