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“Perhaps Not the Finest Bonsai, however I Love Them All” – Stone Lantern

We have got an actual deal with for you right now by Tobie Kleynhans of South Africa, who says that his bonsai might not be the very best on the earth, however he loves all of them. And so will we!

Fairly flashy, nevertheless it has character that can come via even after the colour fades. It is a Japanese wisteria (Wisteria floribunda) that belongs to Tobie Kleynhans of South Africa. 


Bougainvillea Peruviana. One among about 18 species of Bougainvillea, a local South American genus. 


Towering twin trunk Bastard olive. Tobie lists this as a False olive (Buddleja saligna). To cite Wikipedia, Buddleja saligna, the false, or bastard olive, is sort of endemic to South Africa the place it has a large distribution. 


This is one other good one. It is a Juniperus virginiana, certainly one of our North American junipers. We often name it Jap crimson cedar and Tobie calls it a Pencil cedar (widespread names will be complicated), however it doesn’t matter what you name it, it is nonetheless a juniper. 


I like this one. Despite the fact that it is also Juniper (J chinensis), it jogs my memory only a little bit of the towering* White pines (Pinus strobus), a dominant tree in a lot of the Northeastern U.S. and Jap Canada. 

*towering by East Coast requirements, not West Coast


Black monkey thorn (Acacia burkei). I just like the rugged bark and easy strains. I’m wondering what sort of rock these are across the base. 


Consider it or not, this one is unrelated to the one simply above. It is one other Bastard, aka False olive (Buddleja saligna). 


This is a candy little Boug. 


A Trident maple with its coat of many colours. 


With out making too massive a fuss, this Blaauw juniper (Juniperus chinensis blaauw) raft is pure, uncontrived and close to excellent in scale. Good pot too. 



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