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Pink Flowers: Their That means, Symbolism, and Cultural Significance Worldwide

Pink, typically linked with blushes, weddings, and summer time wine, is deeply rooted in floral symbolism. From wild roses to vibrant peonies, pink represents a variety of feelings, from friendship and gratitude to romantic love. Be part of me as I uncover the wealthy historical past and international cultural significance of pink flower meanings and symbolism.

Ultimate Guide to Pink Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The That means & Symbolism of Pink Flowers

Pink flowers have lengthy carried the symbolic which means of affection and love, in contrast to crimson, which suggests purely romantic ardor. Pink ranges from friendship to marital attachment to gratitude. The colour pink was initially a nongendered hue. Right this moment, it really works equally properly for sending flowers to males, girls, and anybody else.

The Shade Pink

The Color Pink

Within the colour spectrum, pink wasn’t formally categorised as a colour title till the 1700s. It was initially assigned to a species of flowering vegetation identified scientifically as Dianthus plumarius. Via artwork, tradition, science, and literature, the importance and cultural identification of the colour pink has continued to evolve over the previous 300 years. 

Pink Takes Middle Stage for the First Time

In contrast to crimson and purple, colours with extraordinarily lengthy symbolic histories, pink wasn’t actually “a factor” till the Rococo Interval. Within the late seventeenth century, artists began utilizing brighter colours, and pink got here into style.

That is very true due to the efforts of Madame de Pompadour. Her famend love of pink in clothes and dishes made it standard throughout France and Europe. Nonetheless, it was predominantly a colour of luxurious presently, not femininity.

Pink’s Masculine Origins within the 1800s

As Artwork & Object describes, pink didn’t earn its female associations till the mid-Nineteenth century. Earlier than that, it was a genderless colour (like yellow in the present day), and even masculine.

Masculine, you say? The truth is, sure. Crimson has traditionally performed a masculine function in colour language. That is most likely owing to associations with warfare and celestial objects equivalent to Mars. Pink, as a lighter shade of crimson, received lumped into the identical class.

Consider it or not, pink was typically advisable to boys in division retailer catalogs as much as mid-century. As blue was an emblem of virginity and femininity on the time, they actually couldn’t suggest that to boys. 

Pink and LGBTQIA+

The colour pink is a distinguished cultural image in LGBTQIA+ communities world wide in the present day. This stems from the atrocities of Nazi focus camps, the place a pink triangle was used to designate the sexual preferences of prisoners being held. 

When this truth got here to gentle many years after World Struggle II, homosexual activists seized on it. They reworked the colour from one in every of disgrace to one in every of delight. Right this moment, it’s sported in homage to LGBTQIA+ folks of in the present day in addition to these Europeans who had been so cruelly handled again then.

Pink in Japanese Tradition

Japanese tradition is a special story, nonetheless. In India, pink is a well-known males’s colour. It’s generally used for marriage ceremony outfits, and the ritual marriage ceremony turban known as a safa.

In Japan, pink is a masculine colour. It’s related to slain samurai. Curiously, and fairly the other, different sources quote pink flowers as which means good well being in Japan.

In China, pink flowers imply luck, and in Thailand, they imply belief.

About Pink Flowers

About Pink Flowers

So, what about pink flowers particularly? This wide-sweeping subset of the floral kingdom has a lot to say with regards to love.

It additionally has some ways to say it. There are a whole bunch of 1000’s of flowering vegetation. The truth is, angiosperms (the technical title for flowering vegetation) make up virtually 95 p.c of the plant kingdom!

In complete, that’s about 390,900 vegetation. Of those, roughly 369,400 create flowers. And of these, it’s very exhausting to say what share of vegetation have pink flowers.

For one factor, colour is commonly a matter of opinion. We don’t all see or understand colours in the identical means. For one more, it’s difficult to catalog all flowering vegetation in a single place, particularly as 1000’s of recent ones are found yearly.

What we are able to say with authority is that there exist tens of 1000’s of pink flower species. Bloom colour is dictated by DNA, which is in flip dictated by pure choice. When the flowers carried out properly over evolutionary time, these traits had been saved.

