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Producing a Juniper bonsai rock growing

My close friend Wolfgang Egbert, a skilled bonsai musician from Germany, produced this little rock growing as well as kindly enabled me to republish his job as a mini-tutorial. (On facebook he on a regular basis publishes his job, if interested)

Products required to produce a tiny bonsai juniper rock growing

  • A young juniper (Right here: a 3 years of age itoigawa cutting)
  • A fascinating rock (Preferably with some gaps as well as taper)
  • Keto (An unique substratum, containing a mix of peat as well as loam)
  • Cable in various densities
  • Moss
  • Akadama

Preparing the rock

  • To start, prepare “bonsai filth”, a blend of as much as 40% Akadama (Or various other crude substratum) as well as keto. The filth ought to be soft adequate to quickly mold and mildew, yet not so damp that water trickles from it.
  • In the location where you wish to grow the juniper, stick the filth to the rock. Expand regarding you would certainly later on such as to cover the rock with moss.

Preparing the juniper

  • Initially, the juniper is trimmed, as well as internal vegetation is eliminated to produce a tiny open framework, where each second branch is distinct.
  • In order to have the ability to place branches as well as trunk suitable to the rock, the juniper is entirely wired with suitable toughness bonsai cord (Right here: Aluminium in 1 as well as 2mm).
  • In order to put the juniper on the rock, the origins are combed, eliminating a lot of the initial substratum. Excessively long as well as solid origins are eliminated, leaving mainly great origins as well as a small origin round.

Assembling a bonsai juniper rock growing



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