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Philodendron Lickety Cut up Caring and Propagation Ideas 2022

Philodendron Lickety Cut up, also referred to as lacy tree philodendron, is a extremely popular plant typically seen at houses due to its lengthy enticing inexperienced leaves with deep splits. Its straightforward propagation and low caring calls for have made it one of many plant lover’s favourite. It offers a tropical really feel to its homeowners because the lengthy darkish inexperienced foliage fills not solely a spot at your private home but in addition your coronary heart.

Lickety Cut up is a hybrid type of philodendron which has distinctive traits. It’s an upright plant that calls for some house to develop freely into its well-established type. In contrast to different philodendrons, it doesn’t path even with an upright behavior, making it one one of the best.

Philodendron Lickety Split
Philodendron Lickety Cut up through Reddit

Traits of Philodendron Lickety Cut up


Lickety Cut up philodendrons have one probably the most enticing foliage that takes its homeowners to the tropical islands. Its darkish inexperienced foliage with deep cuts and lengthy leaves utterly adjustments the general outlook of its environment. Its well-established type has break up leaves, intensifying their magnificence in their very own distinctive approach.

Peak and Width

A mature plant can develop from 24 to 36 inches tall and 24 inches large. They’ve an upright development that doesn’t climb or take up house like trailing crops. As an alternative, it grows in clumps, establishing itself to refill the house fairly properly at any nook of your room.

Pest Resistance

Philodendrons are immune to pests. Nevertheless, they don’t seem to be utterly proof against them. The proprietor doesn’t want to fret lots about their plant getting contaminated, however he must ensure that a correct checkup for pest and illness detection is finished every day.

Aphids and Mealybugs are the most typical pests which might be more likely to assault your Lickety Cut up. You should use an insecticidal spray to guard your plant in case of excessive pest detection.


These crops include calcium oxalate crystals, which may be poisonous to people and animals if consumed. Their consumption could cause swelling of the lips, tongue, and throat, which may be life-threatening. It’s suggested that these crops have to be stored at a distance from animals and youngsters to keep away from any damaging penalties.

Hybrid Plant

Hybrid crops are those which might be created from the cross-pollination of two completely different plant varieties. The wonder that Lickety Cut up possesses is the results of hybrid plant improvement carried out in 2015, pollinating two completely different plant species.


Pruning is required to make sure that the plant grows into a correct form. Its dimension and unfold have to be managed by eradicating the useless crops which will depart it prone to numerous illnesses.

Philodendron Lickety Cut up Caring Ideas

Philodendrons require a couple of caretaking tricks to be adopted to determine ideally. Following are the circumstances which might be required by Lickety Cut up for his or her correct development.


It ought to solely be watered when the 2 inches from the highest of the soil appear to be dry. One other indication of the plant being thirsty is when browning or falling of the foliage is seen. Extreme watering could cause the plant to die, so ensure that it’s watered solely when required.

Lively development is seen in the summertime, so the water necessities are comparatively larger than within the winter when it’s inactive.


These crops want a excessive humidity degree above 50%, however they do fairly effectively within the regular dwelling humidity degree. Misting is an efficient choice for those who stay in an space the place the environment is extraordinarily dry, however ensure that the leaves usually are not watered lots as they’re prone to fungal issues.


A 60 to 75 levels Fahrenheit temperature is good for the plant to develop correctly. They will develop effectively at excessive temperatures however decelerate because the temperature drops. Their USDA hardiness zone is Sep 11, the place the bottom temperatures are between 25 to 40 levels Fahrenheit. Freezing chilly climate would kill the plant, so it is suggested that it’s stored at a spot that’s heat and dry.


Overwatering a philodendron is harmful for the plant, so well-draining soil is a key issue to maintain the plant wholesome and lively. Be sure so as to add sand to your common soil to enhance drainage. Nevertheless, if you’re shopping for it from the market, succulent and cactus potting combine is a perfect soil alternative on your Lickety Cut up. These are generally accessible available in the market and fulfill all the necessities of your plant out of the field.


Lickety Cut up may be positioned wherever inside your private home the place it will get oblique daylight. Vivid to medium daylight is preferable, however ensure that it isn’t uncovered to direct daylight as it could actually burn the leaves. It does fairly effectively in low mild too, however the development course of slows down with the reducing mild.


It is strongly recommended to make use of fertilizers in the summertime season when the plant is actively rising. Feed it each month with a balanced houseplant fertilizer to spice up its development. As quickly because the winter arrives, cut back feeding to as soon as each two to 3 months because the plant turns into inactive in freezing climate.

Propagation of Philodendron Lickety Cut up

Any idea on how to propagate a philodendron Lickety Split Philodendron Lickety Split
Any thought on the way to propagate a philodendron Lickety Cut up? through Reddit

Propagation may be carried out by the stem tip reducing methodology. Following are the steps to correctly propagate the plant.

  • Select a stem with a couple of leaves.
  • Lower about 4 to 7 inches of stem.
  • Take away the leaves from the underside of the stem, leaving a few them intact.
  • Take a potting combine and water it to make it moist.
  • Plant the stem into the soil.
  • Preserve it at a spot the place oblique mild reaches it.
  • It can take a few month for the roots to develop.


Philodendron Lickety Cut up supplies a straightforward answer to those who wish to have a tropical really feel at their dwelling. Its magnificence will increase with its development when the lengthy darkish inexperienced leaves begin to present their true allure. It is likely one of the most tasty crops broadly chosen for inside adorning due to its popping colours and distinctive really feel.



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