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The 23 Greatest Flowers for Drying: Lovely, Lengthy-lasting Decor

There’s something so particular about adorning a house with minimize flowers, particularly once they come straight from the backyard. Sadly, their magnificence doesn’t final very lengthy, even with the a number of hacks which will make your minimize flowers last more.

If this bothers you as a lot because it does me, I’ve the proper reply for you – dried flowers. Dried floral preparations usually are not solely extremely standard in the mean time, however they’ll additionally final for years with the fitting care, relatively than weeks or days when utilizing contemporary flowers.

Whether or not you need to curate a long-lasting association once-off or develop a devoted dried flower backyard, these are the flowers to look out for.


Nestled before a sturdy stone wall, vibrant hydrangea blooms steal the spotlight. Their petals exhibit stunning shades of tranquil blue and gentle pink, creating a captivating display. Lush green leaves serve as the perfect backdrop, adding depth to their colorful spectacle.
Hydrangeas are beloved backyard crops that grace gardens with their delicate flower clusters.

Hydrangeas are beloved backyard crops recognized for his or her delicate clusters of flowers, gracing gardens all through summer season and into fall. When dried, they keep this delicate look, permitting you to benefit from the flowers indoors as temperatures drop.

A very powerful a part of hydrangea drying is reducing on the proper time. The flower stalks needs to be trimmed in the direction of the top of the season as they start to vary shade and the petals grow to be thinner. In the event you minimize too early, it can take them for much longer to dry out, however should you minimize too late, they gained’t retain their shade.

After trimming, the easiest way to assist the heads retain their form is to dry them in water. Though this sounds counterproductive, the water permits the blooms to dry out slowly over time, retaining their shade and construction. As soon as the water evaporates, depart them within the vase till fully dried.


A close-up reveals the intricate beauty of Statice blooms. Delicate clusters of blossoms flaunt vivid pink hues. The green leaves, slender and elegant, provide a graceful complement to the enchanting floral arrangement.
When drying statice, it’s supreme to reap them when the white inside blooms start to open.

Common amongst minimize flower farmers, statice is a nice filler for floral preparations. These flowers look beautiful when contemporary or dried, holding their form properly and lasting for months.

One of the best time to chop your statice for drying is when the white inside blooms begin to open. These are the true flowers, whereas the coloured outer tissue is the flower’s calyx. In the event you minimize too late when the calyx loses shade, your dried blooms will probably flip brown.

Strip the leaves off the stems and bunch them collectively, hanging the other way up in a dry space. Preserve the bunches away from direct solar whereas drying to keep away from browning. The flowers additionally retain their shade properly when pressed.


A close-up of a blooming lavender field at sunset. The sun is setting in the distance, and the light is casting a golden glow over the vast field.
Partaking within the annual backyard exercise of drying lavender opens up many prospects.

Whereas hydrangea and statice are primarily used for his or her decorative worth, dried lavender has an virtually countless checklist of makes use of across the residence. From potpourri to home made magnificence merchandise, drying lavender is helpful and makes for an awesome annual backyard exercise.

If you would like the flowers to stay intact – often for preparations – trim when the blooms on the backside have began to open. It will preserve as many flowers on the stalk as attainable after drying whereas serving to retain shade.

For many who miss the window, you possibly can nonetheless trim after all of the flowers are opened. These blooms are finest to be used round your private home for his or her calming scent. Hold them in a dry room for just below two weeks earlier than processing.

Globe Thistle

A close-up reveals the Globe Thistle showcasing its enchanting lavender circular flowers, resembling delicate orbs. Sturdy stems gracefully support these floral spheres, while spiky leaves add texture and depth to the composition.
Globe thistle flowers are among the many uncommon ones that show a beautiful blue-purple shade.

Spherical globe thistle flowers stand out within the backyard and look simply nearly as good when introduced indoors. One of many few blooms with a blue-purple hue, the flowers grow to be a fragile pastel blue after drying, making beautiful décor for any room.

It’s finest to harvest simply earlier than the blooms open for the very best shade. You’ll be able to wait till the flowers fade, too, should you’re extra interested by form and texture, however don’t enable them to go to seed, or the heads will begin to break down.

With their tender blue shade, dried globe thistle has a wintery look supreme for vacation preparations. Preserve them in a cool space away from direct solar after drying to keep away from early disintegration.


A close-up of Celosia reveals a vibrant palette of yellow, orange, and red plumes. These striking plumes burst with fiery intensity, creating a visual spectacle. Surrounding them, the leaves offer a rich, green contrast that highlights their brilliance.
For plume-producing celosia varieties, prune when roughly half of the flowers have bloomed.

