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Spring Gardening With Youngsters! — Seattle City Farm Firm

For those who’re at dwelling in search of a enjoyable mission along with your youngsters, you may need to head out to the backyard and plant spring crops. Many spring crops simply occur to be among the best for teenagers to plant  Peas, spinach, and fava beans all have giant seeds which might be simple to deal with. Onions are normally grown from transplants or units, and potatoes are grown from seed-potatoes (mainly simply items of a potato tuber).

Early spring gardening additionally invitations different kid-friendly actions corresponding to checking your soil’s pH, constructing easy trellises, weeding, and backyard planning. We’ve laid out just a few easy concepts to begin with right here, however that is only a leaping off level! When you and your kiddos are out within the backyard, you’re certain to seek out all kinds of enjoyable initiatives (ladybug stock?).

Checking your soil pH earlier than planting within the spring isn’t solely a good suggestion, but in addition a solution to do a easy science experiment along with your youngsters. We love the digital testers, however when working with youngsters, you need to use a handbook Speedy Take a look at Package to allow them to see the colours change because the check reveals the outcomes.

For extra on vegetable backyard soil pH: ENCYCLOPEDIA BOTANICA PODCAST, EPISODE 19: GARDEN SOIL PH


Pea seed is the dimensions of a pea (shock!). Direct seeding peas within the floor is a really kid-friendly exercise as a result of the seed is so giant and the spacing doesn’t must be good. 

plant: Arrange both a tipi or internet trellis. Dig a 1-inch. deep trench alongside the trellis. Inoculate the seeds with a mycorrhizal fungi and sow within the trench at 2 seeds per inch. Skinny to 1 plant each 2-inches. If you will discover them at a nursery or develop them your self, peas additionally develop properly from transplants. Plant these at 1 plant each 2-inches.

When to plant: You possibly can set out transplants as early as late February and as late as mid-Could. Direct-seed peas mid-March by means of late April. They don’t germinate or develop properly when temperatures get above 75°F, so it’s greatest to sow them early.

Bonus exercise: In case your child is a bit older, process them on constructing your tri-pod pea trellis. The trellis wants to face up to the burden of the peas for the season, however doesn’t want a superbly executed feat of engineering, making it the proper exercise for an older child. 


When planting potatoes, you’re burying chunks of potato within the floor each 12-inches or so. Planting potatoes is a superb exercise for teenagers as a result of the “seed” is so giant they usually can already see the place the plant goes to (or could have already) begin to sprout! Plus, in my restricted expertise (aka. about 150 visits to the park with my toddler this previous yr), I’ve observed that many youngsters like to dig massive holes within the dust!

plant: Potatoes are virtually at all times planted utilizing items of the tubers themselves. You possibly can order seed potatoes or purchase them from a nursery, or purchase natural potatoes from the grocery retailer. Go away small potatoes complete, or reduce mid-sized potatoes in half and huge ones into quarters. Purpose to plant items in regards to the dimension of golf balls, however ensure that every chunk has at the least 1 or 2 eyes on it. Dig 8-inch. deep holes spaced 1-foot. aside for each bit, and add 1⁄4 cup of balanced fertilizer to the outlet and blend with a trowel. Place 1 piece of potato in every gap with the attention going through up, and fill the outlet with half of the soil you eliminated (to a depth of 4-inches.). Cowl with the remaining 4-inches as soon as the vines have grown 6–8 inches out of the soil.

When to plant: Planting potatoes is a St. Patrick’s Day custom (March 17), however they are often sown anytime from mid-March by means of mid-June.

Bulbing onions:

In contrast to most transplants, onions don’t thoughts a bit abuse. They really thrive when their roots and rising ideas are trimmed (or unintentionally damaged off). 

For those who select to develop your onions from “units”, then the planting course of is even less complicated! Units are mainly tiny, immature onions, so planting them is so much like burying a seed the dimensions of a marble. 

plant: If attainable, plant your bulbing onions from transplants or “units.” Units are small, dried miniature onion bulbs that may be planted straight within the floor. The bulbs needs to be set in holes 6–9 inches deep, in well-prepared soil. Area bulbing onions 6-inches aside. Rising onions from seed can also be attainable, however with the intention to mature in time they should be began very early within the yr.

When to plant: Onions began from seed needs to be sown indoors in early to mid-January. That is a lot sooner than different transplants, so to protect your sanity we suggest shopping for these crops from a nursery for at the least your first few years of gardening.


Spinach is one more forgiving plant with giant seeds. I want to direct-sow spinach within the spring. In case your kiddo finally ends up sowing every seed 4-inches aside, you possibly can find yourself rising bigger crops for braising early this summer time. In the event that they sow 2-seeds per inch, you possibly can harvest child spinach in a month or so! It’s a win-win!

plant: Direct-seed or from transplants (however as famous, I want direct seeding in spring and with youngsters). Area crops each inch for child leaves, or each 3–4 inches for giant cooking leaves. 

When to plant: Direct-seed any time of yr as soon as the soil temperature is 45°F or increased. For a continuing harvest, plan to seed quick rows each week through the rising season. As soon as temperatures attain constantly above 75°, spinach seed could have a troublesome time germinating



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