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Skilled Suggestions: Correct Watering Schedule for Indoor Citrus Bushes

Indoor citrus timber have a fame for being troublesome, however in case you present the correct care, you’ll be rewarded with all types of tropical fruit! One key element of citrus tree care is watering. Citrus timber aren’t drought-tolerant, but they dislike saturated soils, so that you’ll want to seek out the right stability. Preserve studying for when and learn how to water your indoor citrus tree.

When and How to Water Indoor Citrus Trees (Essential Tips)

When Ought to I Water My Indoor Citrus Tree? Key Takeaways

Citrus timber favor soil that’s moist however by no means soggy. Due to this fact, water when the highest inch of soil is dry, about each week in the summertime and each two weeks within the winter. Shiny mild, excessive temperatures, and low humidity will improve the quantity it is advisable to water.

Issues to Contemplate When Watering

A person watering an indoor lime plant with a small white watering can
Getting the stability of when and the way a lot water to make use of is vital for indoor citrus tree well being

All citrus timber require common watering, appropriate mild publicity, soil base, annual pruning, and occasional fertilizing. This consists of Meyer lemons, limes, kumquats, oranges, and mandarins.

The age of the tree does have an effect on how usually it’s best to water. Younger timber which can be nonetheless forming their roots gained’t deal with drought, in addition to mature timber. Due to this fact, you need to be additional cautious to offer sufficient water throughout a tree’s first yr.

Temperature & Humidity

As your house or workplace temperature will increase, your indoor citrus tree will lose extra water via transpiration and evaporation. Due to this fact, you’ll have to water extra usually when the air is scorching versus when it’s cool.

Humidity decreases evaporation. Which means you’ll have to water extra usually in dry circumstances than in humid circumstances.

For extra, see our in-depth information to the greatest temperature and humidity for indoor citrus timber and the greatest places to place citrus timber.

The Prevailing Mild Circumstances

A mature indoor orange tree displaying a large number of ripe fruits and vibrant green leaves
Mild and temperature play a outstanding function in watering frequencies

Citrus timber like vivid, direct mild. Throughout the summer time, they want at the least ten hours of sunshine each day to thrive. When winter arrives and daylight fades, they will develop with solely eight hours of sunshine.

The extra mild a citrus tree receives, the extra water it should require. As mild will increase, so does evaporation.

Due to this fact, you’ll have to water your tree extra usually if it receives 12 hours of sunshine than eight hours.

The Season

Throughout the winter, citrus timber don’t enter tree dormancy. Nonetheless, they do gradual their development charges.

Winter additionally usually comes with much less mild and decrease temperatures.

These components mixed imply that your citrus tree would require much less water within the winter than in the summertime. When you might have to water each week in the summertime, you may have the ability to get away with watering a few times a month within the winter.

Citrus timber’ water wants improve within the spring and reduce within the fall.

The Soil Combine

A close shot of an indoor citrus tree with water droplets on a single green leaf
Utilizing a well-draining soil combine is significant for all indoor citrus timber

You need to plant your citrus tree in a well-draining soil combine. The best combine will maintain some water however permit extra moisture to flee rapidly.

In case you are utilizing a potting combine that’s compacted or poorly-draining, you gained’t have to water as continuously as you’ll in case your tree is planted in a well-draining combine. Whereas this will sound good, extra moisture can result in fungal ailments.

Then again, a potting combine that’s excessive in sand or giant particles like pine bark or perlite will drain in a short time. Which means you’ll have to verify your pot often and water usually.

For extra, see our full information to the most effective soil for citrus timber

The Potting Container Dimension & Kind

The container measurement and kind don’t dramatically have an effect on how a lot you’ll have to water. Whereas bigger containers will maintain water longer than smaller containers, they usually include bigger timber. Since bigger timber use extra water than smaller timber, the water must even out.

Terra cotta pots can take in some water from the potting soil. This implies soil in a terra cotta pot will dry out faster than soil in a plastic container.

When to Water

An indoor lime tree that has recently been watered with droplets covering a single lime fruit and also the nearby green leaves
I purpose to water my citrus timber within the early morning, when the highest two inches of soil are dry

Citrus timber favor soil that’s moist however not saturated. Which means it’s best to water your lemon timber, lime timber, or different citrus timber when the potting soil is a bit dry.

