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Oribe Glazes – Valavanis Bonsai Weblog

The colour “Oribe” is a kind of Japanese ceramic glaze in blue and/or inexperienced. It first appeared in the course of the Keicho and Genna Eras (1596-1624). The title Oribe is derived from Furuta Oribe, a pupil of Sen no Rikyu, beneath whose steerage it was first produced. The colour was initially used for serving meals and ingesting tea objects.

Oribe glazed Koyo water basins, Koyo Assortment

Oribe glaze take a look at tiles from the Koyo Kiln

Glazed container from the personal Koyo Assortment

Small glazed containers from the Koyo showroom

Most ceramic bonsai container artists in Japan, have their very own distinctive variation of the Oribe glaze. Considered one of my favourite ceramic artists is Kouichirou Aiba who focuses on Oribe glazed bonsai containers. His grandfather established a kiln specializing in pots for vegetation and tableware and Aiba established his Koyo To-en Kiln in 1969 in Tokoname Japan. Kouichirou Aiba’s (1944-2021) son Kuniaki Aiba continues together with his father’s excellence beneath the title Koyo Juko. Kouso Aiba, Kouichiro’s spouse additionally makes smaller containers for bonsai and kusamono.

Identify card of Juko Koyo that includes oribe glaze

Mr. Kouichirou Aiba

Many Oribe glazed containers may be seen in my bonsai assortment, since I specialise in deciduous, forest and weird bonsai. Many alternative artists are represented in my bonsai assortment. I personally like how the brilliant blue/inexperienced colours distinction nicely with spring, autumn and summer season foliage. Some have requested me if I’m bored with Oribe containers. However I see one thing completely different in every containers as a result of every glaze is exclusive. Nonetheless, it’s typically troublesome to compose a bonsai show with lots of the similar colours. That is particularly troublesome when making a shohin bonsai composition. However I’ve a number of completely different coloration containers for a similar tree. I’ve 12 containers all of various colours for one Maple, some, nevertheless are unglazed for winter show.

Washington hawthorn, Koyo container

Deshojo Japanese maple, Koyo container

Koto Hime Japanese maple, Koyo container

Shishigashira Japanese maple, Koyo container

Shishigashira Japanese maple, Reiho container

Dwarf contort Bradford pear, Reiho container

Kiyo Hime Japanese maple, Reiho container

Full Moon maple, Reiho container

Full Moon maple, Suishouen Heikisui container

Yesterday, Diane and I have been furnishings procuring to fill our empty house which suffered one other home fireplace on September 24, 2022. Having lived in lodges since September, we’re anxious to return to a extra regular life. As we have been strolling round I seen a big portray which jogged my memory of the Oribe glaze created by the Koyo Kiln. The massive portray shall be hung behind a settee, every time we will transfer again house.

Portray for brand spanking new Valavanis house



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