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Spots On Areca Palm (White, Brown, Yellow, and Black)

Why is my Areca palm tree having white, brown, and yellow spots? Is something flawed with the best way I cared for my plant? What is occurring and how one can repair these points?
I do know these questions is likely to be arising in your thoughts in case you are noticing these spots in your Areca palm plant.

It’s well-known that Areca palm timber are stunning, and they’re additionally extremely resilient. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that they’re proof against plant ailments. Your areca tree possible wants some consideration for those who discover brown, black, purple, or white spots.

On this submit, I’ll share the causes and coverings for most of these spots to your Areca palm plant. By the top of the article, it is possible for you to to grasp why these items happen and it is possible for you to to remedy these ailments by yourself with our steering, in fact. So, hold studying on!

What causes black spots on the Areca palm leaves and how one can remedy them?

What causes black spots on the Areca palm leaves and how to cure them

There are a number of the reason why your areca palm tree has black, brown, yellow, or white spots. It may be infested by pests, have dietary deficiencies, or undergo from fungal issues. The easiest way to deal with the plant is to find out the trigger. After that, deal with the palm if it has fungal or dietary issues, or transfer it to a greater surroundings.

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In the event you deal with the spots in your areca palm as quickly as potential, there’s a higher probability the palm will get better shortly. Furthermore, you might have to be affected person with sure fungal points for a number of weeks.
I’ll now talk about the causes of black spots in your Areca palm leaves. Let’s examine it now so that you could acknowledge and remedy it with our steering!

1. Scale Bugs

Scales are tiny bugs that like to crawl round and chew vegetation’ leaves. Because the bugs journey in teams, they take in the sap from the tree leaves, inflicting holes and black spots. 

Additionally, scales go away behind sooty mould on leaves and branches that appear to be black bumps. Regardless of showing innocent at first, these black spots can severely injury your areca palm timber.

The right way to repair this concern:

To do away with scale bugs, you can begin by manually choosing them off. Whereas doing this guarantee to put on rubber gloves. Furthermore, just be sure you place scale bugs in a plastic bag. By doing this, the dimensions won’t make its means into your house or re-infest your palm plant.

Moreover, you’ll be able to apply rubbing alcohol on palm leaves to eradicate scale bugs shortly. One other good choice to do away with scale is neem oil.

2. Fungal Ailments

There are various the reason why palm timber get black spots, however the commonest one is fungal infections. Whereas a number of fungi may cause these spots, eukaryotic organisms are a typical trigger. 

Additionally, these fungi could seem in your areca leaves if there may be an excessive amount of humidity in your house. Little question areca palms take pleasure in humidity however an excessive amount of may cause them to develop fungal ailments.

The right way to repair this concern:

You will need to cut back the humidity in your house to at the very least 40% if the fungal concern is brought on by an excessive amount of humidity. By doing this, you’ll forestall the tree from changing into too humid and likewise from drying out. 

For the remedy of fungal infestations brought on by pests, rubbing alcohol or neem oil could be utilized on to the leaves.

If the fungus or pest infestation can also be within the soil, you have to to repot the plant and take away the contaminated soil. Additionally, you’ll be able to spray the plant with a chemical or pure fungicide.

3. Potassium Deficiency

One more reason for black spots on areca palm leaves is potassium deficiency. These palms want potassium and different minerals to develop and activate their molecular course of. Often, they want this after or throughout their photosynthesis. So, in the event that they lack potassium, the leaves develop black or brown spots.

The right way to repair this concern:

Dehydration or lack of humidity can typically trigger potassium deficiencies in areca palms. Your property’s humidity stage will be the purpose for the deficiency whether it is lower than 40%.

To stop the leaves from drying out, water the plant and mist it a couple of instances every week. As soon as the issue has been resolved, you must apply a balanced fertilizer as soon as every week to the plant.

What causes brown spots on the Areca palm and how one can remedy them?

What causes brown spots on the Areca palm and how to cure them

Wish to know why brown spots happen in your beloved Areca palm leaves? Let’s check out the problems given under and how one can remedy them!

1. Overwatering points

In case your areca palm leaves have brown spots, overwatering is probably responsible. You may as well get this downside from utilizing fluoride-containing water.

The right way to repair this concern:

When a palm tree is overwatered and has developed a fungus, it’s best to chorus from watering it till the soil is nearly dry. Nonetheless, if the soil is contaminated, it must be changed. For the following few weeks, you may additionally wish to decrease the humidity in your house to round 40%.

2. Underwatering points

There’s one other aspect to watering that may result in brown suggestions and leaves in your Areca Palms: underwatering. Sometimes, Areca Palms want honest soil moisture, however not waterlogged soil, and as soon as the soil dries, they develop into pressured.

A plant could determine that it can not keep all of its leaves, so it sacrifices some, leading to brown or dying leaves. That is the very last thing anybody who cares for an Areca Palm desires to see.

The right way to repair this concern:

A daily inspection regime is one of the best ways to keep away from underwatering your Areca Palm. Each few days, examine your vegetation to see if they’re pressured.

To find out whether or not your Areca Palm wants watered, study the leaves and really feel the soil carefully. Additionally, the plant’s watering necessities differ with temperature, gentle, and season.

