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Rabbit’s Foot Fern: Care For Davallia Fejeensis

If you happen to’ve struggled rising ferns prior to now…

I’ve acquired a suggestion for you: Davallia fejeensis. You is likely to be considering, “That seems like an alien creature!” Its frequent names are way more recognizable: rabbit’s foot fern or rabbit fern.

This low-maintenance epiphytic fern is a superb alternative for these of you (like me) who’ve struggled to maintain ferns alive prior to now.

Good Merchandise for Rabbit’s Foot Ferns:

Fast Care

Davallia fejeensis makes an excellent indoor houseplant or outdoor, low-growing ground cover
Davallia fejeensis makes a superb indoor houseplant or outside, low-growing floor cowl. Supply: 917press
Widespread Title(s) Rabbit’s Foot Fern, Hare’s Foot Fern
Scientific Title Davallia fejeensis
Household Davalliaceae
Peak & Unfold 12 inches lengthy and 6 inches huge
Gentle Average to shiny mild
Water Maintain the soil moist from spring to fall; let the highest 1 inch soil dry between watering in winter
Soil Any good potting combination with good drainage
Pests & Ailments Mealy bugs and scales

All About Davallia fejeensis

Native to the Fiji Islands of Oceania, it’s an epiphytic fern, which suggests it grows simply on timber and rocks. It will get its vitamins from the rain, air, and particles that falls down from the forest cover. These rising situations make it an exquisite houseplant choice.

Generally generally known as rabbit’s foot fern, it will get this peculiar identify from the fuzzy brown-haired rhizomes that seem like a rabbit’s foot. Many individuals think about it to be a very good luck allure. The rhizomes of the plant are inclined to crawl on high of the rocks and barks as they take in moisture and vitamins from the soil, making the plant seem like it has large tarantula legs or is a few form of alien creature! The lacy-like fronds lengthen round 12″ lengthy and 6″ huge, and are hooked up to skinny stems, giving it the plant a typical fern-like look.

Rabbit's foot fern has a delicate, gorgeous structure when contrasted against the light
Rabbit’s foot fern has a fragile, attractive construction when contrasted in opposition to the sunshine. Supply: Sherri Barras

Gentle & Temperature

Rabbit fern requires reasonable to shiny mild to develop. You’ll be able to place it on an east-facing window with shiny, however oblique mild. If you happen to’re rising in a south-facing window, place it at the very least just a few toes away in order to not expose it to an excessive amount of mild.

Being a fern, direct mild can result in scorching of leaves, so be sure to select the plant location fastidiously. In the course of the day, the perfect temperature for rabbit foot fern is between 70-75°F (21-24°C) and a barely cooler temperature vary at nights. An vital factor to recollect is that rabbit fern is chill delicate. So ensure the temperature doesn’t fall beneath 55°F (13°C).

Water & Humidity

As an epiphyte, it’s used to rising in fairly a little bit of water, so maintain your soil moist all through the plant’s life. Ensure that to by no means let it dry out fully. You’ll be able to even give it a “plant bathe” by raining water from above, wetting the foliage, rhizomes, and soil on the similar time.

As fall and winter strategy, water a bit much less. Wait till the soil is dry to 1″ earlier than watering once more.


For ideally suited progress, use a soil combination that’s excessive in peat and chopped bark. Chances are you’ll need to take a typical potting combine and add a 50% combination of peat and bark to make a soil combine that’s excellent on your fern.


In the course of the rising season (starting of spring to finish of fall), fertilize a couple of times a month with a liquid houseplant fertilizer diluted to 50% power. If you happen to plant stops producing new fronds, cease fertilizing it. Watch out to not over-fertilize, because the delicate fronds can burn on the suggestions.


If you happen to’re going to repot, which isn’t needed too usually, do it at the start of spring to a pot that’s 1-2″ bigger. It normally wants repotting when the rhizomes and roots begin overgrowing the pot.


Propagation for rabbit’s foot fern is fairly easy:

  • Take your fern out of its pot.
  • Divide 2″ sections of a rhizome, ensuring to have at the very least 1 stem and entrance hooked up.
  • Safe in recent, moist potting combine and wait for brand spanking new progress to begin displaying up.

You can even propagate the plant by division by pulling the plant aside gently to search out its pure divisions. Use a knife to chop by way of the tangled roots every time needed.


There aren’t any specific pruning wants as a result of the plant isn’t invasive or aggressive. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to trim the fern should you discover it rising a bit misshapen.


Rising Issues

In case your fronds are yellowing with dry suggestions: Low humidity, excessive temperatures, or a scarcity of water are the probably culprits.

Gradual progress and lightweight inexperienced fronds: You have to fertilize with a 50% power liquid houseplant fertilizer. One other potential difficulty might be an improper quantity of daylight.

Fronds are drooping: You’re over-watering your fern, so dial your watering schedule again a bit.


Mealybugs and scales are frequent for rabbit fern. If you happen to see the infestation worsening, you’ll have to minimize off all the frond. Utilizing business pesticides just isn’t inspired for these ferns as they will harm the fronds. You’ll be able to take away the bugs utilizing cotton swabs dipped in alcohol, or learn our in-depth guides for these two annoying pests.


Q. Why is my rabbit fern yellowing?

A. You’re most likely under-fertilizing the plant, or exposing it to an excessive amount of or too little mild.

Q. Are Rabbit Foot ferns poisonous?

A. Cats like to mess together with your ferns because of the fuzzy rhizomes. Happily, it’s not poisonous, to allow them to play all they need!

Q. What pot measurement is greatest for rabbit’s foot fern

A. Shallow pots work nicely for rising this houseplant. Ensure that to alter the pot each few years!

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