The fluffy texture and distinctive shapes of celosia flowers are equally beautiful when dried as they’re out within the backyard. Like globe thistles, they’re used typically in vacation preparations and look finest when grouped in giant bunches. In different phrases, don’t be shy when harvesting.

To assist the clusters retain their robust types, you’ll want to chop when the flowers are simply maturing. Intention to chop plume sorts when about half the flowers are opened. Cockscomb varieties have to be minimize earlier than the flowers begin to brown decrease down.  

Nonetheless, don’t wait too lengthy, as flowers that go to seed will begin to drop off the stems after drying. Varieties with denser heads will want extra space when drying to restrict the possibilities of mildew development.


A close-up of a crimson rose, its exquisite flower graces the top of a slender stem. Petals unfurl with a velvety allure, their vibrant hue captivating the beholder. Glossy green leaves cradle the rose, enhancing its natural beauty.
To dry roses successfully, droop them the other way up in a dim, dry space.

Roses are conventional backyard staples world famend for his or her magnificence and sweetness, however this magnificence rapidly fades because the petals drop when minimize for the vase. Dried roses are an wonderful solution to lengthen their shelf-life or use the petals round your private home.

Intention to chop when the buds have simply opened absolutely as you’ll when trimming for minimize flowers, revealing just a few layers however earlier than the petals start to drop. A untimely minimize will result in roses that don’t dry uniformly as a result of extra moisture, whereas delaying means the petals will slowly fall off the bud as they dry.

One of the best ways to dry roses is to hold them the other way up in a darkish and dry area. Keep away from pointless motion and site visitors to assist the blooms retain their form and cease the petals from crumpling. Although delicate in comparison with their contemporary counterparts, dried roses have a scent, making them supreme for potpourri mixes and sachets.


A close-up of the Yarrow plant showcases delicate white flowers adorning its branches like ethereal clouds. These floral clusters exude a sense of purity and serenity against a backdrop of lush green foliage.
Go away some yarrow flowers on the plant for the native pollinators to get pleasure from.

Yarrow is essentially recognized for its pollinator-attracting skills and even its medicinal properties. Nonetheless, the robust and upright construction of the flowers additionally ensures this plant shines in dried preparations.

Harvest the stems when the vast majority of the tiny flowers have unfurled however earlier than they start to fade. It will assist retain as a lot shade within the heads as attainable. Be sure you depart just a few flowers on the plant on your native pollinators to get pleasure from.

Like different blooms, it’s finest to hold bunches the other way up in a location free from direct daylight and with good air circulation. This retains the flower heads full and the stems straight for simple additions to dried preparations. Inside just a few weeks, the stems shall be prepared for show or use in issues like teas or tinctures.


A close-up of an Amaranth plant reveals its long, vibrant pink blossoms. These graceful blooms stretch out like slender torches, infusing the scene with their vivid energy. Alongside, the leaves provide a lush and verdant contrast.
Ample airflow is essential to keep away from fungal points in amaranth flowers.

Derived from the Greek phrase for ‘unfading,’ amaranth is, by definition, a super dried flower. The genus’s title hints on the flower’s capability to retain shade and type, even when dried. They appear beautiful in fall preparations, particularly varieties with heat and autumnal tones.

The stalks needs to be minimize simply because the flowers attain their full size however earlier than the seeds start to shed. This timing is important for each form and shade. Flower stalks which can be minimize too quickly will probably lose their form. Reducing on the proper time additionally helps keep the dense flower construction with minimal lack of shade.

Because the flowers dry, they’ll contract barely as they lose moisture, however this gained’t take away from their stately cascading look. Ample airflow is important when hanging to stop any issues with fungal development. Additionally, preserve them out of the solar to cease the stalks from turning into too brittle.

Child’s Breath

A close-up of Baby's Breath plants with multiple, delicate white blooms resembling a sea of purity. These petite blossoms gracefully sway on their slender stems, creating an enchanting, ethereal ambiance that complements their thin, delicate foliage.
The drying course of is comparatively fast due to the skinny petals and tiny blooms of child’s breath.

A quintessential filler in bouquets, child’s breath is a must have in any minimize flower backyard. You’ll acknowledge the fragile contemporary blooms in lots of marriage ceremony bouquets or flower crowns. Dried, they’ve an ethereal look that completely matches each trendy and rustic interiors.

Trim off clusters of flowers once they have absolutely opened however earlier than they start to yellow. You need the clusters to look full, and unopened flowers could cause the dried stalks to look spindly. For pristine shade, it’s higher to chop sooner relatively than later.

