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Myrtle Flowers: Splendid Rising Zones and Native Vary

Myrtle shrubs (Myrtus genus) are enticing evergreen vegetation with beautiful small white flowers. Myrtles are low-maintenance shrubs so long as you develop them in the best circumstances. On this article, I’ll run by way of the place myrtle flowers develop, together with their native vary and excellent rising zones. 

Myrtle Flowers: Ideal Growing Zones and Native Range

The place Do Myrtle Flowers Develop Natively?

Where Do Myrtle Flowers Grow?

Widespread myrtle shrubs (Myrtus communis) are probably the most widespread of the three species throughout the Myrtus genus. These evergreen vegetation are native to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. Myrtle shrubs additionally develop in elements of Africa, Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent.

Myrtle shrubs choose heat temperatures and gentle winters. Nevertheless, myrtle vegetation are pretty cold-hardy and might survive reasonable publicity to frost through the winter. Myrtle shrubs are additionally pretty drought-tolerant.

What Are the Finest Rising Zones for Myrtle Flowers?

Myrtle flowers develop finest in USDA Zones 8 to 10. These areas present heat temperatures for a lot of the 12 months and expertise pretty gentle winters. Myrtle shrubs are surprisingly cold-hardy and might survive frosts and winter temperatures as little as 10ºF (-12ºC).

In colder climates, myrtles may have some safety from the winter parts. Myrtle shrubs will battle if temperatures drop beneath freezing. Chilly, sturdy winds may also harm myrtle vegetation, so that they want a sheltered location.

How one can Develop Myrtle Flowers

How to Grow Myrtle Flowers

As soon as established, myrtle shrubs are low-maintenance. Myrtles are simple to take care of if you happen to meet their fundamental wants. In the best circumstances, myrtle vegetation can reside for many years, even centuries. Listed below are the principle necessities for rising myrtle flowers:

Daylight Necessities

Myrtle shrubs develop finest in full solar or partial shade if sheltered from chilly winds. Myrtles require round six hours of full solar daily in gentle climates. In sizzling, dry areas, develop myrtles in partial shade to guard them from direct afternoon daylight.

Soil Situations

Myrtle shrubs require well-draining soils that may nonetheless maintain a little bit of moisture. Myrtle vegetation like to remain fairly moist, though they’re considerably drought-tolerant. Myrtles choose barely acidic soils with pH ranges between 5.0 and 6.5. Loamy or sandy soils are excellent, however clay additionally works so long as some grit or sand is added to enhance drainage.


Water myrtle shrubs as soon as each two weeks through the spring and summer season. Established myrtle shrubs received’t want extra water in case your space receives common rainfall. Water newly planted myrtle shrubs as soon as per week for the primary couple of years. This enables the younger plant to ascertain itself.


Fertilize established myrtle vegetation every year through the spring, ideally with slow-release fertilizers. Newly planted myrtles ought to be fed month-to-month of their first rising season. The extra vitamins will assist the shrub set up itself.


Prune myrtle shrubs after flowering finishes within the fall. Myrtles tolerate pruning nicely, permitting you to form or practice them as hedges. Take away any useless, diseased, or weak branches and skinny out the inside branches to enhance air circulation.

Can You Develop Myrtle Flowers in Pots?

Can You Grow Myrtle Flowers in Pots?

Myrtle shrubs will be grown comparatively simply in pots. In colder rising zones, that is the simplest method to develop myrtle vegetation. Select a pot at the very least 12 inches huge with drainage holes. Myrtle shrubs grown in pots can nonetheless develop as much as 8 toes tall and huge.

Throughout the winter, defend potted myrtle vegetation by wrapping the container in horticultural fleece or another insulating materials. Alternatively, you may transfer them indoors or right into a greenhouse to guard them from the chilly.

Myrtle Rising Zones FAQs:

The place Are Myrtle Flowers Discovered?

Widespread myrtle flowers are discovered primarily within the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. Some myrtle species additionally develop in elements of Africa, Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. Myrtles choose heat climates however can survive nicely in winter.

The place Does Myrtle Develop Finest?

Myrtle shrubs develop finest in Zones 8 to 10, though they will survive winter temperatures as little as 10ºF. Myrtle shrubs require full solar or partial shade and wish moist, well-draining soils.

What’s Widespread Myrtle Good For?

Widespread myrtles make glorious decorative shrubs for small gardens. Myrtles additionally make good hedging vegetation and will be simply skilled through pruning. Myrtle flowers additionally entice pollinators, whereas the bluish-black berries present winter meals for birds.

Myrtle Rising Zones and Native Vary: Wrapping Up

Myrtle shrubs are native to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, in addition to elements of Africa and Asia. Widespread myrtles thrive in heat climates with gentle winters like these in Zones 8 to 10. Nevertheless, myrtles are surprisingly cold-hardy and might survive winter temperatures as little as 10ºF.

For extra, see our in-depth information to rising and caring for lemon myrtle and crape myrtle.

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