Your finger is a straightforward and cheap method to verify the soil moisture degree. Gently stick your finger into the soil close to the middle of the pot. If the highest inch of soil is dry, it’s time to water. If it’s nonetheless moist, wait to water.

A great rule of thumb is to verify the soil each week. Ensure to verify close to the tree’s trunk because the edges of the pot can dry out rapidly.

One other method to take a look at the soil moisture is with a moisture meter. You need to water your citrus tree when the meter falls from moist to dry.

How Usually Ought to I Water?

Whereas the precise watering schedule depends upon the above components, listed here are some estimates relating to how usually to water a citrus tree.

Water each 6-8 days in the course of the summer time and each 14-20 days within the winter. Throughout the spring and fall, water each 8-12 days.

What Kind of Water is Greatest? 

A small potted indoor orange tree with a cluster of ripe fruits hanging from a single branch
I personally favor filtered or distilled water for indoor citrus timber

Citrus timber aren’t too choosy relating to the kind of water. Common faucet water is often positive. If in case you have very arduous faucet water, use rainwater or filtered water (the one I exploit for one my crops).

Find out how to Water

If you water your citrus tree, use a watering can or hose to use water on the base of the plant. Keep away from watering the leaves as this could result in illness issues.

Completely soak the soil till water runs out of the pot’s drainage holes. Deep watering will encourage a deep root system.

Ought to I Mist My Bushes?

A person misting a young indoor citrus tree with water
Usually, I keep away from misting indoor citrus timber until the air is extremely dry

You don’t have to mist an indoor citrus tree until the air could be very dry. Whereas citrus timber like reasonable humidity, they will develop ailments if their leaves are consistently moist.

What to Do In-Between Watering Cycles

Control your tree in between watering cycles. Keep away from watering small quantities and wait till the soil is dry to water once more.

For those who discover any issues, verify the soil moisture. If the soil is saturated or very dry, these issues may very well be linked to an improper watering schedule.

Watering Suggestions After Repotting

After you repot a citrus tree, be sure to water when the highest inch of soil is dry. Because the plant is recovering from the shock of repotting, will probably be extra delicate to underwatering and overwatering.

Overwatering and Underwatering

Citrus timber will undergo from issues if they’re overwatered or underwatered.

Indicators of overwatering embrace yellow leaves, dropping leaves, and rotting roots. For those who suspect you’ve gotten overwatered your tree, improve the time between waterings. In case your tree is contaminated with root rot, repot it.

It’s necessary to do not forget that indicators of overwatering can resemble underwatering. Rotten roots stop crops from taking over water, resulting in wilting and discolored leaves.

Indicators of underwatering embrace drooping leaves and flowers that fall off earlier than fruit set. Ensure to water when solely the highest inch of soil is dry. One other tip is to deeply water your tree so deep roots are additionally receiving water.


How do I do know if my citrus tree wants water?

Leaves that begin to curl, droop, or crisp up on the edges are frequent indicators that your indoor citrus tree wants watering.

How a lot water ought to I give my tree?

Water liberally till you see water operating into the saucer beneath the pot. The precise quantity will rely upon the tree measurement and the potting container. Intention to saturate the soil and water deeply so the total soil base receives some moisture.

A mild mist can assist to hydrate the leaves and supply a level of humidity. Watch out to not saturate the leaves, although stagnant water on the floor can result in decay and fungal infections.

How do I do know if my indoor citrus tree is wholesome?

As with all home crops and inside timber, the secret’s to seek out the proper stability of sunshine, water, and temperature. Each house or workplace presents distinctive circumstances, so you could monitor and regulate to make sure your indoor citrus tree thrives. A cheerful, wholesome citrus tree will show sturdy and wholesome foliage and regular development.

Can indoor citrus timber recuperate from overwatering?

Indoor citrus timber can recuperate from overwatering in case you’ve mitigated early and adjusted the watering cycles shifting ahead. Monitor intently over two weeks and observe for common indicators of enchancment within the plant’s total well being.

Wrapping Up

Now you realize all about learn how to water your indoor citrus tree. By listening to your plant’s well being and the soil, you’ll have the ability to discover the right watering schedule.

For extra, see our in-depth information to the which means and symbolism of citrus timber and whether or not citrus timber are pet-friendly.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at house.



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