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Save Zinnia Seeds: A Step-by-Step Information for Inexperienced persons

Since many sorts of zinnias are annuals, you have to replant the seeds annually. One technique to save a bit of money and be taught extra about these vegetation is to avoid wasting zinnia seeds. On this information, I’ll run via every part you have to find out about deciding on, saving, and storing zinnia seeds.

How to Save Zinnia Seeds: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Fundamentals of Saving Flower Seeds

Earlier than you save zinnia seeds or any flower seeds, it is best to perceive some primary seed-saving fundamentals.

One of many first issues to know is the distinction between hybrid and open-pollinated varieties.

Hybrid varieties are produced when two genetically totally different vegetation are cross-pollinated. These vegetation typically have fascinating traits comparable to illness resistance, double petals, or elevated flower manufacturing.

Whereas it can save you the seeds from hybrid varieties, their offspring won’t be genetically just like the mother or father vegetation. Meaning once you develop out the seeds, the vegetation might not have the mother or father plant’s double blooms or vibrant yellow flowers.

Open-pollinated varieties will produce genetically an identical seeds to the mother or father plant so long as the flowers are cross-pollinated with the identical selection.

Finest Forms of Zinnias to Harvest Seeds From

Best Types of Zinnias to Harvest Seeds From

Typically, open-pollinated zinnias are one of the best varieties to avoid wasting seeds from. That’s as a result of they’ll produce seeds with genetics an identical to the mother or father plant.

If you wish to experiment with creating a brand new sort of zinnia, you may cross-pollinate flowers from two totally different open-pollinated varieties. It will give a plant that may be a mixture of the 2 mother or father vegetation.

Listed below are some standard sorts of open-pollinated zinnias:

  • Zinnia elegans: That is the most typical species of Zinnia and consists of many open-pollinated varieties. Widespread varieties embrace the ‘California Giants’, ‘Cactus Flowered Combine’, and ‘Lilliput Combine’.
  • Zinnia angustifolia: This species has smaller, single flowers. ‘Crystal White’ and ‘Star Orange’ are two open-pollinated varieties.
  • Zinnia haageana: This species is immune to illness. ‘Persian Carpet’ is a well-liked open-pollinated selection.
  • Zinnia peruviana: This species of zinnia normally has a single layer of petals and are available in shades of pink, orange, and yellow.
  • Zinnia Envy: It is a standard open-pollinated selection with distinctive lime-green flowers.
  • Zinnia Thumbelina: It is a dwarf zinnia selection that’s open-pollinated. The flowers are semi-double to double and are available in a wide range of colours.
  • Zinnia Minimize and Come Once more: This combine consists of a variety of colours, with vegetation that can proceed to supply new blooms if the previous ones are minimize.

What Do Zinnia Seeds Look Like?

What Do Zinnia Seeds Look Like?

Zinnia seeds are small, flat, brown, and resemble an arrowhead. They’re about half an inch lengthy and an eighth of an inch large.

Choose Wholesome Crops

You’ll wish to choose seeds from wholesome vegetation once you acquire zinnia seeds.


First off, wholesome vegetation usually tend to create wholesome offspring. If all however certainly one of your zinnia vegetation have died off attributable to sizzling climate or illness, the remaining plant will almost definitely include traits that helped it survive.

Another excuse to solely choose seeds from wholesome vegetation is that fungal and bacterial ailments can unfold from seed to plant. The illness might infect the rising seedling should you save seeds from contaminated vegetation.

So, what must you search for in a wholesome zinnia plant? Vibrant inexperienced leaves, a lot of flowers, and no indicators of illness or stress.

When to Gather Zinnia Seeds

When to Collect Zinnia Seeds

One of the vital vital components of amassing zinnia seeds is ensuring the seeds are mature! And which means ready till the flowers start to fade.

Once you minimize zinnias for bouquets, you usually wish to harvest them simply because the flowers are opening. Nonetheless, you’ll be disenchanted if you choose these flowers for seed.

As a substitute, wait till the flower has absolutely shaped, bloomed, and turned brown. This alerts that the seeds are absolutely shaped and able to save.

You’ll be able to acquire these spent zinnias at any time of day, but it surely’s higher to gather them on dry days.

Finest Drying Methods

Should you acquire zinnia flowers for seed on the correct time, the seed heads ought to already be largely dry. Nonetheless, getting the final little bit of moisture out is important for correct seed storage.

A straightforward technique to dry the flowers is to put them out on a display screen or rack and place them in a dry, indoor space. They need to be absolutely dry in a couple of week.

Should you’d like to hurry up the method, you may place the flowers in a dehumidifier for a day or two.

Releasing, Cleansing, and Getting ready Zinnia Seeds

After the flowers are dry, it’s time to separate the person seeds from the remainder of the flower. You are able to do this by gently rubbing the flower till the seeds separate or putting the flowers in a paper bag and shaking them.

As soon as the seeds are launched from the petals and stem, you have to separate the seeds from the remainder of the fabric. You are able to do this by selecting out the seeds by hand.

Set the seeds on a display screen or desk and permit them to dry for a number of extra days.

Retailer Zinnia Seeds

As soon as your zinnia seeds are cleaned and absolutely dried, they’re able to retailer.

Place the seeds in a paper or plastic bag or sealed container. Place them in a cool, dry place comparable to a closet or kitchen cabinet.

How Lengthy Will Zinnia Seeds Final?

So long as zinnia seeds are absolutely dried and saved correctly, they need to stay viable for about three to 5 years. 

Germinating and Planting Zinnia Seeds

Germinating and Planting Zinnia Seeds

Since zinnias are warm-weather flowers, you’ll wish to wait till the late spring or summer time to plant the seeds. You’ll be able to both direct seed or transplant zinnia seeds; the selection is as much as you.

Should you choose to transplant, begin seeds in a well-draining soil combine about 4 weeks earlier than you wish to plant them outdoors. I like to begin seeds in 72-cell trays.

Transplant outdoors after the hazard of frost has handed.

Should you’d wish to direct seed, wait till the hazard of frost has handed. Plant the seeds about three to 5 inches aside in rows which are ten inches aside.

Save Zinnia Seeds FAQs:

Can You Save Seeds from Minimize Zinnias?

It depends upon when the flowers had been minimize. If the flowers had been minimize once they had been in full bloom, you might be able to save the seeds. Nonetheless, if the flowers had been minimize simply because the petals had been opening, the seeds received’t be mature.

Can You Save Zinnia Seeds to Plant Subsequent 12 months?

Sure! Choose mature flowers and permit the seeds to dry absolutely. Should you correctly choose, dry, and retailer the seeds, they’ll final for a number of years.

Ought to I Deadhead My Zinnias?

Deading previous zinnia flowers will encourage the vegetation to supply new flowers. Nonetheless, the vegetation will nonetheless develop should you don’t deadhead.

Wrapping Up

Should you’re already rising zinnias, saving their seeds is simply one other small step! By saving seeds from this yr’s flowers, you may proceed to plant zinnias for years to return.

For extra, see our in-depth information to the best companion vegetation for Zinnias and the makes use of and advantages of zinnias.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at residence.



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