3. Inadequate gentle points

Brilliant gentle is critical for Areca Palms to thrive and develop. In nature, they develop beneath the cover of bigger timber in medium gentle. As a consequence of this, they like vibrant, however not direct daylight.

Often, it’s inadequate gentle that causes extra issues than direct daylight burning the leaves. As a few of the leaves die off in low gentle situations, the Areca Palm loses its greenery and develops brown suggestions. 

The right way to repair this concern:

It’s best to watch your plant over time to find out whether or not it receives enough gentle. A brighter location can be preferable in case your Areca Palm is in a dismal room.

It’s often finest to put an Areca palm close to a window going through east or west. Early morning or late afternoon direct daylight is okay. 

Be sure that your Areca Palm is positioned properly away from a window in a south-facing room. Furthermore, you’ll be able to maximize the quantity of sunshine in a north-facing room by putting an Areca Palm near the window.

4. Fungal points points

There’s additionally a chance that brown spots can seem on the leaves of the areca palm on account of a fungus. Graphiola, anthracnose, and fall smut may cause this, which leaves the leaves discolored and disfigured. It’s most frequently attributable to an excessive amount of humidity or too shut spacing that these fungal points happen.

The right way to repair this concern:

To resolve fungal points brought on by extreme moisture, cut back the moisture within the palm’s surroundings. If the fungal concern is extreme, you may additionally want to exchange the plant’s soil with new, uninfected soil and apply a fungicide. 

Throughout the subsequent two to 4 weeks, you must also monitor the plant. To get rid of the fungal downside, use an insecticide, whether or not pure or chemical.

5. Dietary deficiencies points

An areca palm also can develop brown spots if it suffers from a dietary deficiency. It often outcomes from an absence of potassium, and if not handled early, it will probably worsen and trigger the plant to die. It could seem that the plant’s leaves are turning yellow and drooping, or that new fronds will not be rising.

The right way to repair this concern:

It’s best to fertilize the plant at the very least as soon as every week if the plant has a potassium deficiency. Comply with the fertilizer’s directions for a way a lot to use and the way typically to use it, as many will have to be diluted.

6. Over-fertilizing points

An Areca Palm will profit drastically from a bit fertilizer, but it surely’s very simple to overdo it. In the event you fertilize your Areca Palm too typically or in too concentrated kind, it’s possible you’ll expertise fertilizer burn signs, together with brown suggestions.

The right way to repair this concern:

Fertilize Areca Palms each two months with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer at half the focus beneficial on the directions. This balanced fertilizer has served properly over time.

Even for those who apply fertilizer appropriately, salts from fertilizer can construct up within the soil over time, inflicting the identical downside. This may be prevented by watering Areca Palm completely and letting water drain via the potting medium.

Sometimes, flush the soil extra completely, as this removes extra fertilizer salts from the potting medium and prevents brown suggestions from growing in your Areca Palm. To reduce this downside, take a plant to the sink and run water via it for 2-3 minutes.

What causes white spots on the Areca palm leaves and how one can remedy them?

What causes white spots on the Areca palm leaves and how to cure them?

Crops which have white dots on them often have fungal ailments or residue from mealybugs. Tell us these causes in additional element and how one can deal with them!

1. Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is often brought on by overwatering or overcrowding of vegetation. Additionally, excessive humidity can contribute to it.

The right way to deal with this concern:

Slicing off the contaminated leaves of the plant is the best approach to deal with powdery mildew. Alternatively, you’ll be able to spray them with a chemical insecticide. Or make a baking soda resolution with one tablespoon of baking soda and one gallon of water. To stop this concern, you’ll be able to spray the leaves as soon as every week.

2. Mealybugs

You may as well see a white powder-like substance in your leaves when you could have mealybugs. To start with, it could appear to be cottony wax on the leaves, however finally, it will probably have an effect on all the plant.

The right way to deal with this concern:

Utilizing rubbing alcohol or neem oil is nice for killing mealybugs. Relying on how dangerous the infestation is, you might have to use this a number of instances over the following few weeks.

What causes yellow spots on the Areca palm and how one can remedy them?

What causes yellow spots on the Areca palm and how to cure them

I’ll share some causes why white spots happen in your Areca palm’s leaves and how one can repair these points. Let’s examine them out collectively under!

1. Compacted or Poor Soil

On your palm to thrive, the soil must be unfastened and barely acidic. When the soil turns into too compact, the roots can develop into cramped, which makes it troublesome to your palm to soak up water and vitamins. Therefore, these develop yellow spots in your palm leaves.

The right way to deal with this concern:

You may clear up the issue by including perlite or encouraging earthworms by including natural compost. Additionally, the soil will not be the one issue inflicting yellowing leaves.  

Areca vegetation want loamy soil, and peat-based mixes are nice for indoor rising. Each two years, take into account repotting with recent soil. Be sure that to amend the soil with compost periodically for outside vegetation.

2. Fertilizer Burns

Even natural fertilizers may cause chemical burns if they arrive into direct contact with the plant or construct up within the floor. Consequently, an excessive amount of nitrogen could also be produced.

