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new pot and upkeep – Adam’s Artwork and Bonsai Weblog

Time for a brand new pot. Or is it a slab? How about “container”? That might work.

The tree is a winged elm, Ulmus alata, which, on your Latin lesson of the day, means “winged elm” (my favourite line when giving an indication on this species is: In English, it’s “win-ged”. Two syllables. In America they often say “winged”, one syllable. Within the south they name it a “Wanged Elm”, like, ” I’ll have ten hen wangs, as scorching as y’all make em’…I wanna really feel ’em happening, annnd I wanna really feel em’ once they comin’ out, sittin’ on the pot, iffn ya’ get my meanin’ ” )

Talking of pots, the present one it’s in isn’t a foul pot, actually. It’s a pleasant deep blue glaze,

If I’m appropriate, it’s a Tokoname manufacturing pot from Japan. Prime quality, from the final century. Very shallow. I feel a ficus will look good in it.

What’s wonderful to me is the way it simply doesn’t drain very quick, being as it may well solely maintain lower than a quart of soil in it. It’s paradoxical, however the extra shallow a container, the slower it drains. Have a look at the pic beneath, you may see the drainage gap display, it has so little soil…..granted, it’s winter and the tree is dormant, however, nonetheless. This tree hasn’t ever wilted.

Initially, The tree began as an air layer, and, simply to be opposite, it’s a “what number of ‘guidelines’ can I break and nonetheless make this factor seem like a tree” kinda tree.

It has a deadwood function, known as an “uro” , pronounce it like ooooo-rrroh, rolling the “r”. From the Google:

To make “r” sound, begin to say “l”, however make your tongue cease in need of the roof of your mouth, nearly within the English “d” place. It’s extra just like the Spanish “r”. The Japanese have bother to pronounce and inform the distinction between the English “r” and “l’ as a result of these sounds don’t exist in Japanese.

As a deciduous tree, it breaks the rule of the “first department, second department, again department” tango, as all of the branches are on the high third of the tree….

Aside from a scraggly one on the left backside, the primary department is usually the thickest department on the tree, however it’s thinner and wimpy in comparison with the branches greater up. I name it an incidental department. It is part of and accompanying the design however it’s not a significant a part of the tree, but.

And the tree has little taper.

I’m attempting to make it seem like a pure tree, within the technique of transformation, the place perhaps a windstorm broke the highest off and knocked it sideways. It survived and it’s nearly recovered, the highest is starting to fill again in, and that skinny department on the underside has sprouted, first, as a result of it’s now within the solar, and second, to assist steadiness the burden, one thing a tree does when it finds itself all of the sudden sideways (kinda like a drunk man strolling all arms akimbo, just like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, able to seize the wall or a reasonably woman in case he stumbles. Or within the case of the beautiful woman, even when he doesn’t stumble).

That’s a lotta again story, however the tree is starting to have the ability to inform it itself, by its personal language of branches and leaves.

I feel I can assist it out with a brand new pot. Set and body the scene so to say.

It’s all the time good process to organize the brand new pot earlier than we take a tree out of the outdated pot. Sooooo…….let’s begin with display.

1/8″ {hardware} material to be actual. 27 gauge. I feel it may need been a 3’x15′ roll. Galvanized, On the time I purchased it, it was low cost. Now, not a lot…’ll have to buy round for an affordable value. I purchased it when made my very own soil sifting trays, which I nonetheless use in the present day.

The {hardware} material is inflexible however bendable and formable, simple to chop to dimension, and lasts a very long time. A superb funding, perhaps a greater one than that nylon craft display from Interest Foyer.

And for many who want to deliver up “heavy metallic buildup in soil being dangerous for bushes” , we repot our bushes too typically for that to develop into an element, key phrase being “build-up”.

Drain gap cowl wire, utilizing the very best approach, after all. My approach is all the time the very best, ignore all others, solely use mine.

The pot was made by a good friend of my good friend, Rick (the Outdated Sensible One) named Rob Mitchell, who has since handed away. An ex-firefighter and an incredible potter. I do consider I’ve three pots from him now, and I bounce on the likelihood to purchase them after I see them.

I like that Rob’s pot has fashionable type tie down holes, which helps the repotting course of. The outdated pot solely has drain holes, no wire holes, which isn’t conducive to tying bushes into it.

Pot is prepared, now to the tree. I’ll be eradicating the outdated leaves, unwiring, and trimming it again. Getting it prepared for spring development.

Being dormant (although there’s nonetheless inexperienced within the leaf, as we don’t all the time get good autumn coloration) it’s simple to pluck off the leaves. However you gotta do it accurately.

First, utilizing your index finger and thumb, delicately (be sure you lengthen your pinky, classy-like and all), pluck towards the trunk…

Like so….

For those who don’t, you may simply take away the dormant bud on the within of the petiole and the department. Like this:

If you’d like a brand new department, it’s finest to not take away these buds when defoliating. Then once more, there are occasions once you don’t need them, after all, so be happy to tear them off as you see match, it’s not my job to let you know what to do (besides it is best to cowl your face when coughing and sneezing, wash your fingers after voiding the bowels and bladder, tip your server, and eat your dessert first…).

Now, within the rising season, in case you are defoliating, you may simply lower them off with scissors, because the bud is often extra firmly caught to the leaf, and pulling the leaf both method can take away the bud or pull the bark off down the department.

Now for some pruning:

Elms get a little bit of dieback, so that you’re all the time reducing off lifeless ends.

Now it’s time to un-pot:

I do know, it appeared like I did it already however I used to be exhibiting you the dearth of wire holes within the pot, within the pic, 9 areas above.

Wow, that’s a shallow root pad!

Which makes it simpler to repot. Extra like “sit the roots untouched upon a bunch of latest soil”

Tie it in securely..

Put some new soil on high.

I suppose I want to combine the soil a bit higher, seems like I hit a pocket of fir bark.

Yeah. Unhealthy kind! Unhealthy kind!

Just a little natural fertilizer.

Pre-emergent weed preventer.

Now we’re prepared for Spring to get sprung

Wait, obtained a cowlick sticking up.


And now….Bob’s yer uncle

I do know, historically, the tree has flaws, but when one is intentional in leaving them, so as to inform a narrative, then these flaws develop into a part of the bushes legend. And I consider it’s starting to inform its personal story. Hopefully it raises questions in you, my pricey readers. Questions on why we do issues, how we do them, what might work and what doesn’t.

That’s the entire level of the weblog, to ask “Why?”, and that’s all that issues now, doesn’t it. To cite Socrates:

“The unexamined life will not be value dwelling”



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