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Revamping a Taiwan Juniper|Michael Hagedorn

A wonderful honor to service this Taiwan Juniper, possessed by a customer of Andrew Robson’s, below in the States. It’s not usual to see among this top quality traipse via Oregon.

Taiwan Juniper isn’t at its ideal in north continental environments. I see them toss out a great deal of adolescent development there. And also shed branches. They show up to do far better in warmer environments.

This tree was wired often times in the past. Recently we did upkeep remodel– reducing to profile and after that circuitry what continued to be. Just 2 bigger branches of concerning 10″ were removed the left side.


Taiwan Juniper prior to rework. These trees look like yamadori, they aren’t. They are expanded from reducing in the cozy moisture of an exotic environment. Huge trees are feasible in numerous years from a branch. When I showed at the huge Taiwan convention in 2017 I was stunned by their dimension as well as top quality. This is a moderate-sized one.


After cleansing the real-time capillary as well as thinning the vegetation.


Carmen in the last tweak phase. By the time we had actually navigated to servicing this tree the winter had actually embeded in, as well as the vegetation had actually transformed a little bit yellow.


Our last tree. Shari tidied up, with light lime sulfur used. Branches reduced on right as well as left– that was rather the wingspan in the past– as well as scrunching down the mopish cover. Since the timber of cutting-grown junipers is put down in bigger development rings than yamadori, the timber breaks down much faster, as well as the shari looks older than it is. Can be a great concept to clean on timber hardener.



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