Hanging the other way up will assist the stalks preserve their form with out falling over as moisture dissipates. This makes for robust stalks that may maintain their very own when added to dried preparations. The drying course of is comparatively fast, given their skinny petals and tiny blooms.


A close-up of Strawflower reveals vibrant red blossoms with sunny yellow centers, each petal a delicate work of nature. Surrounding the flowers are lush green leaves, their curly edges adding texture to the composition.
Strawflower is a beloved alternative amongst dried flower lovers as a result of its reputation.

With a standard title like golden eternal, it’s straightforward to see why Xerochrysum bracteatum is extremely standard amongst dried flower lovers. Regardless of their delicate papery petals, the daisy-like blooms reply properly to drying and keep their fascinating shade and texture for months when dried accurately.

The stems might be trimmed when the blooms are partially opened however earlier than the middle of the flower turns into seen. They’ll wrestle to open if they’re minimize too early. Additionally, strip the decrease leaves to hurry up the drying course of and enhance airflow.

Dried strawflowers are versatile and helpful in additional than indoor bouquets. They’re nice additions to dried wreaths or, my private favourite – flower crowns. Alternatively, you possibly can get pleasure from them in a easy vase to permit their shade to shine.


A close-up of an Astilbe plant, the pink plumes stand tall like soft, feathery torches. Their slender stems arch gracefully, creating a captivating contrast against the backdrop of dark green foliage.
To attain a classic beige hue, depart astilbe flowers on the plant a bit longer earlier than trimming.

Astilbe seems fairly just like plume-type celosias; fortunately, they dry simply as properly. The flowers retain their delicate look and fluffy look, albeit stiffer than their contemporary counterparts. Paring properly with dried grasses like fountain grass and different foliage, they create pure bouquets becoming for any Pinterest board.

Simply as they’ve absolutely bloomed, however earlier than they start to brown on the suggestions, take away the flower stalks with a few of the foliage connected. Whilst you can strip the leaves off, you too can preserve them on to border the blooms for particular person bouquets.

The flowers will grow to be extra muted in shade as they’re dried, together with a measurement discount. If you would like a extra rustic look, depart them on the plant slightly longer earlier than trimming to achieve that classic beige hue.

Floss Flower

A close-up of a floss flower with its enchanting lavender blooms, their petals delicately unfurling like whispers of a dream. Branches reach out in a graceful dance, while in the blurred background, verdant green leaves frame the scene.
When dried, floss flower heads keep their intriguing texture and enticing shade.

If you first take a look at floss flowers, you could not assume these tender and delicate blooms stand as much as drying. However with the fitting approach, this couldn’t be farther from the reality.

Though the flower heads grow to be barely smaller and extra carefully packed, they nonetheless have attention-grabbing texture and delightful shade when dried. Relying in your wants, they make supreme fillers in dried bouquets or function crops in smaller vases.

Harvest typically all through the season when the flowers are mature. Reduce earlier than they begin to change shade or fade to assist them retain their robust form. Dry slowly by hanging the flowers, holding them stiff however stopping them from turning into brittle and onerous to deal with.

Globe Amaranth

A close-up of Globe Amaranth showcases magenta blooms perched on slender stalks, resembling miniature fireworks frozen in time. Underneath, green leaves form a lush bed, accentuating the vibrancy of the flowers.
The long-lasting flowers of globe amaranth retain their vibrant shade when dried.

Though they share the identical plant household, globe amaranth differs barely from members of the Amaranthus genus mentioned earlier. The scientific title is Gomphrena globosa, with the particular epithet completely describing the spherical flowers of this species.

These flowers deliver a pop of shade that is still in each its contemporary and dried type. Due to this long-lasting nature, the blooms are typically utilized in floral garlands or leis in Hawaii. They appear simply nearly as good in indoor preparations, and for the reason that blooms are edible, they may also be utilized in teas or to embellish desserts.

For optimum drying outcomes, harvest simply earlier than the blooms absolutely develop to maintain the attribute spherical form. It’s finest to dry these flowers slowly relatively than utilizing fast strategies like ovens to retain as a lot even shade as attainable. 


A close-up of Larkspur flowers with their long clusters of blue and white blossoms cascading like a waterfall of petals. The slender leaves provide a verdant backdrop to this elegant floral composition.
For creating fascinating bouquets, begin by trimming larkspur stalks earlier than all of the flowers absolutely bloom.

