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SCENT IN THE GARDEN — Todd Haiman Panorama Design

Gardens Are Ephemeral and Transitional

Backyard design is extremely delicate to alter all through the seasons, the weather and the present website. As a backyard designer working throughout the city panorama of New York Metropolis my intention is to create moments and vignettes to stimulate the senses, to move the backyard sojourner. 

 “We discover the sensory expertise of gardens particularly as locations the place folks encounter panorama in a staged method, because of intentional design.”   -D. Fairchild Ruggles 

The expertise one encounters throughout the backyard are ever-changing and evanescent. Sound and scent are spatial and temporal. They rely on the area we inhabit, the extent of that area and the way lengthy the expertise lasts. Sound and scent are non-visual and subjective to the individual within the setting. Two folks in the identical state of affairs will doubtless have a uniquely totally different commentary on the identical panorama expertise

On this submit I’ll deal with scent in backyard design. Search for a follow-up submit highlighting Sound within the Backyard.

A small residential yard or small city backyard restrains the sensual backyard expertise due to its restricted measurement, but concurrently it intensifies one’s expertise by its enclosure (fence heights) chopping out the visuals of the surface world, trapping the sounds and smells inside. Elizabeth Fowler in Acoustic Delay, Physique Method and the Hortus Conclusus writes “The sensory expertise a backyard affords is but extra evanescent than the backyard itself.” “Enclosure is a (backyard design) technique of altering and filtering the stream of sensory data we encounter…it cuts out the sensory horizons with the body of its wall and so delays the arrival of the surface world.”



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