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Philodendron Spiritus Sancti (6 Essential Caring Ideas)

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti has many names like philodendron, septentrionaliserythroxyloides, philoxeran, natural philodoron, philocactus, and holy weed. This plant grows to a peak of 12 to 18 ft with brilliant inexperienced leaves marked by the pink veins that run vertically down from each. Philodendron spiritus Sancti has giant and heart-shaped leaves, which develop to about 6 inches in diameter. This plant could be grown within the indoor terrarium, on the balconies, indoors, or patios because the houseplant. It should do effectively no matter its setting and is a well known indoor-outdoor plant.

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti
Philodendron Spiritus Sancti – by way of Reddit

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti Care Ideas At Dwelling

1.       Temperature

Philodendron spiritus Sancti belongs to heat-loving crops. It adapts completely to the summer season warmth if the room maintains optimum humidity. The plant doesn’t require particular temperature circumstances. It should really feel most comfy at a temperature of 19 to 24 °C. Temperatures above 24.3ºC in summer season are undesirable. In order that the philodendron spiritus Sancti doesn’t overheat, its leaves are sprayed and washed with settled water. In winter, the room temperature shouldn’t fall under 18.9 °C. The plant don’t face up to drafts, due to this fact it’s good to not take it out into the road.

2.       Lighting

For the philodendron spiritus Sancti to be lush and exquisite, you must select the precise place for it. Virtually all species love the scattered rays of the solar. Direct daylight on the plant must be prevented. This may stress the plant and will end in different issues on the best way.

3.       Watering

Philodendrons spiritus Sancti must be watered frequently, particularly in spring and summer season. The plant is watered as the highest layer of the soil dries up. The watering frequency relies on the air temperature within the room the place the plant is positioned. Extra water within the pot must be eliminated. It’s poured out an hour after watering. In winter, watering the plant must be executed very fastidiously. At low temperatures within the room, watering is lowered. 

Because of extreme watering, the philodendron spiritus Sancti will get sick, and its leaves will flip yellow. It’s also unattainable to over dry an earthen lump. Because of drought, the philodendron spiritus Sancti will lose its attractiveness and shed its leaves. Water the plant with mushy water (rain, boiled, settled). It shouldn’t include lime impurities, so effectively’s water shouldn’t be appropriate for this goal. In any other case, stains will stay on the leaves of the plant.

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti 2
Philodendron Spiritus Sancti by way of Reddit

4.       Air humidity

Below pure circumstances, the philodendron spiritus Sancti grows within the tropics, so it wants excessive humidity. The plant should be sprayed frequently, notably within the scorching season. If dry air is within the room, the leaves of the plant will likely be small. Younger specimens will love the bathe. You may dampen a stick utilizing a coconut fibers with the intention of accelerating the humidity that helps philodendron spiritus Sancti. 

Wipe the leaves of the plant utilizing a humid fabric. Spray it utilizing mushy and heat water. This hygienic process will enhance the philodendron spiritus Sancti look and will increase the humidity. It’s higher to refuse leaf polishes, for they could include dangerous substances.

5.       High dressing

Of their pure habitat, philodendron spiritus Sancti prefers animal excrement, insect waste merchandise, rotted tree leaves, and rainwater. Sadly, in-room circumstances, this can’t be supplied to it. Throughout intensive development, the philodendron spiritus Sancti is not going to refuse prime dressing. Fertilizers provide it a set of vitamins. They’re introduced in from March to September. 

You may also feed the crops in different months, however much less usually. As soon as a month will likely be sufficient if the plant is in a heat room. For prime dressing, you should utilize advanced mineral fertilizers. Fertilizers for ornamental deciduous crops are additionally appropriate. For the philodendron spiritus Sancti to stretch in peak, fertilizers with excessive nitrogen content material are used. 

6.       Transplanting

The philodendron spiritus Sancti is transplanted in the identical approach as different crops. Younger specimens must be transplanted yearly, adults – as wanted, roughly each 2-3 years. An in depth pot serves as a sign for transplantation. Every time it must be somewhat extra spacious than the earlier one. A cramped pot will make the philodendron spiritus Sancti wither. Fairly mature crops could be rolled over and changed with topsoil. 

A tropical plant prefers nutritious, mild, porous, barely acidic, and breathable soil. To develop philodendrons, you should utilize an earthy orchid substrate, together with charcoal, sphagnum moss, peat, and bark. It wants a appropriate soil combination consisting of two components of sod land, peatland and humus, and half of the sand. Older crops are grown in numerous soil.

Propagation Strategies

Slicing propagation

The philodendron spiritus Sancti is especially propagated by cuttings. The most effective time is spring and summer season. You need to use stem, and apical cuttings go away with a heel. Desire is given to stems with aerial roots. After slicing, the sections on the plant and cuttings are instantly sprinkled with coal powder or ash.

Mild soils are used for rooting.  composition is a mix of backyard soil with sand and vermiculite. Moisten the soil earlier than planting the cuttings. Use a shelter – plastic wrap or a minimize plastic balloon for fast rooting. The shelter is periodically eliminated, the condensate is eliminated. After rooting, they’re transplanted into extra nutritious soil.

Ailments and pests

  • Bacterial spots are small watery spots that seem on the leaf blade. Happens at excessive humidity and temperature.
    Stem and root rot – A white fluffy mycelium kinds on the affected space.
  • Younger leaves develop deformed, a chlorotic sample might type on them- In case of ailments, the plant is really helpful to chop off the broken areas handled with particular preparations in accordance with the directions. In some instances, together with extreme injury to the bush, the one answer is to destroy the plant.
  • Scale bugs – Brown tubercles type on the leaves and stems. To take away them, they’re washed off with a sponge dipped in soapy water or handled with an insecticide;
  • Spider mite – A skinny net could be seen on the plant. You may deal with the flowerpot with a soapy answer or an insecticide answer;
  • Aphids – On a philodendron spiritus Sancti, you’ll be able to see inexperienced, grey, or black bugs. Deal with the plant with a cleaning soap answer or insecticide answer;
  • Thrips – Small black bugs are seen on the flowerpot, the place a sticky coating seems. Deal with with soapy water or insecticide answer.


Philodendron spiritus Sancti is valued by flower growers for its unpretentiousness and its ornamental properties. It doesn’t trigger a lot bother, and the looks of the flowerpot is uplifting. Develop this plant, and it’ll deliver mild, magnificence, and luxury to your residence.



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