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Sticky Tales: The Hidden Symbolism of Catchfly Flowers in Floriography

Catchfly, or Silene, has been a topic of scientific examine for greater than a century. From Darwin to Mendel to Antonivics, evolutionary biologists, plant ecologists, botanists, and geneticists have used these flowering crops to review intercourse willpower. Some Silene species are common panorama crops in temperate local weather gardens throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Within the language of flowers, Silene blooms carry the symbolic which means of gentleness, youthful love, or — much less generally — a snare.

Ultimate Guide to Catchfly Flowers (Silene)

Catchfly Flower Symbolism – Key Takeaways

To the Victorians, the present of Silene blossoms may have a number of meanings. The pink or purple flowers symbolize gentleness or youthful love. Much less generally, catchfly blooms might symbolize a snare, maybe attributable to their skill to entice pollen and small bugs.

Etymological That means

Linnaeus first described silene. The title refers back to the Greek deity Silenus, identified for wine-making and drunkenness. Silenus is commonly depicted as lined with sticky foam (his title comes from the Greek sialon or saliva), which references the sticky substance that typically covers Silene stems.

Although this sticky substance doesn’t really appeal to recordsdata, it could actually entice small bugs. This characteristic provides the substance its title, “catchfly, ” which has the related which means of “snare. “

Catchfly Flower That means & Symbolism

Purple Catchfly Flowers in bloom

Within the Victorian language of flowers, purple and pink catchfly blossoms carried the symbolic which means of gentleness and youthful love. Much less generally, the flowers might symbolize a snare, probably as a result of stem’s sticky nature that may entice bugs.

The Cultural Significance of Catchfly Flowers

In some cultural traditions, silene has vital religious functions. Within the Jap Cape area of South Africa, S. undulata is what’s referred to as an ubulawu or “dream plant.” Right here, the amaXhosa folks use desires as a way of communication with their ancestors. Silene facilitates that communication. Diviners use the roots of S. undulata to create a potion that influences desires and aids in spiritual rituals.

To the Victorians, catchfly flowers symbolized youthful love and gentleness. It’s thought that the purple flowers have been as soon as worn within the buttonholes of younger, single males to sign their bachelor standing.

The poet Lord Alfred Tennyson references catchfly flowers in The Final Event, within the strains: “And glowing in all colors, the reside grass, Rose-campion, bluebell, kingcup, poppy, glanced…”

Appropriate Gifting Events

Catchfly’s pretty shades of pink and purple make these flowers an ideal addition to floral items for a cherished one, for an anniversary, or any romantic event.


Catchfly provides a beautiful shade and texture to any floral present or backyard panorama. These fascinating flowers’ lengthy historical past as topics of scientific analysis and their symbolic significance make silene a perfect addition to bouquets, preparations, and gardens.

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