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Mudflower: Venus Flytrap Winter Dormancy

I’ve been rising carnivorous crops for extra years that I care to confess.  I’ve grown quite a lot of completely different species over time, some had been easy whereas others had extra advanced wants.  As with most individuals, the Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) began all of it for me.  

Venus Flytraps carry out finest with winter dormancy.  At first their dormancy was a scary thriller, now I perceive dormancy a little bit higher I do know it’s nothing to be apprehensive about. 

Final yr my son wished a venus flytrap.  I gave him a small typical venus flytrap, and he sorted it very well.  The factor grew actually giant, received some nice colouration, then when winter hit it went dormant and seemed prefer it was useless.  All of that is improbable and exhibits he was taking care of his plant correctly.

Opposite to what most individuals have been informed, venus flytraps are not tropical crops.  They do effectively in areas which can be frosty over winter.  I develop them outdoors, definitely by no means in a terrarium, and permit them to be hit with frosts and ice and hail and snow.  When days get brief and chilly my Venus flytraps expertise partial or full dormancy. 

My son’s venus fly entice seems horrible over winter, and he apprehensive that he had killed it.  I needed to guarantee him that this was an ideal signal and that he was doing the whole lot proper.  We repotted the plant prepared for spring, and I confirmed him the wholesome fats white rhizome, and he felt lots higher about his plant.  I count on this to develop effectively and divide in spring.  It ought to make three or extra crops for him.

Photos of my son’s dormant Venus flytrap are under.  As soon as repotted it nonetheless seemed completely dreadful, earlier than being repotted it seemed just like the moss was going to over take it.  

To be clear, (other than the moss) that is regular and wholesome for a venus flytrap in my local weather.

Dormant VFT repotted (ignore the tiny sundews) and prepared for spring progress
The identical vft earlier than repotting – not a lot to take a look at

Completely different kinds of venus flytrap appear to deal with winter in a different way even when they’re rising aspect by aspect.  This completely different in progress is because of their genetics.

The image under exhibits how they a few of my crops coped with dormancy this yr.  Notice that each one have small traps and brief leaves, simply as they need to over winter.  None of them are giant magnificent crops over winter.  In the event that they did look nice over winter then one thing could be terribly unsuitable and they’d probably rot and die in spring.

Varied Venus Flytraps on the finish of winter

Among the venus flytraps just about disappeared, like Nanuq’s plant, however the rhizome below floor is powerful and wholesome.  That is regular and wholesome.

Others retained some above floor progress, however seemed very shabby.  Leaves had been shorter and typically the traps had been bizarre and mis-shapen.  That is regular and wholesome for these ones, and in spring I count on them to develop effectively.

These Venus Flytraps retained some progress over winter

A few of my bigger, extra upright venus flytraps go dormant differently.  Over summer time they’ve giant traps and upright progress.  Over winter they develop shorter leaves that keep shut the the bottom, and the traps produced over winter are a lot smaller.  

Once more, that is regular and wholesome.  That’s how they do their dormancy.  In the event that they stored rising giant upright leaves over winter I might count on them to rot and die in spring.

As soon as the climate warms they’ll have upright progress and huge traps once more (and possibly a flower stalk).  For now they’re doing the whole lot they need to be doing.

‘Large Vigorous’ VFT has brief leaves low to the bottom over winter


Breaking dormancy, low winter leaves and tall summer time leaves

Different vft varieties by no means have upright progress, ‘Low Large’ is an instance of this.  Over winter the rosette turns into extra compact than regular because the petioles are shorter and the traps a lot smaller. 

This plant can be wholesome and powerful, precisely what I might count on to see over winter.  Chances are you’ll discover on the high of the image some tiny crops, these got here from a flower stalk chopping.

I have to repot and divide this plant quickly.

Low Large VFT over winter

In the direction of the tip of winter/starting of spring I often attempt to repot my Venus Flytraps. 

Usually they’ve divided a little bit and most have a big plant and one or two small offsets.  Some varieties are a bit extra vigorous and may have as much as half a dozen small divisions.  Others, corresponding to Wally, can have a dozen or extra divisions.  This has lots to do with their genetics, and a bit to do with how effectively they had been grown.

Typically when I’m dividing crops which can be rising from dormancy I may also take a couple of leaf pullings.  I in all probability ought to wait till hotter climate for leaf pullings, however relying on the variability many will develop a child plant or two even presently of yr.

Tiny VFT divisions – tremendous cute however will develop quick

Vft divisions, and a few leaf pullings

If you wish to purchase a venus flytrap it’s typically troublesome to discover a good selection until they’re posted.  Fortunately Venus flytraps do go extraordinarily effectively by way of the publish.  Other than those I’ve grown from seed, I believe all of my Venus flytraps had been posted to me naked rooted.

I’ll have some ‘typical’ venus flytraps on the market and may have some named varieties on the market in late spring.  Lots of my typical vfts are superior named varieties however I’ve misplaced their names, others are seed grown, and I believe that each one of them are fairly nice.  Keep watch over my on the market web page in late spring/early summer time in case you are .



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