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That’s a lotta roots! – Adam’s Artwork and Bonsai Weblog

I obtained a name from my shopper John. He stated his timber want some work. I hadn’t heard from him for not less than three years (with the misplaced pandemic 12 months and him being a busy businessman and all. Hmmmmm, there’s a phrase connection. Busy, busyness, enterprise. I’ll should lookup the etymology as a result of it’s bugging me, type of like how entomology bugs me too. It ought to bug you too).

With all my touring of late, I informed him the times I’d be residence and he stated “I’ll be by Thursday!” Little did I understand how a lot work his timber wanted.

This is only one, a Ficus microcarpa:

The place’s my machete? The tree began out as a type of retail “ginseng” model ficus you get on the field shops, but it surely’s developed a bit. It simply takes a while to mature. And for people who say it’s solely a Florida factor for roots to develop like this, this article has a “ginseng” from Indiana.

Now, in a traditional bonsai working day, I’d prune out the branches I don’t want first, after which work outward, defoliating as I’m going however for the aim of an article, I are inclined to defoliate first (or because the cool youngsters may say, denude, as a result of, similar to it’s “inverse” taper as an alternative of “reverse” taper or its “substrate” as an alternative of “soil”, them cool youngsters should create jargon or use huge phrases to make the method sound extra “scientific” and themselves extra “good”).

Thereupon, with the aim to elucidate the methodology for optimum visualization, let me start to denude the specimen.

As all the time, the outdated and broken leaves come off.

They do nothing for the tree, however, in reality, take vitality, because the tree is holding them alive by giving vitality. Subsequent, take away the shaded ones, for a similar cause.

However I’m repeating myself, I’ve written extensively on the idea of defoliation. Learn this text for some clarification whereas I get to work.

Achieved, that’s about all I’ll take off for now. It appears like loads….

…..however there’s nonetheless lots of foliage left.

Many of the branches with leaves shall be pruned off or shortened as I proceed the styling course of.

Typically (many instances) a tree can profit from some neglect and overgrowth. This one has, and I’ve loads to work with.

Subsequent, I’ll clear up a few of these aerial roots and take away some obviously in-opportune branches

Right here we go, I can work with this now.

I’ll get some wire on the branches I’ve left, then repot.

Some wire…..

Out of the pot…..

Whoops, looks as if we’ve misplaced the solar and it’s evening. Don’t fear about continuity, nothing is actual on the web anyway.

The roots aren’t as unhealthy as I assumed they could have been.

Get within the pot!

Don’t fear, I’ll get some pics tomorrow morning with some higher gentle. Now it’s time to complete my grownup beverage and get some dinner. See you within the morning….

Good morning! After feeding the tortoises (who’re nonetheless sleeping I’d add)…..

…..Let’s check out the tree….

….OOPS, the place’s the tree? I assume I moved it over to the picture sales space final evening. You’ll discover I’ve switched to espresso this morning. At this time simply occurs to be Nationwide Espresso Day within the US, however I’d be ingesting it already. Perhaps I’ll take pleasure in a second cup (Like I want a cause for that!).

I imagine that John shall be pleased with the event, particularly going from this..

To this…

It’s properly on its solution to a specimen, banyan model ficus, worthy of a present. Subsequent 12 months I’ll suggest a wider, shallower pot to assist exhibit the trunk and huge cover.

John, let’s not wait one other three years this time.



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