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Mudflower: Venus Flytrap – Large Vigorous

Final 12 months I purchased a “Large Vigorous” Venus flytrap.

The few footage I had seen on the web made this appear to be an awesome plant, from its title I assumed it will develop giant, and I hoped it will be vigorous and divide loads for me.  I had excessive hopes for this carnivorous plant. 

'Big Vigorous' Venus Flytrap
‘Large Vigorous’ Venus Flytrap

I paid extra for this plant than I ought to have, and it arrived within the publish naked rooted and tiny.  Venus flytraps are inclined to cope rather well with postage, and it was winter at the moment, so I had little question it will develop nicely for me.

The Large Vigorous Venus flytrap did develop nicely for me.  Over winter it had a rosette of low leaves and small traps, which is wholesome for flytraps.  As soon as the climate warmed the traps did get giant, and it had tall upright progress.  I believe that it was a formidable trying plant.

‘Large Vigorous’ winter leaves

Early in spring it tried to flower, I reduce off the flower stalk and tried to make use of it as a reducing to get extra vegetation.  Sadly the flower stalk reducing didn’t work that point.  

Chopping off the flower stalk can enable the plant to place extra power into leaf progress, and that’s what I wished from this plant.

‘Large vigorous’ vft rising from dormancy and sending up flower stalk

Large Vigorous venus fly lure positive lived as much as the ‘Large’ a part of its title.  It grew somewhat giant traps on tall upright leaves.  Each a part of this plant was giant.

The ‘vigorous’ half I’m not so positive about.  It grew quick, it has plenty of leaves, and nothing appeared to hassle it, nevertheless it hasn’t divided an entire lot for me.  Which will simply be as a result of it was very small once I received it, or it could not divide loads, however it’s too early to say.

I discovered a number of descriptions on the web:

Description from

Large Vigorous is a good Venus Flytrap for a newbie or for an
skilled grower’s assortment. It grows rapidly into a sturdy plant
that produces lengthy leaves, a big rosette and massive traps in addition to
loads of child Large Vigorous Venus Flytraps by vegetative division.


Description from Carnivorous Plant Useful resource:

Dionaea Large Vigorous is a clumpy Venus flytrap with deep crimson, nearly
purple traps. One would possibly even name it a purple pest eater. It grows
simply open air in temperate climates, or in greenhouses. 

After studying these descriptions I’m not positive if the ‘Large Vigorous’ flytrap we now have is similar because the ‘Large Vigorous’ flytraps abroad.  Mine didn’t have deep crimson/purple traps, and didn’t divide very a lot.  All that apart, it was a sturdy plant, it did have tall progress and really giant traps, and it was very hardy, so I’m pleased with it.

Wally on left, Large Vigorous VFT on proper

Wally vft on left, Large Vigorous vft on proper

I promote a number of carnivorous vegetation together with a few named kinds of venus flytrap by my on the market web page and infrequently have some Venus Flytraps on the market.  I’m not anticipating any Large Vigorous Venus Flytraps on the market this 12 months however could have some subsequent spring.  I can publish these naked rooted and so they are inclined to cope rather well with postage, when you dwell shut sufficient to choose up which will even be an choice. 



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