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Producing redwood bonsai: action 1

An usual primary step in producing redwood bonsai is to eliminate most (or all) of the branches.

Getting rid of the branches makes it feasible to establish brand-new branches with brief internodes, and also with brief internodes, we have a lot more versatility with exactly how thick the resulting tree can come to be.

For the tree to react well to first lessening, it requires to be healthy and balanced and also have enough origins. I normally allow redwoods expand openly for a year or more prior to lessening to ensure they’re solid sufficient to generate great deals of brand-new shoots.

The shohin-sized coastline redwood listed below was expanding well when I trimmed it throughout a discussion for the Bonsai Culture of San Francisco previously this month. Below’s the tree prior to and also after lessening.

Coast redwood

Prior to lessening

After cutback

After lessening

I left a couple of branches long to aid them enlarge promptly. Once they get to the wanted density, I’ll reduce them.

After wiring

After electrical wiring– 5 ″ high

The procedure coincides for bigger trees: maintain branches you intend to lower the remainder and also enlarge.

After pruning and wiring

Shore redwood

As Well As below’s the tree after trimming and also electrical wiring the very first 2 branches on the.

After trimming and also electrical wiring The following action will certainly be to squeeze the brand-new development at the wanted internode size. I’ll claim extra concerning that in a future blog post. In the meanwhile, I’ll state that an excellent resource for redwood pre-bonsai is Mendocino Shore Bonsai I’ll likewise keep in mind that the most effective instances of trees expanded by this technique were developed by

Peter Tea

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