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Pink Jasmine: Did You Know?

Pink jasmine, Jasminum Polyanthum is an invasive weed in Australia however is a sought-after winter-blooming vine in a lot of the US.

pink jasmine flower

Picture: Pink Jasmine Flower – Wikimedia Commons

Most sorts of jasmine are extraordinarily aromatic and might both be deciduous or evergreen.

The emperors of China’s Sung Dynasty (960 to 1279 A.D.) discovered the perfume of jasmine immensely gratifying. Within the 1400s, the kings of Afghanistan, Nepal and Persia ordered jasmine planted round their residences. It’s believed the Moors launched jasmine to Spain through the 1600s. Different western European international locations like Italy and France rapidly embraced jasmine flowers. The one continents with out native species of jasmine are Antarctica and North America. Jasminum sambac is used to make jasmine tea. As early because the thirteenth century, the Chinese language have been scenting their inexperienced tea with jasmine. Chinese language herbalists proceed to make use of jasmine to deal with complications, insomnia and bone ache.


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