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Rubber Plant / Rubber Fig

Up to now couple of years, the ever-present fiddle leaf fig, also called rubber plant, has been a prevalent plant species and has overshadowed virtually all of the competitors, particularly in the case of well-known in-house tree-like vegetation. Nevertheless, now we consider that we should always all give this plant the limelight it deserves. With its deep, massive, and inexperienced leaves, this plant does make an ideal decide to be part of your property décor for the years to observe. 

Rubber plant
Rubber Plant

Formally often known as ficus elastica, rubber tree could be grown both as a mid-sized home plant or grown large to be the middle of attraction of your home. In fact, the one factor that the rubber plant requires from you is a number of persistence. Rubber Crops will adapt higher to indoor residing than the mature plant. If you’re cautious, a rubber plant can develop to spectacular heights in only a few years, particularly should you place the plant outdoors throughout the summer season months. Alternatively, should you place your rubber plant in a small pot, it can curtail its progress. So, if you wish to preserve them smaller, small pots could be your decide. 

Purchase Rubber Plant Bonsai Tree

You’ll be able to select to get a youthful plant or an aged rubber plant bonsai tree. The selection is all the time yours. Should you intend to maintain it as residence decor piece in the lounge, it is best to go together with the nicely developed bonsai tree.

Watch this stunning video concerning the Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant Care Instruction Video

How to maintain Rubber Plant?

In relation to caring on your rubber plant, it’s essential give it the proper stability of sunshine and water. The great factor is you may management the quantity of water and the sunshine that your plant will get. That is vital as an excessive amount of of both of the 2 will likely be dangerous on your plant. Along with gentle and water, you additionally should be cautious about different parameters of care. Allow us to tackle them one after the other. 

Do rubber vegetation want direct daylight?

A home rubber plant does want gentle. Nevertheless, it prefers oblique gentle, which is neither highly regarded nor very vibrant. Usually, individuals like retaining the rubber plant close to a window. A window with sheer curtains is a good place. This ensures that the plant will get satisfactory gentle, however not a lot. 

Watering and fertilizing the rubber plant

The water wants of a rubber plant are season dependent. Within the rising season, that’s, throughout the summer season months, the plant should be stored very nicely moist. So, throughout the summer season months, you may wipe your leaves with a moist fabric or mist your vegetation. Alternatively, you’ll have to water the plant within the dormant season solely as soon as or perhaps twice a month. Maintain a verify in your plant for the droopy leaves. If the leaves seem droopy, it implies that your plant wants extra water.

My Rubber Plant Leaves are turning brown & yellow?

Alternatively, when the leaves flip brown and yellow, it may point out over-watering the plant. If the skin air is simply too dry, you may mist the plant. It is a good apply within the winter indoors when the heated dry air makes the air round very dry. A helpful tip for watering the rubber plant is utilizing lukewarm water. Alternatively, you may take some chilly faucet water and let it stand till room temperature. This permits the chlorine evaporation and concurrently lowers the shock, which the chilly water can carry to your plant roots.  

It’s best to fertilize the plant strictly throughout the rising season, as is common with most indoor vegetation. 

Proper Sort of Soil for Rubber Plant

Your rubber plant doesn’t admire sitting within the water. Thus, having well-draining soil is pivotal. Your plant wants well-aerated and well-draining potting soil. For this, you may take 1 half pine bark, 1 half peat, and I half perlite or coarse sand. Collectively this may make an exceptional combine. 

Acceptable Temperature for Rubber Plant

For a rubber plant to thrive, it wants a temperature between 60 levels Fahrenheit to 75 levels Fahrenheit. In the course of the winter months, the plant can thrive even in low temperatures, that’s, 50 levels Fahrenheit. 

Just like the water and lightweight necessities, it’s essential guarantee a great temperature stability on your plant to develop nicely. The rubber plant likes humid and moist air owing to its tropical origin. Nevertheless, this plant can survive even within the much less humid temperature too. Your rubber plant reacts to temperature adjustments and prefers residing in areas with balanced temperature and humidity. 

Is Rubber Plant good for residence?

Rubber Plant sap could result in pores and skin irritation and redness in a couple of individuals. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you just wash your palms completely after coming involved with the plant, particularly its sap. So far as the consumption of this ficus plant goes, it might result in delicate abdomen bother. In some individuals, it could even trigger vomiting or diarrhea, relying on the amount of consumption. 

Controlling Pests on the Rubber Plant

Some mealy bugs, scales, mites, and aphids are the prevalent bugs, making a house within the plant. If detected early, you may take away these bugs by wiping them with heat water and cleaning soap answer. Alternatively, you may even use an insecticidal cleaning soap. 

Issues of Rubber Plant

Due to the persistent want for stability, it’s simpler to make your rubber plant sad, principally should you overlook its wants. To fight this, it is best to pay strict consideration to the diploma of sunshine your plant is receiving, the room temperature, the soil’s moisture stage, and the opposite very important parameters talked about above. These vegetation are notably susceptible to plant illnesses associated to overwatering. Thus, watch out and water once more solely as soon as the soil within the plant has fully dried out. It is important to stop the drowning of the plant. 

Find out how to Repot the Rubber Plant?

To allow the plant to develop to its full size, it’s essential report it. It’s best suggested to do it yearly or each few years. The timeline relies upon primarily on the pot’s dimension and the expansion charge of the plant. Should you want to preserve your plant to its present dimension, we don’t suggest repotting it. 

Propagation of Rubber Plant

To propagate your plant, it’s essential take a tiny department from any wholesome rubber plant. Then, root it in water or soil. Firstly, it’s essential let the sap from the plant’s stem dry earlier than you plant it. One other smart way of propagating the plant is through air layering. 

For doing so, it’s essential make a reduce within the wholesome plant and stick in a toothpick on the plant’s opening. You’ll be able to then wrap it in damp moss and wrap the plastic wrap across the moss to maintain it on the toothpick. After the roots start to develop on the moss, you may pluck the department and root it in contemporary soil. 

Pruning of Rubber Plant Bonsai

To assist the plant assist itself, it’s essential prune it. Pruning is important to facilitate progress and management the plant’s dimension to make sure that it doesn’t overgrow. The best time to prune the plant is within the spring months. Additional, it could assist should you prevented pruning throughout the winter months. However, consultants counsel {that a} rubber plant could be pruned at any time of the 12 months. Should you reduce the rubber plant branches, it could launch part of the plant’s sap.

General, caring on your rubber plant is straightforward. It is advisable control the plant to honor the stability. Should you need a tall and a full-grown plant, good care is quintessential. 

Is Rubber Plant Good For House?

Rubber plant is nice for residence because it is among the most tolerant, simple to develop, and beautiful trying air purifying plant. The darkish inexperienced leaves make it look unique in your house backyard.



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