Most definitely, pink is an evolutionarily profitable colour as a result of it attracts pollinators. Plus, people like to take a look at pink, so we domesticate it.

Curiously, pink not often seems in nature. There are comparatively small numbers of pink animals, vegetation, and minerals. The exception is flowers, of which there are a lot of examples.

The Cultural Significance of Pink Flowers to the Ancients

The Cultural Significance of Pink Flowers to the Ancients

The ancients actually knew of the colour pink. The Greek Homer makes use of the phrase “rosy-fingered daybreak” virtually two dozen instances in The Odyssey, as an example. Roman authors equivalent to Lucretius additionally relied on it, equivalent to within the latter’s poem On the Nature of Issues. There’s a phrase for pink in most historical languages.

It’s mentioned that Mary shed a single tear as she watched Jesus carry his cross up the hill to his demise. The place the tear landed, a single pink rose bloomed.

The fable of Rhodanthe tells of a goddess reworked right into a pink rose. There are completely different variations of the parable, during which:

  • She rejects Apollo’s advances, and so he turns her right into a flower
  • She takes refuge from undesirable suitors in Diana’s temple, who flip her right into a flower out of jealousy over her magnificence
  • Apollo turns her right into a flower to guard Diana’s emotions about her lesser attractiveness

In any case, from this, we are able to collect that even goddesses are topic to the whim of the famously vengeful Greek and Roman pantheon!

Pink Flowers in Victorian Occasions

The Victorians invented floriography or the language of flowers. This enabled flower colours and kinds to specific emotions higher left unsaid or unwritten.

On this language, every flower takes on a which means of its personal. Shade is similar means. Pink was used to specific advantage, innocence, playfulness, devotion, and love. Relying on the flower chosen, the sentiment turned much more nuanced. For instance:

  • Pink roses and candy peas meant gratitude
  • Pink peonies imply prosperity
  • Pink carnations imply loyalty and devotion

What Do Pink Flowers Imply Spiritually?

What Do Pink Flowers Mean Spiritually

Pink carries sturdy associations in some non secular perception programs. As an example, it represents:

  • The center chakra in a number of Buddhist traditions
  • The colour of pleasure in Catholicism, which is used to mark the midway factors of each Introduction and Lent
  • A robust ingredient in pagan and Wiccan love spells

Pink Flowers in Artwork and Literature

Within the well-known e book Little Girls, beloved all through the world, Amy March makes use of pink and blue ribbons to distinguish her older sister Meg’s twins from each other. Extra typically, in literature, pink is used to represent purity. The Nathaniel Hawthorne quick story, Younger Goodman Brown, makes use of a pink headband to invoke the innocence of one in every of its characters.

In some languages, romance novels are known as “pink novels.”

The That means & Symbolism of Pink Flowers Right this moment

The Meaning & Symbolism of Pink Flowers Today

Whereas pink flowers historically communicate of affection, they don’t signify the burning romantic love of crimson blooms. As a substitute, they symbolize a a lot wider spectrum of tender emotions. In line with some sources, they run the entire gamut of affection sorts. Meaning:

  • Friendship
  • Extra mature romantic love
  • Relationships between relations

Pink also can imply playfulness, spontaneity, and thoughtfulness. Although these should not love itself, they typically stem from relationships during which love is current.

Different conventional meanings of pink embrace innocence and sensitivity. Maybe that is as a result of affiliation with youth and blushes, maybe simply because pink is straightforward on the eyes.

The Most Appropriate Gifting Events & Makes use of of Pink Flowers

The Most Suitable Gifting Occasions & Uses of Pink Flowers

Pink flowers are appropriate for any variety of events. These embrace:

  • Mom’s Day
  • Child showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Engagement events
  • Anniversaries
  • Dances
  • Housewarming presents
  • Thanks and appreciation presents
  • Apologies
  • Condolences
  • Congratulations

You may convey these by a floral bouquet or a potted flowering plant. Nonetheless, it’s vital to notice that potted vegetation are sometimes much less formal and fewer romantic. In the event you’re attempting to ship an enormous message, at all times go for the association.

