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Scarlet Mystique: The Which means and Symbolism of Cardinal Flowers

Lobelia cardinalis, generally often called the cardinal flower, has lengthy graced moist panorama areas with tall spikes of brilliant purple blossoms. Cultivated in Europe because the 1600s, legend has it that the cardinal flower is known as for the lengthy, purple robes worn by leaders of the Catholic Church. Native Individuals used cardinal flowers, leaves, and roots to deal with ache, colds, fevers, digestive issues, and extra. Right here I’ll take you thru the wealthy historical past and origins of Cardinal flowers, their that means, and symbolism within the language of flowers. 

Ultimate Guide to Cardinal Flowers (Lobelia cardinalis)

Cardinal Flowers Symbolism – Key Takeaways

To the Victorians, a present of cardinal flowers carried the symbolic that means of distinction. The flower takes its title from the lengthy, purple robes worn by leaders of the Catholic Church. Within the language of flowers, L. cardinalis’s spikes of brilliant crimson lend a way of distinction to a floral reward.

Etymological Which means

Legend has it that the widespread title of L. cardinalis relies on the lengthy, purple vestures worn by Roman Catholic cardinals.

The genus title, Lobelia, honors Matthias de l’Obel a Sixteenth-and Seventeenth-century French doctor and botanist who helped create a plant classification system primarily based upon foliage.

Cardinal Flower Which means & Symbolism

Red Cardinal Flowers in bloom

Within the language of flowers, the purple cardinal flower carries the symbolic that means of distinction. A present of cardinal flowers bestows a way of dignity and distinction. It’s additionally been linked to romantic love and fervour.

The Cultural Significance of Cardinal Flowers

The purple cardinal flower’s that means has lengthy been related to love and romance. Legend has it that if an aged girl desires to seek out love, she wants solely to the touch the foundation of a cardinal flower.

In some Native American cultures, finely floor root was added to meals to create an aphrodisiac. It was additionally thought-about a necessary ingredient in love potions and love charms.

Cardinal Flowers in Artwork and Literature

Red Cardinal Flowers flowers growing alongside a river

Cardinal flowers have appeared often in artwork and literature. The Nineteenth-century botanical artist Mary Vaux Wolcott painted watercolors of the flowers, which seem in the Smithsonian everlasting assortment.

The flowers featured within the writing of Nathaniel Hawthorne, who in his 1842 “Word-Books” wrote:

“…I’ve discovered scattered stalks of the cardinal flower, the attractive scarlet of which it’s a pleasure even to recollect. The world is made brighter and sunnier by flowers of such a hue. Even fragrance, which in any other case is the soul and spirit of a flower, could also be spared when it arrays itself on this scarlet glory. It’s a flower of thought and feeling, too; it appears to have its roots deep down within the hearts of those that stare upon it.”

In her poem “Cardinal Flower,” Nineteenth-century poet Dora Learn Goodale compares the brilliant blossoms to sundown and fervour. 

Appropriate Gifting Events

Cardinal flowers lend an excellent purple shade to any floral reward. Their affiliation with love and romance makes them a sensible choice for anniversaries or particular date nights.

The flower’s affiliation with distinction in floriography additionally makes them a sensible choice for floral presents that acknowledge achievements, similar to commencement, or to a boss or co-worker.

Wrap Up

Cardinal flower’s brilliant shade and showy blossoms make them a lovely decorative for the panorama, in addition to a hanging addition to a floral reward. With a protracted historical past of medicinal use and the symbolism of distinction, it’s straightforward to see why cardinal flowers have been well-liked and valued for hundreds of years.

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