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Petunia’s Floral Symbolism: A Story of Emotion and Which means

Petunias are a well-liked annual flower grown in pots and containers throughout the U.S. Based on the 2019 Horticultural Census, petunias rank primary in plant gross sales nationwide. However petunias haven’t all the time been esteemed for his or her magnificence. You might be shocked to be taught that petunias as soon as symbolized anger and resentment within the language of flowers. Though their recognition lately has modified their symbolism, it’s nonetheless price noting that some could proceed to discuss with their outdated that means. On this information, we’ll cowl all the pieces it is advisable to know concerning the Petunia flower’s that means, symbolism, and cultural significance over time.

Petunia Flower Meaning in the Language of Flowers

Petunia Flower Symbolism – Key Takeaways

Within the language of flowers, the symbolic that means of petunia flowers has developed from associations with anger and resentment to the extra trendy symbolism of want, hope, and tranquility. As with all flowers, the that means and symbolism additionally rely on the colour of the petunia flowers and the connection between the giver and the recipient.

Etymological Which means

It’s usually believed the title petunia was derived from the phrase petun, the time period for nugatory tobacco plant within the Tupi-Guarani language spoken in South America. 

Nevertheless, some sources report the Tupi-Guarani time period for the plant was pety. Nonetheless, others like Tom MacCubbin of the Orlando Sentinel declare {that a} French botanist named Petun collected the primary seeds from Argentina within the mid-1800s. The plant was given the title petunia in his honor.

Petunia Shade Which means and Symbolism

Pink Petunia Flower Which means

Pink Petunia Flower Meaning

Pink represents gentleness and femininity and is usually equated with motherly love. These petunias make a pleasant Mom’s Day reward.

Crimson Petunia Flower Which means

Red Petunia Flower Meaning

Crimson is the colour of ardour and love. It’s generally believed that purple petunias symbolize depth and power in relationships.

White Petunia Flower Which means

White Petunia Flower Meaning

White is the colour of innocence and purity, however white petunias may also categorical belief and dignity. They’re typically displayed at weddings and spiritual occasions.

Black Petunia Flower Which means

Black Petunia Flower Meaning

Black petunias may be interpreted as an indication of loss of life or emotions of gloom, however some say they symbolize power and uniqueness. The that means will depend on the connection between the giver and the recipient.

Yellow Petunia Flower Which means

Yellow Petunia Flower Meaning

Vivid and cheery yellow petunias symbolize respect and friendship — Reserve yellow petunias for shut mates.

Purple Petunia Flower Which means

Purple Petunia Flower Meaning

Wealthy shades of purple symbolize fantasy, enchantment, grace, and royalty. Purple petunias additionally categorical respect and admiration. Give purple petunias to mates and colleagues.

Blue Petunia Flower Which means

Blue Petunia Flower Meaning

Blue flowers symbolize belief and peaceable power and are greatest for these you belief and admire. Give blue petunias to household, mates, or colleagues.

Petunia Flowers and Folklore

The Mayans and Incas believed that petunias possessed the magical energy to push back spirits and monsters from the underworld. It’s mentioned that petunias won’t develop in an space with detrimental power however will thrive in optimistic power.

Petunia Flowers and the Early Spanish Explorers

The primary petunias have been found in Argentina by Spanish explorers within the sixteenth century. These white flowers have been much less showy than the dramatic petunias we have now at present. It’s reported that the Tupi-Guarani Indians referred to them as petun, that means nugatory tobacco vegetation. The explorers we so unimpressed with the plant that they didn’t trouble to assemble seeds from them.

Petunia Flower Which means in Victorian Occasions

The contradictory symbolism related to these flowers may be traced again to Victorian occasions when petunia’s affiliation with anger and resentment have been linked to the sudden and excessive outbursts by Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria

Satirically, throughout Victorian Occasions, petunias have been additionally typically displayed at weddings to represent appropriate firm.

Petunias in Shamanism

The petunia is utilized in shaman rituals in South America to carry perception. Petunias are thought to boost creativity and inspiration, make desires come true, and encourage surprise and hope.

Appropriate Gifting Events for Petunia Flowers

As we speak, the that means and symbolism of petunia flowers make them appropriate presents for housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries, Mom’s Day, and different celebrations.

Petunia Flowers FAQs:

What does a Petunia flower symbolize?

Petunias can symbolize anger and resentment, particularly if given to somebody you might have not too long ago disagreed with. Nevertheless, a extra trendy symbolism of petunia portrays petunias as a flower of want, hope, and luxury or calmness.

Are Petunia flowers thought of fortunate?

Whereas petunias don’t particularly symbolize luck, Mayan and Incan beliefs suppose petunias chase away evil spirits and solely develop in areas with optimistic power. They’re additionally thought to precise want, hope, and luxury, which can carry the recipient good luck.

Is a Petunia a flower of affection?

Petunias can symbolize want and the sensation of consolation across the recipient.

Do Petunia flowers come again yearly?

Petunias are tender perennials grown as annuals within the U.S. The flowers and vegetation die when it will get chilly within the fall. The plant doesn’t regrow within the subsequent yr; nevertheless, when grown within the flowerbed, petunias typically self-seed, and new petunia vegetation emerge the next yr.

How lengthy do Petunia flowers final?

Every petunia flower opens within the morning. By dusk, the flower closes and begins to whither. The outdated flower drops from the vine inside a day or two, however as a result of the petunia blooms so profusely, new flowers are all the time in bloom.

Do Petunia flower greater than as soon as?

Petunias bloom prolifically all summer season. In the event that they endure from a scarcity of water and start to dry up, pruning the vegetation and giving them the water they want will usually revive them. It could take a number of weeks for the petunia plant to be in full bloom once more.

Petunia Flower Which means – The Last Phrase

For years, petunias symbolized anger and resentment, however that has modified as these lovely flowers have earned a house in flowerbeds and containers throughout the USA extra fashionable that means for petunia flowers is extra uplifting as they symbolize want, hope, and tranquility. Petunias are an excellent reward for housewarmings, Mom’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has skilled professionally at main floristry faculties in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a world editorial workforce, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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