10 of the Most Popular Types of Pink Flowers

Though there exist so many 1000’s of pink flowers, a number of rise to the highest. These embrace:


Of all flowers, the rose is among the most symbolic in existence. Many flowers have meanings, and lots of colours have meanings, however it’s a uncommon flower that has which means on each ranges. Roses are related to romance and pink with a raft of meanings. However pink roses particularly imply gratitude, grace, pleasure, and admiration.


Full, bursting peony blossoms are the normal flower for the twelfth marriage ceremony anniversary. They symbolize luck, prosperity, honor, and blissful marriage. Pink, the colour of affection, solely deepens the which means of long-held romantic attachment.


Within the Victorian language of flowers, ranunculus was the right technique to announce a crush. Their reward conveyed to the recipient that the giver was wholly taken in. Very similar to peonies in look, ranunculus has a flatter, extra elliptical bloom.


Cosmos unfold freely wherever they’re sown, with cheerful, delicate flowers that nod within the breeze. Pink cosmos are particularly standard. Because of its balanced form, the cosmo represents concord, wholeness, peace, and order.


Hibiscus is known for its function in tea and Hawaiian imagery. The massive, bell-shaped, lobe-petaled flower is hottest in crimson or darkish pink. Maybe owing to its hanging bloom, hibiscus can imply glory, wealth, fame, and energy, in addition to easy admiration.


The massive, ball-shaped allium flower is a universally cheerful image. Waving atop its two-foot stalk and stemming from inexperienced clumps of foliage, it may hail straight from a Dr. Seuss e book. The flower symbolizes persistence, humility, prosperity, and luck.


Camellias are one other flower with so many meanings that pink has its personal. The camellia flower, typically, symbolizes love and affection. Pink, nonetheless, signifies express emotions for somebody whom the giver misses. They make an equally good flower for going-away presents and for apologies.


A well-known flower of promenade corsages, the carnation has far more to supply. Its ruffled petals and lots of layers invoke frothy attire and particular events. Its colours invoke a variety of meanings, however pink is especially gratitude.


Chrysanthemums have a clumping flower formation and fluffy blooms masking the highest of the bush. Their cheerful colours are standard with pollinators. Pink chrysanthemums symbolize longevity on prime of the usual pink meanings of affection and love.


With their hemisphere form and wild bloom selection, dahlias are the queen of fall. In pink, they imply kindness, grace, service, and femininity. They work properly for quite a few gifting events all year long. 

Pink Flower Symbolism FAQs: 

What do pink flowers imply spiritually?

Pink flowers carry a wide range of symbolic meanings in spirituality worldwide, together with the center chakra in a number of Buddhist traditions. In Catholicism, pink represents the midway factors of each Introduction and Lent. Pink was additionally a robust ingredient in pagan and Wiccan love spells.

What do pink flowers imply in a relationship?

Pink flowers historically carry the symbolic which means of innocence and younger love in relationships and are sometimes shared in the course of the early courtship.

What feelings does pink evoke?

Pink is usually related in the present day with kindness, love, and femininity.

What number of pink flowers are there?

Pink flowers are produced by 1000s of species of flowering vegetation worldwide.

What do flower colours symbolize?

Flower colour symbolism originated in historical Egypt, Greece, and Rome and was formalized throughout Victorian instances who invented floriography or the language of flowers. On this language, every flower takes on a which means of its personal. Shade is similar means. Pink, as an example, was used to specific advantage, innocence, playfulness, devotion, and love. Relying on the flower chosen, the sentiment turned much more nuanced.

Pink Flower That means and You

If you wish to cheer up your house or another person’s, pink blooms are an incredible alternative. They’re preferrred for romantic and platonic love, they usually brighten up each area in each season. Bear in mind, the beauty of pink is that it really works for everybody! If it’s essential ship a present, irrespective of the explanation, assume pink.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has skilled professionally at main floristry colleges in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a worldwide editorial staff, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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