One other flower that retains unimaginable shade after drying is the larkspur. The broad vary of colours out there makes the flowers versatile and helpful for a lot of bouquet types. I prefer to pair the tall stalks with softer grasses to cascade out the vase, however they appear simply nearly as good independently.

To create attention-grabbing types in bouquets, it’s finest to trim the stalks earlier than all of the flowers open. Intention to maintain a few flowers on the prime closed to attract the attention upwards and keep curiosity. Additionally, make sure you minimize a very good size of stem with the flowers, as they’ll tip out of a container if the stems are too brief.

Whereas just a few stalks have a gorgeous and delicate look, dried larkspurs take advantage of impression when they’re grouped collectively in bigger numbers. Dry them in smaller bunches to stop mildew, grouping them collectively later for a long-term show.

Queen Anne’s Lace

A close-up of Queen Anne's Lace with a delicate flower adorning the stem like a lace doily. The finely divided leaves create a graceful balance in the composition.
When dried, Queen Anne’s lace exudes a basic or classic attract that enhances its frequent title.

Queen Anne’s lace is a wildflower typically discovered alongside countryside roads throughout the US. The plant is also referred to as the wild carrot, initially hailing from Europe. Though it’s thought-about invasive in some areas, these outdoors the invasive zone can contemplate rising these crops for dried flowers.

What makes Queen Anne’s lace stand aside from different dried flowers is the umbrella-like form and clusters of tiny flowers. This look and their shade are why they’re in comparison with lace material and make an attention-grabbing addition to bouquets.

When dried, the flowers have a conventional or vintage allure that matches their frequent title. Wait till the flower clusters are opened and absolutely unfold out to profit from their distinctive look.


A close-up of Poppy flowers captures the fiery beauty of their red-orange petals. The flowers are like flames dancing on slender stems, swaying gently in the breeze.
Most gardeners adore poppies for his or her extremely delicate petals, as skinny as a sheet of paper.

Poppies have extremely delicate petals as skinny as a sheet of paper. That’s what most gardeners love about them. Whereas this may occasionally not lend itself to drying equally to the earlier examples, there are two routes you possibly can strive with these crops – urgent or drying the seed pods.

If you wish to preserve the flowers intact, urgent is your reply. Choose blooms freed from blemishes and at their peak for the prettiest look. Fastidiously place them between two sheets of parchment paper inside the pages of a giant ebook or use a specialised flower press. As soon as pressed, these blooms can be utilized in paintings or included into personalised presents, with their shade and sweetness preserved.

Seed pods are a greater possibility for individuals who need to use them in preparations. When dried, the pods add great texture and type to bouquets. To dry these seed pods, minimize them from the plant as soon as they’ve matured however earlier than they crack open. Hold, and so they’ll have dried to a wealthy, earthy hue inside just a few weeks.

Sea Holly

Sea Holly's intricate blooms are a study in texture and color. Their spiky, silvery-blue globes add a touch of exotic allure, framed by the lush green leaves below.
Reduce absolutely developed and open sea holly flowers to profit from their distinct shapes.

Sea holly additionally options thistle-like blooms with an additional spiky texture that responds properly to drying. The metallic blue undertones additionally stay after drying accurately, though they are going to be barely extra muted than they had been when reducing.

Reduce absolutely developed and opened flowers to reap the benefits of their distinctive form. You gained’t have issues reducing mature flowers which can be on their method out, however for the most effective shade, trim them earlier than they present any indicators of browning.

Drying in a darkish room will strengthen the blue shade, or you possibly can depart them someplace brighter for a softer hue. Preserve them out of direct daylight in order for you the stems to remain robust.  After a number of weeks, the blooms could have dried to a fragile silver-blue shade, able to be displayed or utilized in preparations.


A close-up of Allium blooms. The light purple flowers mingle with delicate white blossoms on long, slender stems, creating a mesmerizing visual contrast against a backdrop of greenery.
Allium’s spherical flower heads grace gardens with a visible spectacle fashioned by quite a few tiny flowers.

Decorative alliums have grow to be standard in recent times, now not simply thought-about the onion’s blooming cousin. The spherical flower heads create a visible feast within the backyard, composed of numerous tiny flowers in a surprising purple or white hue.

Whereas these flowers are loved within the backyard all through the season, it’s once they go to seed that they’re most helpful in dried preparations. The heads retain their form, turning a golden beige or brown that works properly with minimize grasses.

You too can press or dry smaller flowers quickly after opening to retain their shade. However for bigger alliums, wait to chop later within the flower’s life cycle. After drying, deal with fastidiously to make sure the heads preserve their delicate and structural look.