The right way to deal with this concern:

Comply with the directions on the packaging and flush the soil recurrently to stop fertilizer burns.

In excessive instances, it’s possible you’ll have to transplant it into recent soil.

3. Pests Infestations

Mealybugs, spider mites, caterpillars, or a number of different widespread pests may cause yellow spots in your leaves and even yellowing from the guidelines.

As well as, piercing bugs produce honeydew, which ends up in a number of fungal and bacterial infections.

The right way to deal with this concern:

When neem soil is soaked recurrently, infestations will likely be prevented and those who exist already will likely be stopped.

4. Lack of Nitrogen or Potassium

For vegetation, nitrogen is crucial nutrient – that’s why fertilizers are rated by their nitrogen content material.

Nitrogen is critical for wholesome plant progress, and vegetation could undergo stunted progress with out it.

In the identical means, potassium promotes progress. A scarcity of each could trigger the plant’s fronds to be yellow or brown.

The right way to deal with this concern:

Examine your fertilizer’s NPK ranking to make sure it incorporates greater quantities of nitrogen (N) and potassium (P). The pH of your soil may have to be checked, as a decrease pH can drain potassium extra shortly. 


Q1. Ought to I lower the brown leaves off my areca palm?

Ans. Typically, eradicating brown leaves or reducing off affected leaflets won’t hurt your Areca Palm. With a pair of sharp and clear pruners, lower off the leaves which have turned brown on the base, close to the soil.

Q2. Can Brown palm leaves flip inexperienced once more?

Ans. A very brown frond won’t ever flip inexperienced once more. A palm tree sheds its lifeless fronds because it grows new ones. Throughout this pure shedding course of, the vast majority of the cover will stay inexperienced 

Q3. Do black spots on Areca Palm stems unfold to different vegetation?

Ans. Pure pigmentation is the commonest reason behind black spots on Areca Palms. Usually, the black spots (or freckles) will not be contagious.

Nevertheless, if the black spots on the vegetation are brought on by fungal illness or pest issues, different vegetation may develop into contaminated.

To stop this from occurring, you must hold the contaminated Areca Palm away from different vegetation. Make sure that the leaves or stems of the vegetation will not be touching. As well as, don’t use the contaminated soil for another (wholesome) vegetation, as it will probably simply unfold fungus or pests.

This fall. Are black spots on Areca Palm stems dangerous to people?

Ans. Typically, no. Black spots on the Areca Palm are brought on by pests or fungi that can’t make people or animals sick. The rationale for that is that these fungi, micro organism, and viruses don’t trigger sickness in folks or animals.

It’s unlikely that you’re going to get sick generally. Even so, it’s higher to deal with black spots if you already know the issue is brought on by a pest or fungus.

Q5. Does the black spot on Areca Palm kill it?

Ans. When the black spots on the Areca Palm stem are brought on by pests or fungi, the plant might die if untreated. Crops can die inside 10 days to over a yr if so. In both case, you must deal with the plant as quickly as potential.

Q6. What are the indicators of illness on Areca Palms?

Ans. Usually, you’ll be able to inform in case your Areca Palm is contaminated by white spots or drooping leaves. These white spots can seem on the leaves and stems of vegetation as white stuff. It may be brought on by overwatering or moist situations.

Mealybugs, an insect that lives in colonies, are another excuse for the white stuff on indoor areca palms. It feeds on the juices of vegetation and makes colonies in them. If not handled instantly, they trigger the areca palm to develop into contaminated or diseased and decay over time.

Q7. What are you able to do to do away with white fungus on areca palm leaves?

Ans. A white fungus can seem on Areca palms’ leaves and stems. Powdery mildew or another fungal an infection that causes white spots on leaves could also be responsible.

To do away with them, prune the components which are most contaminated first. Alternatively, you should use a mix of a tablespoon of baking soda and a gallon of water. Spray this combination on the contaminated areas. For an infection prevention, you can too apply neem oil to areca palm vegetation.

Q8. How does a mealybug look on an Areca palm?

Ans. A mealybug is a small, white, unarmed insect. Determine them by their white fuzzy look on the stems and leaves of an Areca Palm. This pest feeds on the sap or juices of indoor vegetation and damages them rather a lot.

In the event you rub alcohol and neem oil on the leaves and stems of the Areca Palm, you’ll be able to do away with them. Place your areca palm vegetation in daylight to stop them, as daylight is understood to stop them.


You may by no means go flawed with areca palms on the subject of including magnificence to your house. Nevertheless, the leaves of your areca palm could present spots. They are often black, brown, white, yellow, or purple. 

Often, these issues are brought on by overwatering, underwatering, nutrient deficiency, or pest infestation. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to deal with them with the answer talked about on this article. 

Additionally, I hope this text has answered your questions on why spots seem on areca palm timber. In terms of planting ailments and points, it’s essential to deal with them early to stop extreme injury to the plant.

Please remark down under if in case you have any doubts or questions in your thoughts associated to snake vegetation. Additionally, don’t neglect to share this text together with your family and friends and likewise on social media. Please do that as a favor as it would assist my article to succeed in like-minded folks!



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