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Picture of the Week 11 Sept 2022 

We have actually had Love Lamb Week, and also currently we are having our very own casual Love Dairy products week below at FW.

Dairy products cow Helga is our Picture of the Week.

The image was sent to our Country Digital photography competitors a while back and also it made us smile.

Pet Disobedience’s anti-milk objections have actually remained in the limelight today, so we assume a great deal of love results from our market’s diligent milk farmers.

While protestors were out boring milk vessel tires and also tossing paint at your houses of Parliament, our milk farmers continued creating the milk that feeds the country.

High-five milk manufacturers of the UK! As well as joys to the 96% of British grownups that pick to consume cows’ milk each week.

Protestors at Westminster

© Pet Disobedience

Flat tyres on milk tanker

© Pet Disobedience

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