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Philodendron Mexicanum – 6 Caring Suggestions & 2 Propagating Strategies

Philodendron mexicanum is the evergreen and tropical climbing plant, which is from the household of Araceae. It originated from the Mexico rainforests, however it may be present in different areas of Central America, like Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Guatemala. Philodendron mexicanum stands to be distinctive species due to its showy and slender foliage. Its leaves are darkish inexperienced, with a shiny shine and leathery really feel. Likewise, it has well-defined lobes that give the plant the canine’ ears look. In mature specimens, philodendron mexicanum can develop shortly to a size of 60 cm. The bottom of this plant’s leaves is wealthy in maroon or darkish crimson shade, which provides attraction to the plant.

Philodendron Mexicanum
Philodendron Mexicanum – through Reddit

Care ideas for Philodendron Mexicanum

1.       Temperature

Philodendron mexicanum doesn’t tolerate low temperatures or chilly in any respect. It’s a houseplant. Its homeland is a moist, heat space, so you’ll be able to perceive that the plant is just not tailored to the chilly. Having been just a little within the chilly, the plant can get sick, and if the chilly persists, it would wither and die. The optimum temperature for it’s from 18 to 24 levels Celsius. It’s inconceivable to decrease the temperature under 13 levels as a result of that is sure demise for the plant. Nonetheless, it additionally doesn’t want an excessive amount of warmth as a result of if the air temperature rises above 30 levels in summer time, spray the plant extra typically. 

2.       Air humidity

Philodendron mexicanum loves first rate humidity. It grows such big and highly effective leaves in jungle circumstances. However it’s inconceivable to offer jungle circumstances at dwelling. Subsequently, it may be grown indoors. In dry and scorching climate, spray philodendron mexicanum considerably typically, and it’ll have vivid and wholesome ornamental foliage. 

3.       Watering

Below pure circumstances, the roots of the philodendron mexicanum are at all times in moist soil as a result of, throughout the wet season, the soil has time to build up sufficient moisture. Dwelling care includes common watering of philodendron mexicanum, though it would endure just a little dryness once in a while. However every such drought will however have an effect on the scale and variety of its new leaves. They may develop into smaller and never as lovely, which can result in a lack of decorativeness.

4.       Illumination

Philodendron mexicanum is a lover of vivid gentle. In nature, it begins its life within the decrease tier of the jungle, and all its lives attempt upward in the direction of the solar. This plant could be reconciled in indoor circumstances with inadequate lighting, however the foliage is not going to be as vivid as in nature. A vivid however subtle shade is perfect; aggressive direct rays are undesirable. If positioned in vital or full shade, philodendron mexicanum will proceed to develop, however it is going to be stunted, and its leaves will stay underdeveloped and small.

Philodendron Mexicanum 2
Blooming Philodendron Mexicanum – through Reddit

5.       Prime dressing

Fertilizers are waste merchandise of animals and bugs, withered foliage, and rainwater within the wild. However at dwelling, philodendron mexicanum wants prime dressing. It’s launched throughout the rising season when the plant wants vitamins to develop higher and quicker. It’s endorsed to fertilize repeatedly from early spring to early October. The philodendron mexicanum could be fed in the remainder of the yr, however much less typically (about as soon as each 30 days). 

For this function, strange mineral compositions are appropriate and a store-bought prime dressing for ornamental and deciduous crops. If you wish to pace up the expansion of a species, feed it with nitrogen dietary supplements. And, should you want philodendron mexicanum, quite the opposite, to be small, exclude nitrogen fully. You shouldn’t overdo it with fertilizers, as this may provoke yellowing of the foliage.

6.       Transplanting

It might be greatest to begin transplanting when the outdated pot turns into too cramped for the philodendron mexicanum. So, younger specimens, as a rule, are transplanted annually, and outdated ones – about one time in 3 years. Every new container must be bigger (however not a lot) than the earlier one. In slender containers, the philodendron will wilt. The plant is transplanted by transshipment, concurrently changing the highest layer of the substrate with a recent one. This plant loves wealthy, gentle, unfastened, and oxygen-permeable soil. 

Orchid soil combined with moss, lowland peat, crushed bark, and charcoal is appropriate for younger philodendrons. You can even put together the next soil combination your self: Soddy soil, peat, humus, and river sand in a ratio of two: 1: 1: 1/2. And for grownup vines, a barely completely different sort of soil is required, with coniferous, leafy soil, river sand, and peat.

Copy of Philodendron Mexicanum

a)      Propagation by cuttings

It’s customary to trim the apical cuttings repeatedly for the reason that progress of the philodendron mexicanum stem may be very speedy. Every reduce shoot ought to have at the least a few internodes, so rooting will probably be extra profitable. For cuttings, it’s good to put together a soil combination with river sand and peat. It’s customary to plant cuttings at an angle of 40 °, however in some circumstances, they’re positioned on the floor of the substrate. Then the containers with seedlings are coated with a movie or glass lid and despatched to a room with a temperature of 25 levels. As a rule, rooting takes from every week to a month.

b)      Propagation by layering

The stems, which shortly develop into woody, are often propagated by layering. To do that, it’s good to make an incision on the bark of the lateral shoot and put sphagnum on the wounded space, securely fixing it in place. The stems should stay consistently moist. After a few weeks, roots will sprout in that place. Then the horizontal course of is reduce off and positioned in a person container.

Illnesses and pests

Philodendron mexicanum is affected by spider mites, scale bugs, and mealybugs. You’ll be able to do away with the invasion of parasites with a soapy resolution by wiping the leaves with a humid sponge or cotton pad. If the leaves start to fall off, then the air within the room is just too dry, begin spraying the plant. The pale shade of the leaves signifies an extra of sunshine. Brown spots on the leaves can seem from sunburn. Noticing the indicators of the illness in time and taking motion, you’ll be able to shortly restore the well being of a inexperienced philodendron mexicanum.


Philodendron mexicanum is an unique uncommon plant species, an extremely fashionable and lovable climber that provides spectacular magnificence to the house gardens. It may be grown shortly and doesn’t require particular effort. You should utilize the information talked about above to get a healthy-looking plant in your backyard.



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