A close-up of Cornflower with its striking blue blossoms, each petal like a stroke of azure paint on nature's canvas. The surrounding green leaves provide a harmonious balance to this vivid display.
Dry cornflowers by spreading them out on a flat floor in a cool space.

Seen dotted round wildflower gardens, the cornflower boasts hanging colours, with blue cultivars a specific favourite amongst residence gardeners. When dried, the starry blooms transition into extra muted shades of their contemporary selves however aren’t any much less lovely.

Though cornflowers can be utilized in dried preparations for a pop of shade, that’s not what they’re most frequently used for. The dried petals are edible and used to make teas or to garnish dishes with attractive blue sprinkles.

To dry cornflowers, unfold them out on a flat floor in a cool space, making certain they don’t overlap. This prevents the petals from sticking collectively. You too can dry them within the oven (though this may have an effect on shade) or use a dehydrator.


A close-up of Conebush, intricate flowers, and leaves intermingle, forming a captivating tapestry of botanical details. The flowers and leaves exhibit deep red hues.
Conebush shrubs bear inflorescences which can be composed of quite a few tiny flowers.

Gardeners in hotter zones could have skilled rising the attractive conebush, a big shrub typically planted for its heat and colourful foliage. These crops produce inflorescence that look fairly giant because of the encircling bracts however are actually made up of many tiny blooms.

Leucadendrons are standard in floral preparations for his or her upright and structural nature. They maintain this look when dried, sustaining the hues of their leaves for a further pop of shade (relying on selection). Whereas it’s finest to strip any leaves decrease down the stem to enhance airflow, preserve some on to fill out the stems higher.

Like hydrangeas, I discover the easiest way to dry these flower stalks is by leaving them in a water-filled vase. This ensures the leaves and flowers keep robust and upright, slowly drying over time relatively than unexpectedly.


A close-up of Protea showcases a stunning pink flower, its petals layered like an artful composition. The textured leaves add depth and contrast to the overall image.
To maintain protea flowers steady, you’ll require a deep vase.

The intricate protea is likely one of the finest flowers for dried preparations. I could also be biased, contemplating I dry a brand new batch each month or so to make use of round my residence. However their longevity and sweetness when dried are simple. I’ve had lots of my protea stalks final over a 12 months now, and so they nonetheless look simply nearly as good because the day I dried them.

The medium-sized flowers are usually simpler to work with than bigger species (such because the king protea). Their weight could cause them to topple over, even when dried, so that you’ll want a deep vase to maintain them regular. They appear beautiful as a centerpiece, paired with different dry foliage like eucalyptus.

These flowers are straightforward to dry in a vase filled with shallow water, saved out of the trail of direct solar. Permit for loads of area between blooms to enhance airflow and stop mildew development.


A close-up of Tansy plant in its full glory, with cheerful yellow flowers swaying in the breeze. The green leaves provide a lush backdrop to this sunny composition.
Tansy blooms ought to dry inside three weeks when hung in the fitting circumstances.

The button-like golden blooms on tansy crops are a sunny addition to any backyard. However you too can deliver the sunny flowers indoors so as to add a contact of summer season to your private home within the gloomy winter months.

The blooms needs to be picked when absolutely opened to profit from the brilliant yellow hue. Reduce longer stalks for simple hanging and strip the underside leaves off. They need to dry inside three weeks when hung in the fitting circumstances.

Whereas drying, the flowers will slowly remodel right into a mustardy yellow, giving them a retro really feel. This makes them supreme for pairing with basic houseplants like Boston ferns or African violets to finish the Seventies look.


A close-up of Marigold's yellow flower, radiating warmth and vibrancy. The surrounding green leaves frame the flower, creating a delightful contrast in color and texture.
You’ll be able to expedite drying by laying marigold flower heads flat on a tray.

In numerous cultures, dried marigolds maintain symbolic worth and are typically utilized in ceremonial and festive events. Past their cultural significance, additionally they function great additions to dried floral preparations.

Basic orange marigolds maintain their shade properly after drying, however you don’t need to restrict your self to this shade. Distinctive cultivars like ‘Phyllis’ and ‘Kilimanjaro White’ look beautiful in preparations, notably the latter that pairs properly with different white dried blooms like child’s breath.

To be used in vases, grasp the flowers the other way up as you’ll different crops. If you wish to use particular person blooms in wreaths or different crafts, you possibly can dry the heads flat on a tray with out the stalks to scale back drying time.

Ultimate Ideas

Artful gardeners, inside design lovers, and minimize flower lovers can all profit from drying flowers from the backyard at residence.



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